Art listings


(w Burnlield Road. (iillnock. (fih’ 1200. Tue Iiri llatn 5pm: Sat lllam 5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition l‘ntil \Vt‘ti (i No\. .-\l‘tordab1e original paintings by gallery

regulars including l.esley Hanks. Peter \ardini. Sarah (‘arringtotL Blair .\1i11en and (iraeme Sharp.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Tue Sat lllam 5.30pm.

Antonio Rego Tue 24 Sep Sat it» \oy'. iliwo new \ itleo works by Glasgow-based l’ortugucse artist. Antonio Rego. In Deep IllIl/(‘I’ the Skin. :1 number ol‘(}lasgow artists read from their layourite book and in It’uum/u/mul. artists and writers talk about a subject whilst being driy en around a roundabout. Ni W 331 it )‘-.'.’

TCHAI-OVNA ~12 ()tago Lane. 557 452-1. 1);!in 11.311am lllpm.

The Pink Ribbon Show “4- 2' .' '

’1'. -'./l.. 'r‘,,"'. ‘I I. ,4 -,1.

Invitation to the auction night is by tick

Patrick Lichfield photographs celebrities with scoliosis as part of Getting It Straight on show at the Lighthouse

Fat Tuesday t‘ntil Mon 30 Sep. A series of photographs by (iill Millar made oy er the last liew (ilasgow (‘arniyal parades.

Subscapes t‘ntil Stm 1.1 Get. A new collection of stibscape acrylic paintings and pickled pet by (ilasgow-based artist Ryan lixidore.


25 Albert l)ri\'e. 422 2023. Tue Sat noon 8pm: Sun noon ()pm.

"3’ Greyscale/CMYK t'ntil Sun 20 (M. A major group show oi~ work by artists l'rom Scotland and the .\'ordic Regions l‘eaturing Ross Birrell. Martin Boyce. Roddy Buchanan. Icelandic I.o\'c ('orporation. ('amilla 1.ow. Ross Sinclair and many more. The show. made in collaboration with the Nordic Institute l‘or ('ontemporary Art. encompasses drawing. painting. photography. lilm and Video. Katarina Lofstrom and Camilla Low 'I‘hu 26 Sep. (rpm. Participating artists Kalarina l.ol‘strom and (‘amilla

Glasgow Print Studio Gallery


Gallery Ill - Friday 4th October 2002

The Pink Ribbon Art Auction

Reception : 6.00pm Bidding Starts 27.00pm

- . .L'. - .. (W; S,,.\.(”,..),.,

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. i :2‘ ‘."<‘ a, '."<‘

321* ’}(7' .:'.'.'(f To '.' D VVt'w'J‘” r: E)).,.: ( .ir~:(.. \ {1,0 Stmt‘i, ,. et only. .,< ,'If""_'if "z," (av:;'." \ltzt


25 King Street. Glasgow (31 SQP Open:Tues - Sat: |0am-5.30pm t: 0141 552 0704

90 THE LIST ' ' ', ()2?

[.ow talk about their work.

What will Become of Us? t'ntil Stm () ()ct. A two-person show of indiyidual and collaborative works by (ilasgow-based artists Scott Myles and l’red l’edersen. l'eaturing photography. mixed media works and installations which explore time. process and repetition. See rey it‘w.


28 King Street. 552 4813.'1‘ue Sat 11am 5pm.

Goshka Macuga t'ntil Sat 28 Sep. A solo show of new work by Polish artist (ioshka Macttga. Assembling other people’s artwork within her own inyentiy'e construction. .\1acuga explores the notion of authorship. See review.

Nick Evans t'ntil Sat 28 Sep. New work in the project room by (ilasgow- based artist Nick Iiy'ans.


18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri l()am 5pm.

Reflections of Africa t'ntil l-‘ri l8 ()ct. A solo show of paintings by Stella Kilgarill Hirs/.


1 I5 \Vt‘sl Regent Street. 221 910‘). Mon 1’ri 10.30am 5pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil .\1on 30 Sep. A selection ol' paintings. drawings and sculpture.

Mixed Show Tue 1 Thu 31 ()et. An exhibition of landscape. topographical and figurative paintings inclttding drawings. prints and sculpture.

WHERE THE MONKEY SLEEPS 132 \Vt‘sl Regent Street. 226 5406. Mon I’ri 7am 7pm: Sat l()am 7pm. Imogen Brown t'ntil Tue l ()cl. Documentary style photographs by Imogen Brown.

Comfortany Dumb t’ntil 'l‘ue l (M. Semi-abstract paintings by Robert McAdam.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 97.


Argyle Street. Kelyiitgroye. 2S7 260‘). Mon Thu & Sat 10am 5pm; l-‘ri & Sun 1 Iain 5pm. (‘ale Free.

A Kelvingrove Centenary l'ntil Spring. A commemoratiye exhibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallery and .\1tiseum. Kelyingroye. The well- loyed sandstone building houses one of the fittest ciyic art collections in litirope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Boys and (iirls. and was the yenue l‘or sortie ol' the finest exhibitions seen in Britain including 1’icasso-.\Iatisse

1 10-10). Van (iogh 1 10-18) and l)ali‘s Art In Jewels ( 1973 4).

Endangered Wildlife t'ntil Spring 2003. An exhibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland.


The (‘ross. Kirkintilloch. 57811144. 'l’ue Sat lllam 1pm & 2 5pm. Hanging By a Thread t'ntil Sat 28 Sep. An exhibition of work by local members of the Kirkintilloch branch of the limbroider‘efs (iuild.


2()(i() I’ollokshaws Road. 2S7 2551). Mon 'l‘htt & Sat 1(lam 5pm; l‘ri & Stm llam 5pm.

Treasures from the Store: 19th Century European Paintings l'ntil further notice. a new selection ol‘ oils is on display highlighting the range of Sir William Burrell's taste. Featured works include paintings by Bonyin. Ribot and Millet and a rarely seen oil by Henri 1.e Sidaner.

Knights and Castles t'ntil Sun 5