Music rook & pop listings

Glasgow, Saturday 21

I Freeway \iee'n'Slea/_\. 43l Satteltiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm.

I American Motown Sound of Soul Bourhon Street. ltlS (ieorge Street. 553 (ll-4 l. 7pm. £5 (£l6.5l) with dinner). 'l‘rihute to the magnitieent Mottm n haek eatalogtte.

I Geoff Martyn 'l‘ehai ()\na. 43 ()tago l.ane. 357 4534. 7.30pm. £5. .\'o atltttixxion alter 7.45pm ax Ioeal \inger/xongxxriter Martyn. a lormer ltlL‘lttlk‘l‘ til. llil‘;t\ t\. I'L‘L‘Ut'tl\ it the alhtun.

I Open Stage ‘l'he ltalt Bar. loo \Voodlanth Road. 564 1537. 4 Spin. l‘ree. \\eekl_\ “Noon lor loeal muxieianx. I Bord 'l‘lte Halt Bar. Hill \Voodlandx Road. 564 I537. 9pm. Free.

I The Counterfeit Clash Me(‘huill\. 40 High Street. 553 3|35. ltlpm. l-‘ree. See lth 19.

I Rock and Reel Samuel Dow»,

67 ‘)l \ttltxtlttle Road. 435 0107. 8.30pm. l‘ree.

I Jamie Barnes and Cochise .\l;ieSoi‘le_\ \. 43 .lamaiea Street. 348 353 l. 6pm. l‘ree. Rexidene) litll' the Rkli \etel'att.

I Roost MaeSorle) \. 43 .lamaiea Street. 343 8531. 9.30pm. Free.

I Live Music (irand ()le ()pr}. l’1tt\le} Road lull. 43‘) 5396. 7.30pm. £3 (£3 memherxi. ('ountr}.


I Whole Lotta Led the liquid Room. 9e Victoria Street. 335 3564. 7pm. L'lll. l.ed /.epplin trihute aet.

I Catcher, Endorphin and Stillife 'l'he Mereat. 3S \Vext Mttltltttttl Street. 335 3S6l. 7.30pm. £4. .\ triple hill ol guitar dri\ en i'oek aetx. uith Mike Barr} \ (‘ateher promoting their neu \ingle ‘liuropa liuropa'.

I Stealer, Goldblum, Infallible and Carpe Diem Bannerman'x. 3 l 3

50 THE LIST ' "x; J)».

(‘ougate. 556 3354. Split. £3. lidinhurgh ltmk roekerx Stealer headline.

East Kilbride

I Carol Laula liaxt Kilhritle :\rt\ (‘entre. ()ltl ('ottelt Road. ()l 555 3(iltltltl. 8pm. £8 (£5). The international”)

reno\\ ned (ilaxgtm \Ung\tt‘e.\\ prexentx a lirel)‘ set. aeeompanied h)‘ her o\\ n hand.


I Supersuckers and Tokyo Dragons King 'l'tit'x \Vah \Vah llut. 37341 St Vineent Street. 33l 537‘). .S’.3()pm. £9 plux hooking lee. Veteran k'iek-axx har hand with roek‘n'roll and eountr) undertonex to their \(ttlltti.

I The Sneeze, Smudge and Godstar Barll} tlornierl} the l3th .\'ote (tutu. 3m) (lule Street. (two 907 (NW. 8.30pm. £6. lixan l)ando\ Atmie \otig\\t‘itittg huddiex Tom Morgan and .\'ie Dalton \\ ith their lie“ hand the Snee/e.

I Mig, Troika and Pupkin tihei the l5tlt .\'ote (ittle. 50 ()0 King Street. 555 1638. 9pm. £3. l.a\t night ol the Merehant ('it) le~ti\al eelehrations.

I Geoff Martyn 'lehai ()\'na. 43 ()tago Lane. 557 4534. 7.30pm t.\'o admimion alter 7.45pm). £5. See Sat 3|. I Room 213 the ('athouxe. l5 l'nion Street. 343 6606. 7.3(lpttt. ()\er- l4\ \lit)\\. I Big Blues Jam Stttdio ()ne. (irouenor Hotel. (il'tt\\ellt)t' 'l'erraee. 34l 65l6. 6pm. liree. lloxted h} the New Blue\ Surlerx \\ ith eotttrihtttiom lrotn Sttidio ()ne regularx \ueh as Re\ Doe and the Nimnio Brother\.

I Steff’s Sunday Session t‘ixge Beatha. 353 \Voodlatidx Road. 564 I596. 5pm. Free. Bring your out] inxtrument. I Live Music (irand ()le ()pr). l’aide} Road loll. 439 5396. 7.50pm. £3 (£3 menihetx). (‘ountr_\.

I Live Music Niee‘n‘Sleax}. JZI Sauehiehall Street. 553 9657. 9pm.

Taproot play the Cathouse, Glasgow, Thu 24 Sep


I 21st Century Schizoid Band The liquid Room. 9e Vietoria Street. 335 3564. 7pm. U35”. li\ memherx ol King ('rimxon \ure to plotigh a \ttlllltll' px) eh~roek lurrou.

0 Amy Rigby 'l‘he Mereat. 28 \Vext Maitland Street. 335 3S‘6l. 7.30pm. £7. l.oeal promoterx l,on\onie lliglma} kiek oll their \erie\ ol \htm \ \\ ith \ottte eonxidered alt.eotmtr) and adttlt pop limit this Ne“ Yot'k-htlxetl singer/\onguriter \\lltl lttt\ heen la\orah|} eompared to lilx ix ('oxtello and ('arole King in her time.

I Marah and the Sundowns l.a Belle .I\ngele. llttxtle\ (line. 335 7550. Spin. {6. l’hilidelphian roekerx likened to 1.) mid Sk} n_\ rd and .'\el't)\l]lllil \\ ith \upport lrom lidinhurgh'x eountr} roek la\ourite\ the Stilltlt)“ ll\.

I Delta Croft Revue the Beat .la// Baxement. l (‘haniherx Street. 467 3539. lllpm. £3 tlree heloi‘e lllpml. Blue\ and lolk originalx and emerx.

I Nobody Jones Blue Bla/er. Spittal Street. 33‘) .503”. Split. [3 (\uggexted donation l. .\n e\ening ol atmoxpherie aeouxtie \ ihex at the I.i\tening Room.


I Curtis Stigers ('ouier liteittt'e. ll}nd|and Street. (lS’7tl 33H lll6. Spin. £14.50. 'l‘ieketx lrom 'l‘ieket Seotland. 'I'hix gritt} \oul erooner turned _l;t// e\perinienter “ax lumped in \\illt Miehael Bolton in the Sllx hut like the mullet-haired one he got hix hair eut and tempered the \ehmalt/ lor the onxet ol the ne\\ eetitur}.

I Five Knuckle, Adequate Seven, Carlito and Seven Stone Lighter King 'l‘ut‘x \Vah \Vah llttt. 373a St \ineent Street. 331 5379. Split. L5 plux hooking lee. ()\er~ l4x \htm. lineup ol \ktt tttttl \kate Pllltk hilllti\. BliSlUI‘\ l'.i\ e

Knuekle and (‘ardill'x Adedllate Se\ en hoth reeord lor the l.ondon-ha\ed punk lahel llotheltttltl Name Reeordx.

I Mutterfly 'l‘he ('athouxe. l5 t'nion Street. 34S (i(i()(i. 9pm. ’33.

I Geoff Martyn ’l‘ehai ()\na. 43 ()tago Lane. 357 4534. 7.30pm l.\'o admixxion alter 7.45pmt. [5. See Sat 3 l. I Rev Doc and the Congregation Studio One. (iro\\ enor llotel. (ironenor 'l‘erraee. 34l 65th. 9pm. l'i'ee. lrad Rth with harnioniea. I Acoustic Jam Niee‘n‘Slea/i. 431 Sauehiehall Street. 33.3 9637. 9pm. With a tree drink ax ineentix e lor partieipantx.


I Deadenstereo, Cayto, Small Enclosed Area arid Penny Hollow l.;t Belle .-\ngele. llaxtie'x (like. 335 7536. 8pm. £3 £4. l.oeal handx

\lttm eaxe.

I The Swirlies, Tacoma Radar, Slowloris and Terrapins found Us The Bongo ('luh. .\'e\\ Street. 556 5304. Split. £5 tL‘6 on doort. Yank underground roekerx the S“ irliex hax e reeorded lor rexpeeted indie lahel\ like 'l'aaang? and Pop Nareotie and de\pite lour alhtinix under their helt thix ix their lil'\t lull l‘K tottr. Support eoniex in \padex lrom he melaneholie l.o\\/ Man} Star-exque 'laeoma Radar. \\ ith \hadex ol the Delgadox lroni Slou lorix and poxt- roeking lrotn the 'lortoixe-ixh 'l'errapinx lound t'\. .\ damn good night otit.

Tuesday 24


I Pitchshifter, the Kennedy Soundtrack and Taproot 'I'he (iarage. 49() Sauehiehall Street. 333 ID“. 7.30pm. lit) [iltlx hooking lee. ()\er-l4\ \ho“. .-\ qualit} line tip headed it) the politieixed Bt‘tt illtllhll'lili I‘Uek \eteram alongxide )ouiig huekx in a \imilar win. the Kenned) Soundtraek and 1S metallerx 'l‘aproot \xho hit thexe \horex last in the halloxx ed eotttpan} ol linkin Park and the l)eltone\.

I The Datsuns and the Greenhornes Barll} tlormerl} the l3th .\'ote ('luht. 36t) ('l}de Street. 03"” 907 ()999. S.5()pin. £6. The l)at\un\ reekon the} hail lrom the home ol roek'n‘roll that\ .\'e\\ Roland. in eaxe )ou \\ ere wondering. 'l‘heir \et at (iig on the (ireen \\a\ a turho--eharged llle\\ ol llailiitg hair. leet and all-round eaxeman roek. In other \\Ul'tl\. exxential.

I Chapman, D’jangokill and the Stick Findlays \iee‘n‘Slea/_\. 42! Sauehiehall Street. 533 9637. 9pm.

I Homemade Rhythm ’t'eliai ()\ na. 43 ()tago lane. 357 4534. Split. l'ree.

I Stuart’s Session t'ixge Beatha. 333 Woodlands Road. 564 I596. 9pm. l‘ree.

Edinburgh GTerry Callier the liquid Room. 9e

\‘ietoria Street. 335 3564. "’pm. [l3. l-olk-‘ia/x lit} \tie \xltoxe eathartie. deepl} \piritual lllll\tL‘ deliex eategori/ation. Reeentl} he hax eollahorated \\ ith the like\ ol Paul Weller and Beth ()rton

the kind ol lolkx uho idolixe him.

I Hex, March of the Dimes, Nimrod 33 and Giant Tank Bongo (‘luh. l4 .\'e\\ Street. 55S "6H4. 9pm. £4 (£3). The launeh ol tlll\ )ear'x .\'o ReWind ('onipilation. a eolleetion ol e\perimental aet\ \\ ho do e\er_\ thing lrom \\ ild ltill on eleetroniea to angular poxt—roek to inildl) eeeentrie indie iitllix.

Wednesday 25


I Dale Watson and the Lone Stars (irand ()le ()pr). l’;ll\le) Road loll. 439 5396. 8pm. l l 3.51). :\lahama horn. 'l’e\a\1ha\ed ‘outla\\ ' eotmtr} artixt \\ ho eountx the redouhtahle \Villie .\'el\on among hix lanx. .-\ eouple ol )earx ago. \Vatxon loxt hix lianeee in a ear era\h; hix pained re\pon\e ean he