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I 4 October

St Etienne Cottier Theatre. Glasgow. Pop perfection from Cracknell and Co. Coldplay and ldlewild

SECC, Glasgow. The new pretenders to the indie kingdom come to sweep us off our feet. I 5 October

The Electric Prunes King Tut’s. Glasgow. Classic 603 LA garage psychedlia.

I 6 October

Alec Empire King Tut's. Glasgow. Germany's industrial techno terrorist.

I 12 October Death in Vegas OMU. Glasgow. See feature. I 14 October

Beth Orton Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow. See feature. Motorhead and Anthrax Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow. Quality veteran metal pairing.

I 15 October

A-ha Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow. ‘Take on Me'. “The Sun Always Shines on TV'. 'Nuff Said.

Miss Black America Nice'n'Sleazy. Glasgow. Energised, politicised indie.

I 16 October

Paul Weller Braehead

Arena. Glasgow. A return to form from the mod legend and sometime Style Councillor with new LP Illumination receiving glowing reviews.

14 THE LIST 1‘.) Sop IS ()(;l 200?

Words: Henry Northmore

s the doors to the Sub Club‘s original Jamaica

Street site prepare to swing open for the first time

in three years. we ask the people at the heart of this epic clubbing romance just what makes the (ilasgow clubbing institution so special . . .

Paul Crawford Sub Club manager

The Sub Club has been going for 16 years and it used to run as a night rather than a venue which (iraham Wilson ran. He moved his night called the Sub Club to Lucil‘er‘s in I986. shortly after that he purchased the club and renamed it the Sub Club. Since then it was taken over by the MacCrimmon family in 1991. and has been in their stewardship ever since.

But what eraetly was that special ingredient that elevated a dark lt'(’(’ basement to a ('lubbers ' meer'a.’

Graham Wilson

I'arnrer Sub Club manager: resident and punter

lt lived up to the hype. The venue itsell' lends itself‘ to a great club night. It‘s the low ceilings and the simple decor but most importantly. the locus is on the music.

Oscar Fullone

Farmer Sub Club resident DJ. nan“ runs Mish Mash

()ne of the most important things is that you can‘t just open the door to anybody. So there are never any bad vibes. People can just get on with having a good time. Mike Grieve Manager

Most DJs go to places and are thinking: 'What am I gonna play here that will be what the crowd expects'." But when they come to the Sub Club they realise they can play what they want. And that freedom for the l)ls and the response from the crowd is something quite unique.

Paul Cawley

Sub Club resident DJ and head rifl'enetik Reeords

I went there as an underager. It was the one place everyone wanted to go and going regttlarly shaped your tastes and gave you ideas of how dance music should be. The inlluence the place has had on me is considerable. It's not an over— exaggeration to say that it] hadn't gone there when l was 18 or 1‘). I probably wouldn‘t be doing what I do today. Diesel 1).], X -l’ress 2

Clockwise from top left: Subculture resident Domenic Cappello; Optimo residents Witch and Johnny Wilkes; owner Tony MacCrimmon with managers Mike Grieve and Paul Crawford; and Subculture resident Harri

You always look l’onvard to playing there. I look at tny diary and it might be lull of‘ dates. gigs and parties. but if‘ the Sub is there then it‘s: ‘()h yes the Sub Club!‘ I love the passion ol‘ the people. the crowd really makes that club. They come first. they understand the vibe. and that‘s where a great club comes from. It‘s almost frightening to play there - it‘ you fuck up they let you know.

Mike Grieve M People played one of their first ever gigs at the Sub Club which isn‘t terribly underground today but it was something different then. And when M People played the SliCC a few years later they name-checked the Sub Club on stage in front of thousands of' people. Similarly Basement Jaxx played the club in about 1997 and have name-checked it as the only place they have enjoyed playing outwith their own cltrb in Br‘ixton.

James Devlin Sub ('lub regular

The Subbie‘s an institution. There's something magical about what happens on the dancelloor there: there's a connection between the crowd and the l)Js that you don't get anywhere else. It‘s the kind ol‘ place that could only exist in (ilasgow.

Harri Subr'u/ttn'e resident and (ilasgaii' l).ling legend

I‘m starting to sound like League a/‘(ient/enren here but