heard on his! )ear\ lit-wry SHIN I ll'ritt' jm- )im album.

I Yer Maw, Blue Movie and lndiego The ('athnuw. l5 I'nion Street. 348 0606. 7.30pm. £3.50.

I Hex, March of Dimes and Nimrod 33 West 13th. l3 Kelxinhattgh SII'CL‘I. 57h 5(ll 3. 8pm. £3 (fl l. SL‘L‘ ’l‘llt‘ 3-1.

I Cayto, Small Enclosed Area and Deadenstereo Niee'n'Sleal). Jll Sauehiehall Street. 333 0637. 9pm. £3. (‘ayto and Small Iineloxetl Area celebrate their participation in the North/South

l)i\ ide‘ split single on Ilaekpen which the) share with a couple ol' Iinglixh aetx. 'l'hirxt and lndianna. Building bridges that',\ what rock i\ all about. kids.

I Silver Sea, La Chunky, the New Rosy Jewels and Locosea Burl-l} tl‘ormerl} the l3th .\'ote ('luht. 3N) (‘I_\'(IC SII‘L‘L‘I. “37” 007 (NW). 8.30pm. £4.50. Ileatl} llll\ ol' roek and electronics. I Acoustic 12 the Hill Note (Bite. 5() (ill King Street. 553 l(i3l\’. 0pm. £3. I3 tlt‘tllhllt‘ tlt’lx ill UIIL‘ It‘ll Hump.

I The Alf Stewart Combo 'l‘hc Jtitnpin‘ lIot Rinthtn'n'llluex (’lnh. the \'el\et Rtltlllh. 53H Satiehiehall Street. 333 0755. 0pm. £3 (£3 \IlltlL‘lll\l. New ueekl} i'oek'n't'oll eltih l'or 5(I\ and (itlx wingers leatttring this local hluex eontho. I The Medicine Room llrel. :\\Illott Lane. 343 4am». 8pm. I-‘ree. lllllll'tl\'I\L‘(l soundtrack nxing guitars. tttrntahlex and \\ hatex er else eotitex to hand.

I Acoustic Open Stage The Hall liar. I(\(l \Vootllantlx Road. 5(i4 I537. 0pm. I’ree.


I Gemma Hayes The Venue. 17 2| ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £the. (‘iting inspiratiom ax (II\'L‘I'\L‘ ax Joni Mitchell and NI) Blood} Valentine Illix i\ an interesting take on the l‘olk \tllllltl.

I Flophouse Jr The .\Iereal. 2:4 Wen

Maitlalltl Street. 33.5 38M. 7.30pm. £6. Another qualin alteountr)‘ aet from I.tm.\t)lllC Highway.

I The Parkinsons, August81 and Templeton Peck La Belle Angele. Ilastie's ('Iose. 335 7536. 8pm. £6. Portuguese act (with an litlinhttrgh drummer laet fans) as famous for their onstage nudin and outrageous behaviour as their punk racket. See preview

I AC Rid, the Schitzophonics, Inveigh Katharsis and the Big Hand Bongo ('Itth. 14 New Street. 558 7604. ()pm. £3 £4. Mixed bag ol‘ Ioeal acts from the rock of AC Rid to the up- heat ska ol' the Big “and.


I The Wildhearts 'I'he (iarage. 490 Sauehiehall Street. 333 l l3(). 7.30pm.

£| I.5() plus hooking lee. ()\er- I-Ix show. ()ItI \clluol pop tnetal front the reformed \Viltlhearts.

I The Parkinsons, Kain and Torquamada King Tut’s Wait Wait lltit. 373a St Vincent Street. 33I 537‘). 3.30pm. £6 plllx hooking lee. See preview for these I’ortttgexe punk perv.»

I Rab Noakes and the Varaflames 'I’he I'et‘r}. ('l_\de Place. 43‘) lllltl. 8pm. £l3. I.oea| veteran R&II

I Federation X and the Grips Barfly tl'ortnerl) the |3th .\'ote ('luh). 3(i() (IHIL‘ Street, 0870 907 099‘). 8.30pm. £6. I‘t‘tlt‘l'itlltlll X are a garage punk trio from home ol‘ grttnge. the Pacific North West. 'I'hey’re joined by the (irips at [his monthl} garage roek'n'roll club night.

I Smokescreen, Big Man, the Pedestrians, Kudos and the Alternative To Silence The (‘athottxta l5 I'nion Street. 3-18 (moo.

7. I 5pm. £4.50. ()\'et‘- I45 .\Il()\\'. Rock/pop night.

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