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Alexandra Gardner Until Wed 2

I Oct. New paintings by Alexandra

Gardner featuring portraits. nudes. still

lifes. Tuscan landscapes. Glasgow 1

J . barbers and bars and Italian palace l


David Swift - Menagerie Until

, j Wed 2 Oct. Modem automata. surreal

toys and murals carved in wood by Scotland-based David Swift.

Eileen Catt Until Wed 2 Oct. New

Jennifer Pettigrew t’ntil Wed 25 Sep. New paintings.

Jock Maclnnes Sat 28 Sep Wed II» Oct. Paintings. NEW SHOW.

Paul Barns Sat 28 Sep Wed 16 ()ct. Paintings.

Eoghan Bridge Sat 28 Sep Wed 16 ()ct. Sculpture.

Elizabeth Bone l'ntil Wed 16 ()ct. ('ontemporary jewellery.


l7 1‘) Barclay Place. 477 2‘)33. ’I'ue Sat llam 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art » V'an (iogh. Dali. Monet. Kandinsky. Miro originals and work by up-and-coming local artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (\VASI’S) Patriothall Studios. oil-18 Ilamilton Place. 225 128‘). Daily

noon 6pm.

Ronnie Ryan t'ntil Wed 25 Sep. Paintings and prints including figurative and landscape works.

Encore Fri 27 Sep Wed 2 ()ct. (Open Mon Fri noonsopm; Sat 6’; Sun

noon 4pm). Installation by Samantha (‘lark. Kevin [)agg. Natalie 'l‘aylor and Pierre Yerro and painting and installation by Kin Sung-Soo as part of a series of exhibitions previously shown in Nimes as part of the 2002 Biennale of ('ontemporary Art. NEW SHOW.

Open Studios Sat 28 Sep.

10am 5pm. As part of Doors Open Day. WASPS Studios open its doors to the public.

PHOTO INTERIORS 25 Marchinont (‘rescenL 22‘) 2063. Mon— Fri ‘)am 5.30pm: Sat 10am 2pm.

Constructed Superficial Form 7 by Michael Craik on show at Habitat

Mixed Exhibition A photographic gallery and framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with space for local photographers to show their work.


(‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). Mon Sat

10am» 5.30pm.

Isobel Gardner Mon 30 Sep Sat 2 Nov. Painting works by Isobel Gardner. Under a Northern Sky Mon 30 Sep~Mon 4 Nov. Recent drawing and paintings by ()rkney based artists Isobel Gardner. Doug Muir and Alan S Watson.


46 Dundas Street. 556 8364. Tue Fri 10am-~5pm; Sat 10am—4pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Thu 31 Oct. The newly opened Randolph Gallery presents a mixed show of paintings by gallery artists.


I5 Rutland Square. 22‘) 7545. Mon Fri 9am 5pm; Sat 10am 4pm.

Changing Buildings: Changing Times Thu 1‘) Sep Fri 25 ()ct. An exhibition of drawings selected by the Scottiin Architects' Papers Preservation Project which looks at the lifetime of our built environment and the factors that change it. NEW SHOW.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Inverleith Ilouse. 552 7171.

Cy Mornny l'ntil Sun 27 ()ct (Inverleith House: 'I'ue Sun

10.30am 5.30pm). Free. The first Scottish showing of works by (‘y 'I'wombly including sculptures. paintings. collages. drawings and photographs. The :‘smerican artist studied under


Motherwell and Kline. and was influenced by the abstract expressionists. His work combines art and language and elements of the unconscious. Plantweave - Modern Stories, Ancient Skills l'ntil Sun 27 ()ct (Iixhibition Hall: daily 1()am-—5pm). An exhibition highlighting the artistic. cultural and ecological significance of basket making in Scotland.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE Howard Bar. Grindlay Street. 248 4848. Earth Sea Sky L'ntil Sat 28 Sep. Shirley Marshall captures the natural world in this series of new paintings.

SLEEPER Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 Damaway Street. 225 8444. Mon—Fri 2—5pm.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 1501. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm. Digital Heads Until Fri 27 Sep.

Paintings by Bangladeshi artist Murshida

Ar/u Alpana which explores the suppression of human values resulting from society‘s dependence on technology.

ROSL Arts Scholars Exhibition 2002 Thu 3 Oct-«Fri 15 Nov. Paintings and prints by winners of the ROSI. Travel Scholarships 2001 from Canada. Kenya. Malaysia. New '/.ealand and the I'K.


I08 Ilolyrood Road. 225 718‘). Mon Fri ‘)am 5pm.

Drawing the Line l'ntil Mon 30 Sep. An exhibition of work by Danish

cartoonists on the subject of Iiuropean


SCOTTISH GALLERY lb I)undas Street. 558 1200. Mon Fri 10am 6pm; Sat 10am 4pm.

jewellery and objects by Eileen Gatt :

working predominantly in silver in conjunction with wood. acrylic and SIOIIC.

5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue—Sat 10am—6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art and Design A gallery and shop featuring a

, changing selection of hand-woven and

embroidered rugs and textiles from the Turkmen. Uzbek. Beluch and Aimaq tribes of Central Asia. 1

Douglas Gordon Until Fri 20 Sep. 5

The Turner Prize winner. Glasgow-born j

Douglas Gordon will be creating an installation for the Sleeper space. In the ultimate return to sender. Gordon. who is the owner of one of the last letters that Robert Louis Stevenson wrote. posted

the letter back which has been received by the McFies at Stevenson’s House.


Adam McEwen Mon 30 Sep—Fri 1 Nov. A new installation for the Sleeper space by Adam McEwen. NEW SHOW.

THE SOCIETY OF EUROPEAN ARTISTS 44 High Street. 557 8360. Daily 1 10am—6pm. 2 Mixed Exhibition A changing

selection of paintings by predominantly Italian artists. featuring still life.

landscapes and figurative. with all works i for sale.


58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 1966. Mon—Fri

9am—6pm; Sat 10am—5pm. ; Heidi Konig Until Mon 30 Sep. New etchings and screenprints.


10 Orwell Terrace. 346 1405. Mon—Sat 10am—4pm. j Triple Until Fri 4 Oct. An exhibition of i artwork by three local artists featuring

. stitched textiles by Lesley Anne Thomas.

paintings of Arran and Holy Island by Carolyn Burchell and mixed media

works comprising layers of resin and

paint by Anne Roberts.


23 Cockbum Street. 622 6200. Mon—Sat l lam—5.30pm; Sun noon-5pm. G Hiroehi Sugimoto - The

. Architecture of Time Until Sat 21 ; Sep. £3 (£1.50). See also Fruitmarket


Daytrippera Until Sat 21 Sep. Artists Lindsay Perth and Catriona Grant worked with young people from the Fairbridge Edinburgh and Corstorphine Youth Centre to create new video and photographic works which look at the Scottish seaside visitor.

TAG TEAM EXPERIMENT 21 I.ismot'e Crescent. 620 3344. Wed—Fri

by appointment only.

Mike Nelson and Rachel Lowe l'ntil Fri 25 ()ct. Iidinburgh's newest gallery a non-commercial. non-publicly funded space aims to create a new curatorial structure in which artists have more control of the context of their work. The space. set up in artist Billy .‘\Ic('all's house. opens with the work of shortlisted Turner Prize nominee Mike Nelson and Rachel Lowe. See Artbeat. NE W (3A1 IFRY.

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