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Morag McLaren celebrates lyricist Dorothy Fields’s work on Broadway

Glasgow Thursdays


Steve Retson LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 5.30—8.30pm. Free. Weekly. Gay men‘s sexual health advisory service. Contact 21 1 8601 for appointments.

Lesbian Health Clinic Sandyford Initiative. Sauchiehall Street. 21 1 6700. 5.30—8pm. Free. Weekly. Health advice.

TFI Bi-G-Les Youth Group LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 4—8pm. Free. Weekly. An open meeting for young LGBT up to the age of 25.

Gay and Lesbian Badminton Club Knightswood Secondary School. 60 Knightswood Road. 7pm. Weekly. All welcome at this friendly club. contact Donn on ()7919 410042 (Mon—Fri 6-9pm; Sat & Sun Noon—8pm) for more details. Glasgow GOC Swimmers Contact 649 5896. 7.3()-~9pm. Weekly. Informal session.

LIPS Glasgow Women‘s Library. 109 Trongate. 552 8345/7539. 7—9pm. Free. Thu 26 Sep. Fortnightly. Support for lesbians and bisexual women under 25.

Glasgow Fridays


TFI Bl-G-Les Youth Group Drop In LGBT Centre. 1 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 4 -8pm. Free. Weekly. Support for LGBT up to the age of 25.

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Glasgow Saturdays


LIPS (ilasgow Women‘s Library. 109 Trongate. 552 8345/7539. 2n4pm. liree. Sat 21 Sep. Fortnightly. See Thu.

Glasgow Sundays


Gay Rambling Group Contact 950 1081. Sun 29 Sep. Fortnightly (alternating between Saturdays and Sundays). (‘all for more details on meeting places and times.

Out on Sunday 1.(}B'1‘(‘entre. l I Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30 9.30pm. Free. Sun 29 Sep. Monthly. Social group for lesbians. gay men. bisexuals and transgender people.

Glasgow Mondays


Performance Group LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30pm. Free. Weekly. Meeting for anyone interested in theatre and music skills.

Holistic Healing Group LGBT Centre. 1 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30—10pm. Free. Weekly. (‘ontact 423 5952 for more information.

Glasgow Tuesdays


But I’m a Cheerleader (it-'1'. Rose Street. 332 8128. 6.15pm. £3.75 £4.75 (£2 £3.50).'1‘ue 25 Sep.


Edinburgh born diva Morag McLaren brings her cabaret show Hey! Big Spender about Broadway lyricist Dorothy Fields to the Queen’s Hall. McLaren, who trained as an opera singer before starring as Carlotta in the West End’s Phantom of the Opera, glories in having ‘as much variety in my repertoire as possible’. Her Dorothy Fields tribute was tried out at the Fringe two years ago, and now it’s ready.

Fields had a remarkable career, providing lyrics for five decades of Broadway shows, for composers as great as Jerome Kern, Cy Coleman and Sigmund Romberg. ‘She provided a very female voice in a profession dominated by men, with lyrics that were down to earth, assertive and not pretentious in any way,’ says McLaren.

Hey! Big Spender is a real labour of love, giving McLaren the opportunity to collaborate with jazz arranger David Lahm, the real life son of Fields. ‘Having David’s input on his mother’s songs, and finding out what Dorothy thought of them has touched the whole project with magic,’ she says.

‘Why do gay men love this kind of music?’ I ask Richard Tay, the producer of new recording label Sepia, which is devoted to preserving great songs of yesteryear for future generations. ‘Gay men in general have very good taste,’ he laughs. ‘With this sort of music, there’s lots of emphasis on the lyrics, talking about deep feelings and love. Gay men seem to relate to feelings.’

Originally from Malaysia, Tay worked in merchant banking before setting up Sepia records in June. ‘I wanted to do something different,’ he says. ‘When I go into a shop to buy records it annoys me that it’s the same old songs on offer over and over again. As a customer, I feel patronised.’

Sepia offers interesting, rare and idiosyncratic recordings by great performers which you will not find on the usual greatest hit compilations. The Early Hits of Doris Day (eeeee) is a real discovery, showing what a great song stylist Day was, with an effortless, creamy sound that sends shivers down your spine.

Ella Logan, the sister of Jimmy and aunt of Annie Ross, is unjustifiably forgotten, yet she is quite unique. Logan’s career took her from Glasgow to Hollywood and then to Broadway, and the Sepia CD, From Glasgow to Broadway (“0”) spanning the 305 to the 605 is a revelation, showing a versatile artist, equally adept at blues, jazz and show tunes.

Richard Rodgers’ centenary is a perfect opportunity to explore the songs with his two contrasting collaborators, gay Lorenz Hart on The Richard Rodgers Album with Lorenz Hart (.0000) and the more upbeat Hammerstein of Oklahoma and Carousel fame on The Richard Rodgers Album with Oscar Hammerstein (0.0.0). Offering a diverse selection of songs by the likes of Fitzgerald, Crosby, Garland and Sinatra, Sepia constantly surprises and uplifts. And at £6.99, each CD

an absolute bargain. (John Binnie)

You might have missed this delightful American independent from earlier this year. set at a summer catnp. where a lesbian teenager is sent to be straightened. Last of the (i1"1”s (lay l-‘ilm Season with a short intro by and post-film discussion with playwright/chrector John Binnie.


Bi-G-Les Youth Group LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203.

7 - 10pm. Free. Weekly. Meeting for LGBT up to the age of 25.

LIC Social Group 1.(}B'l‘(‘entre. 1 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7pm. Tue 24 Sep. Monthly. Regular meeting. Icebreakers Sadie l-‘rost’s. 8 10 West (ieorge Street. 332 8005.

8 9.30pm. Free. Tue 1 ()ct. Monthly. (it'oup for lesbians. gays and bisexuals new to the scene.

Glasgow Wednesdays


Out of Heaven Seventh Heaven. 15 lilmbank (iardens. 221 2772. 9.30pm. £5. Weekly. New gay night with a different theme for each week of the month. Wed 25 Sep is the women only night. l.ipservice . . . (though accompanied males are welcome). while (iet Funked . . . sees the mood get funky in a retro. soul. jau style on \Ved 2 ()ct.

Groups Bi-Glasgow 1.(iB'1‘ (‘entre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30pm. Free. Wed 2

()ct. Monthly. Regular meeting of the bisexual group.

Edinburgh Thursdays


All About my Mother Cameo. 38 Home Street. 228 4141. £3.50 £5.20

(£1 £3.50). Thu 19 Sep. Almodovar's masterpiece with (‘elia Roth as a grief stricken mother coming to terms with the death of her gay son. An incredible ensemble of great Spanish actresses make this an unbeatable melodrama.


Gay Dads Scotland 1.013 Centre. 58a & 60 Broughton Street. 478 7(169. 8pm. Thu 26 Sep. Monthly.

Edinburgh Fridays


UP Studio 24. (‘alton Road. 558 3758. 10.30pm 3am. £8 (£7). Fri 27 Sep. Monthly. DJ's Michelle. Adrian Davenport and Nic (‘avendish dole out a heady mix of progressive house and tribal trance.


Juice Solas. 2/4 Abbeymount. 661 0982. 2 4pm. Free. Weekly. Social group for gay men affected by HIV/AIDS.


Hey! Big Spender Queen‘s Hall. ('lerk Street. 668 2019. 7.45pm.

£1 150 £13.50 (£8.50 £10.50). Fri 27