Re: Indian bummer (450)

It is very time efficient and less nerve wracking it you can connect with a critic - even if it is only on paper who shares similar views. background. taste etc.

I followed the Steve Cramer trail and watched almost every show he reviewed. Nouve/les Fol/es was a definite highlight. which I would not have seen had Steve not recommended it and given it four stars in his review.

Thanks Steve. I will be on the lookout for your name the next festival arOund.

Felix Trutschler Via email

NAME THAT TUNE Mystery band

18 August 2002 in Edinburgh at Princes Street Gardens have playing one beautiful band (at 5pm I think). I have one pic of the singer of this band.

Please. can you send me an email with the name of this band?

I remember only two title track. One: ‘Skip Trip': two: 'Target Market'.

I would the contact number or website of this rock band. Simone Via email (Does if ring a hell with anyone? Ed)


Re: No six please, we’re Scottish (450)

Like Allan Radcliffe. I'm no fan of ‘DaVId Beckham's broken foot and the queens party'. but the flow of information works both v-iays. If we were effectively to limit the supply of irrelevant information from England by havrng a Scottish six o'clock news. would we also risk putting a block on the flow of important Scottish news out to England?

I remember being delighted when the posh Sunday papers decided to compete for the Scottish market and opened offices here. Then I discovered that the improved Scottish

2 THE LIST 198(4) T5 ()c! 200?


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

or React, The List,

at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD

or email

coverage we were getting was for our eyes only. My friends in England had no idea. This was in the run up to devolution and it meant the English had no clue about what was going on in what was and still is a big chunk of the United Kingdom.

It's one reason why they're Only now starting to have the big national identity debate that they should have been having years ago.

Like it or not. there's still a vast amount of power in London and we need Our voices heard there. Isn't it good to talk?

Paul Denny via email


Re: Best seat in the house (450)

Please could you have more front covers with chairs on? A chair fan

via email


Re: Porn again (450)

We may not need Lisa Green to tell us of the ‘historic male oppression of women's sexuality' etc. etc. etc. However. I would love her to enlighten us as to what it is like in a cosy little world of axioms.

If there is concern with Cinematic collusmn of perceived commercialisation of ‘male fantasies' then by all means argue the point. However. to use the moronically sexist assertion that it is ‘male fantasy that a woman wants to be raped' does nothing to enlighten anyone.

With feminist thinkers like this. who needs misogynists? J Higgins Glasgow


Re: Porn again (450)

While I'm very glad to see Tony ‘concepts' McKibbin's comments in The List ab0ut the filthy French film The Pornographer have provoked lively debate on the magazine's

letters page. I have to take issue with Lisa Green. Her response to McKibbin's view of exploitative images of women in film is full of fair points. bar her view that Breaking the Waves is a 'truly radical film”. No it ain't. Naive girl is fucked over by her community. lover and anyone else on hand. Christ. that guff is as old as the Bible. Just because Lars von Trier hammered his story home at bloated length and made everyone feel sea sick with hand held camerawork and did something naff with bells ringing in heaven at the end. Breaking the Waves still ain't a radical film. It’s about as radical as breaking wind. Jack Davis via email

WRONG STRESS Epileptic seizure and ‘stress’ compensation award

People with epilepsy across the country. including Epilepsy Action Scotland's members. were shocked by recent press coverage that wrongly suggested a sheriff had granted compensation to a woman who apparently suffered stress only after witnessing a man having an epileptic seizure during a car accident.

The ruling as it was repOrted in the press appeared to reward ignorance about epilepsy. Newspaper articles did not clearly explain that the sheriff ‘s ruling was based on other factors and does not in any way set a dangerous legal precedent.

From all the calls. emails and letters Epilepsy Action Scotland have received we know that people with epilepsy have found this story very upsetting and alarming.

Epilepsy affects 30.000 people in Scotland and is the most stigmatised medical condition because of the prejudice and fear shown by others. Epilepsy has not been made more socially acceptable by the way the ruling was

ponrayed in the media.

Many people with epilepsy know what it feels like to be discriminated against. No one asks to have epilepsy. Just like heart attacks. seizures are an involuntary reflex and it seemed outrageous that these might be penalised in a court of law.

Allana M Parker

PR and government officer Epilepsy Action Scotland, 48 Govan Road. Glasgow

G5 7 UL

LUMP IT OR LOVETT Re: Pop fans sold short (450)

'bout time you addressed this subject. I booked two tickets for Lyle Lovett from Way Ahead and was charged 25 per ticket booking fee. The tour was cancelled we did not cancel and were refunded to the cost of the ticket but not the booking fee.

What a rip-off!! Good business for the promoter. but I suspect another scam. I have not used Way Ahead again and will never ever in the future. Leaves a very bad taste.

Peter Charad via email


Re: Pop fans sold short (450)

A propos of nothing in particular Ruth Hedges tells us that people who attend plays and classical music concerts are 'the chattering class'. blustering, noisy and vociferous. She forgot rude and patronising so she should piss off out of it and grow up instead of recycling pathetic stereotypes.

Brian Dempsey

via email


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