Simon Jones of THE SHINING gives you his track-by-track guide to this issues free CD. lnterwew: Mark Robertson

Show you the Way We got into the studio one day and our producer. Youth. said: ‘Right. go in and make something up.’ and this was the result. the band playing off each other. jamming. Duncan worked on the yocals which were ad-libbed initially. but musically. there‘s no oyerdubs on it what you hear is jtist the hand. Dum Dum This was born out of the first recording session we eyer had. We got a drum loop going and just jammed a hit oyer the top. It‘s got a good sample btit 1 can't say who by as it ain’t cleared. It's a real organic track. this one. I am the One This was one of Dunc’s. He played it to me and I thought it had a really soulful feel to it. Quicksilver The mega riff. lleayy as fuck. Another product of our first week recording together. It came together really quickly and Dune and ljust knocked out some lyrics together. It's about being messed tip and trying to find your way in life. About finding sense out of the madness. Crest of an Ocean Simon Tong wrote this one. A mid-paced little one with dulcimer and mandolin. We tried it on guitar and it just wasn't working properly. it sounded too pompous. There's a line about not taking shit from anyone and l loye that attitude. Danger I wrote this from start to finish. After the Verye split up I was really down in the dumps and this was about my fears about the future and getting old. It was probably a side effect of too many ‘indulgences‘ as well and l was trying to find a bit of redemption through music. Find your way Home Another one about finding yourself. l hadn‘t done anything fora couple of years and then the band l‘d tried to form with John Squire (ex-Stone Roses) hadn‘t worked otit and it was like: ‘\\'hat am I gonna be happy with." This was the result. Young Again (video) The idea was a straight performance. but we‘re inside a long tunnel. The band are at the bottom and the idea is you can actually see the sound -— there's eyerything Vibrating. building and building.


Duncan Baxter is the young vocalist in league with ex-Verve men Simon Jones and Simon Tong

The Shining play the Garage, Glasgow, Thu 3 Oct and the album, True Skies, is out now on Zuma.


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I 6 December Teenage Fanclub

Liquid Room. Edinburgh. The first full-scale gig by Glasgow's most joyous shambling indie daddies in ages. Groove Armada Barrowland. Glasgow. Expansive live hip hop house. And then some. I 8 December Teenage Fanclub Barrowland. Glasgow. See 6 December.

I 15 December Madness SECC. Glasgow. Rollicking Christmas With the nuttiest SOund around. I 16 December Primal Scream Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. Scream Team celebrate the excess of Ew/ Heat. Idlewild Barrowland.

Glasgow. A celebratory finish to the year from Scotland's very own literate rockers back in town again after Supporting Coldplay in October. By this time the tracks from the exemplary The Remote an should be in awesome shape. Edwin Morgan iS unlikely to 10m in. I 17 December Idlewild Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. See 16 December. Primal Scream Barrowland. Glasgow. See 16 December.

Ticket Information Tickets can be obtained from: Way Ahead:

0141 339 8383. Virgin. Glasgow: 0141 332 4400 Ticketlink. Glasgow: 0141287 5511. Virgin. Edinburgh: 0131220 3234. Ripping. Edinburgh: 0131226 7010.