Sep. The golden era of songwriting 'I‘inpan Alley style is celebrated it) this tribute to one the 20th century ‘s most prolific llollywood aitd Broadway lyricists. Dorothy l‘ields. Sec prey iew. opposite.

Edinburgh Saturdays


Claremont I33 I35 liast ('laremont Street. 556 5662. 8pm. l-‘ree. Sat 2l Sep. l-‘ortnightly. MS(‘ and the Bears organise the ntett only ttight with a dress code as wild as you like. Mingin’ Stttdio 24 (upstairs). ('alton Road. 558 3758. l0.30pm 3am. £5 before midnight; £6 after. Sal 2l Sep. l-‘mtnightly. (iay-friendly clubbing with residents Brian l)empster and .'\Ian Joy. Blast ('Ittb Mercado. 36 39 Market Street. 226 4224. llpm 3am. £l0 (£8). Sat 2l Sep. I‘ortnightly. (iay friendly nigltt witlt residents llttggy' and Markell serving up ttplifting vocal house and dirty funky grooves.

Eye Candy (’Iuh Mercado. 36 39 Market Street. 226 4224. llpttt 3am. £I0 (£8): £6 in fancy dress. Sat 28 Sep. I-‘ortnightly. Residents (iraente I’opstar. Nejat Barton and .\'eil ('rookston Ilttsl their infamous. glatn house party.

Joy Iigo. I’icat’dy Place. 478 7434. l0.30pm 3am. £l0 (£8). Sat 28 Sep. l-‘ortnightly. Residents Maggie and Alan whoop it up iii the main hall while Nicki I‘orrest joins (‘octeau Lounge residents 'I'rendy Wendy attd Sally I".

MsDemeanour l’ttoenis ('ellar Bar. 48 Brottghton Street. 5570234. 8.30pm 2.30am. £5 (£4 for 'Ii-girls). Sat 2l Sep. Monthly. livening exclttsively for transvestites aitd transsexuals.


TransAlba Nesus. Broughton Street. 557 8847. 3pm. Weekly. l)rop-in transsexual support group.


Bennet’s 90 (ililsslol'tl Street. 552 576l. llpttt 3.30am. £3 £6 (£2 £5). lixcellent dance action \Ved to Still and a student night on Thu.

Cube 34 Queen Street. 226 8990. ll.30pin 3am. £3 (£2 with flyer). ('lteesy chart gay nights on Mon (Passionality ) aitd The (H '.\' ).

Polo Lounge 84 \Vilsott Street. 553 l22l. 10pm 3am. £5. Downstairs in the Polo is the place to be for dancing with club ttights I'l‘c‘sh. huh and (airy on Polo. liri to Sun.


Candle Bar 20 ('andlcriggs. 564 I285. 9pm. l‘ree. lively bar which is a disco delight on Wed. l‘ri and Sat. :\ltgic() hosts an outrageous cabaret karaoke on Stilt while ('hris Miller takes the reigns on a 'I‘hu.

Court Bar 69 llutclteson Street. 552 2463. 6.30 l0pm. l‘ree. Popular traditional bar where you can chill all week. listen to liy e music on at Sat afternoon and join in the karaoke on Sun.

Delmonica’s 68 Virginia Street. 552 4803. 9pm. I‘rce. I)Js on l’ri. Sat. Mott. lite and Wed. qui/ on Thu and karaoke on Sun.

LGBT Centre I l l)i.\on Street. 22l 7203. llatn Midnight. l‘t‘ee. 'I'lte l.(iB'l‘ cafe/bar is not only perfect for coffees. food and drink but also has karaoke from l-‘ri to Stilt.

Polo Lounge 84 Wilson Street. 553 I22l. l0pm lam. I‘rec. lintertainmcttt frotn Mon to 'I‘hu with laid hack sounds and live music from Tom attd Mari at the beginning of the week attd funk. disco and requests nearer the weekend. Revolver 6a John Street. 553 2456. 8.30pm. I‘ree. Weekly. Popular bar with

Scottish TV/TS Group The Phoeni\ (‘ellar Bar. 46 Brotighton Street. 5570234. I 5pm. Sat 28 Sep. Monthly.

Edinburgh Sundays


Taste The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. llpitt 3am. £l0 (£8). Weekly. 'Iasty blend of house and garage with guest l).l Pete Doyle (Society. l.i\cl'pooI) on Still I5 Sep. Tackno (’Itth Mercado. 36 39 Market Street. 226 4224.

l0.30pni 3am. £3 £6. Sun 29 Sep. Monthly. 'l‘rcndy Wendy mixes it at her most celebrated show case. 'I‘ackno.

Edinburgh Mondays


Trendy Wendy Planet ()ttt. (il'ccnsitlc Place. 524 0061. l0.30pnt 3am (bar frotn 6pm). Free. Mon 30 Sep. The DJ with cheese appeal begins a new weekly slot.

Groups Gay Men’s Swimming Group (‘all 226 4476. 8pm. Weekly. Informal.

Edinburgh Tuesdays


Vibe Iigo. I’icardy Place. 478 7434. llptn 3am. £2. Weekly. James\\orth pro\ ides the sounds at this popular. sparkly. cltarty party.

Edinburgh Wednesdays


Women’s Group Drop-In 1.01) ('entrc. 60 Broughton Street. 478 7069. 7pm. I-‘rce. Weekly. Informal. Edinburgh Gay Women’s Group .\'e\tis. Broughton Street. 557 8847. 7pm. l‘t'ee. Weekly. Social group for

I)Js on the first I‘ri of the month. a free jttkehm crammed with o\cr 6000 top ltlltcs and a well priced pool table. Sadie Frost’s 8 In West (ieorge Street. .332 8005. .\'oon Midnight. I’rcc. I)Js (l‘ri aitd Sat ). karaoke ('l‘hu) and dim (Wed). ’I‘tie combines the lot and comes up with qtti/oke.

Waterloo Waterloo Street. 229 589i .\'oon Midnight. Well known gay bar with His ’I'hu Stilt.


Clone Zone 45 Virginia Street. 553 2666. Mon Sat llam 9pm; Stilt .\'oon 9pm. Brattd spanking new premises stocking a wide range of clothing. videos. maga/ines attd toy s.


Beyond Barriers l.(itt‘l‘. I)i\oli Street. 574 0242. (‘hallenging homophobia through training. ittfortnation attd edttcation. More information info(u heyondharriersorg.ttk or w w w .bey t)ndhat't'iers.ttrg.ttk. Bi-G-Les ('/() l.(iB’lI l l l)i\on Street. 22l 7203. Support for I.(iB’l‘ under 25. Body Positive 3 Park Quadrant. 332 50l0. Support for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

Centre for Women’s Health 2 Sandy lord Place. 2l l 6700. Information for women attd specilic scry ices for lesbians.

Glasgow Lesbian Line l’o l3o\ 686. (i_3 7'Iil.. .552 .3355. :\(I\ ice and stlppol'l.

Glasgow Women’s Library (or) 'l'rongatc. 552 8345. Open 'I'tte l‘ri

I 6pm; Sat 2 5pm. Women's literature and (lie lesbian at‘chiyc.

Phace West 49 Bath Street. 332 3838. 'l'hc tttaitt scry ice in the West of Scotland for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

SUPPORT GROUP SURVIVORS Being a victim of sexual abuse. assault or rape can affect the rest of yOur life. But imagine if. when you were ready to seek help. YOU had to start explaining yOur sexuality before you c0uld start to talk about your experience. It is for this reason that Shona Bruce and Sandy Brindley are setting tip the Survivors Group for yOLtng lesbian women who have gone through such ordeals. 'When some women have made attempts to get support they have found that issues to do With their sexuality have been hurdles.‘ says Bruce. 'We felt it

listings Gay

Support, understanding and courage

was necessary to create a safe place for young lesbian women to talk and where sexuality could be discussed openly.’

With their combined experience in youth and group work Lesbians in Peer Support and Rape CriSIs. Bruce and Brindley have recognised the urgent need

for such a group. ‘lt is support for young women. but it is also led and controlled

by them we wrll just facilitate the meetings.‘ she says.

Thus. according to Bruce. is how the women can learn that they don't need to feel isolated. ‘Everybody will be at different stages so the women can gain support and knowledge from others and in time move on with their lives.‘

They are more than aware that it is a frightening process for someone to even pick up the phone. but they want to assure young lesbians that it will be dealt with in a sensitive way. gtvrng the support. understanding and courage needed to leave the past behind. (Jane Hamilton)

I Surwvors Group: contact Show or Sandy on 0747 552 8345.

Steve Retson Project 2 Sandyford Place. 2l l 860l. ()pen 'l‘ue & 'l‘htt

5.30 8.30pm. Sexual health advice and counselling for gay men. Strathclyde Lesbian 8. Gay Switchboard PO Box 38. (i2 201i. 332 8372. Open 7 l0pm daily. ('onlidential advice.


Clubs CC Blooms 23 24 (ireenside Place. 556 933 l. l0.30pm 3am (bar from

6pm). Free. .-\ bar and club with a play list of high catnp and disco classics. Bars

Blue Moon Cafe l Barony Street. 557 09] l. Mon l‘ri llatn ll.30pm.

Sat Sun 9pm l2.30am. I‘ree. Iidinhurgh‘s longest rttttnittg gay cafe. Nexus 60 Broughton Street. 478 7069. l lain l lpttt. Free.

The l.(iB (‘entre‘s cafe.

CC Blooms 23 24 (ireenside Place. 556 9331. l0.30pm 3am (bar frotn 6pm). l’ree. See ('lubs.

Habana (ireenside Place. 558 I270. .\'oon lant. liree. Popular drinking and mingling spot with I).Is every Fri and Sat and qui/oke on Thu.

Flashback 9 Hope Street. 226 (MM. 4pm latit. 70s and 80s feel with cheesy disco and pop Mon to Stilt. Frenchie’s Rose Street. 225 765l. lpm lattt. l'ree. Popular chill'n‘chat spot.

The Gilded Saloon 233 ('owgate. 2266550. 9pm lant. liree. livery Sttn the Saloon holds the pre-club session for Taste at the Liquid Room.

The Laughing Duck 24 Howe Street. 220 2376. Mon 'l'htt l lam l lpm. I‘ri & Sat I lain lam. Sun

I l.30am l lptn. Stylish. comfy bar. conducive to chatting and titerrymaking.

hosts the goth ‘n‘ S & M night. Velvet Chains. every six weeks.

New Town Bar Dublin Street. 538 7775. Mon—Thu Noon—lam. Fri—Sat Noon—2am. Sun 12.30pm—lam. Gay cruise bar attracting a slightly older crowd. Sexy underground club at weekends.

Planet Out Creenside Place. 524 0061. Mon—Fri 4pm—lam. Sat-Sun 2pm—lam. Free. Fine bar with DJs every Mon night. a quiz on Tue and Trendy Wendy (Tackno) doing her stuff every second Mon and bingo hosted by Ima Hoore every Wed.


Out of the Blue Barony Street, 478 7048. Mon—Fri 11am—7pm. Sat

1 lam—6pm. Sun l2pm—6pm. Books. mags. toys and videos.

Bobbie’s Bookshop 220 Mom'son Street. 538 7069. Mon—Sat l()am—5..3()pm. Stocks a wide selection of gay magazines from the UK and abroad.


AD Contact 556 4049. For lesbians over 40. Meets monthly to plan social events. Call for more details.

Dykes Night Out PO Box 169. EH1 3LL'. Social evenings for women. Lesbian Line 557 0751. Mon & Thu 7.30—10pm. Helpline.

LGBT Police Link LGB Centre. 60 Broughtott Street. Mon 6-7pm. Weekly. (‘all 620 5138/62() 5140 if you want a chat with your community officer. Lothian Gay and Lesbian Switchboard 556 4049. 7.30—10pm every day. Helpline.

Stonewall Youth Project Contact 622 2266 (Office) or 0845 I I30 005 (Yotttltline). Social eyents for LGBT under 26.

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