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Activities And Fun

Children’s Pottery Classes Sat 5 ck Sat 13 ()ct. l lam lpm. £8. l5it'c‘yytii'ks Studio. 35a l)alhou.sie Street. 333 4969. Potting l'or nippers iit this next yyeckly yy'ol'ksltop.

Creative Colourists Art WOFKShOpS Sat 5 ck Sat l3 ()ct. l‘ree. llunterian .‘yluseum. l'niy'ersity Ayenue. 330 433l. Ages 8 l4. Budding artists and complete noy'ices cart hone their artistic skills in arts and crafts \y’ol‘ksllops. Window Wonders Drama Sat 5 ()ct. l‘ree. lltmterian .\ltiseum. l'niyersily .-\\enuc. 330 433 l. .\ l'otir-yyeek drama course for ages 5 7.

Back to School Stilt l3 ()ct. 3 3pm. £l.50. Scollattd Street School Museum. Museum of liducalion. 335 Scotland Street. 337 0500. Join teacher Miss Ba\tcr tor a lit ing history class set in Victorian times. Arriy e 15 minutes early to dress up in period costume hel'ore seeing props. a genuine gas mask and the dreaded helt. Art Workshop Mon 14 Hi 18 Oct; Mon Tlttt l.30 4pm. l-‘ri 3.30 4.30pm. Free. Burrell ('olleclion. 3060 Pollokshayys Road. 387 3550. .-\ges 5 8. Booking essential. (iet ittto medieyal times \yith this specially designed art \yorksltop.

A Day in a Castle Mon 14 Hi Is Oct: Mon Thu l.30 3.30pm. l-"ri

3.30 3.30pm. l‘rec. Burrell Collection. 3060 l’ollokshayys Road. 387 3550. .'\:_‘L‘\ 5 8. Booking essential. l-‘ind otit \yhat me u as like lor medieyal knights liying in a cold. draugth castle. lending oll attackers. October Week Big Drawing Days Mon 14 Hi l8 ()ct. l-‘ree. lltmteriau .c\rt (iallery. l'niyersity ol‘(ilasgoyy 83 llllllleatl Street. .330 54.3 I. .~\ \\ cck ol' art- related tun and games l‘or ages 5 l4. October Week Kids’ Workshops .\lon l4 liri l8 ()ct. £5 t£3.75t'. lamin ticket U350. l’ollok House. l’ollok ('ountry Park. 3060 Polloksltayys Road. ()l6 64H). .-\rts and ct'al‘ts yyorkshops lot' 3- l l-ycar-olds.

Theatre & Dance

Pied Piper and Other Puppet Stories Sat 5 ()ct. 3pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre ('entre. 8 l0 Balcarres Ayenue Kcly indale. 339 6185. Kidgloye Puppets presents the story ol' .\lr Pratt. the loy‘eahle htit incompetettt rat- catcher ol‘ Hamlin.

Up the Stairs and in the Attic Sun 6- Thtt l0 ()ct. Stilt lpm ck 3.30pm; .\lon ck Tue ll).l5am. l.l5pm ck 4pm: Wed 9.30am ck 3.30pm; Thu l.l5pm. 4pm ck 7pm. £3.50. (‘ottier Theatre. 93 95 llyndland Street. 357 5000. Ages 5] l. (iiant Productions presents a multi-sensory extravaganza incorporating scent. touch and non-verbal communication. Catalina and the Whale Sat 12 ()ct. 3pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre Centre. 8—10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelyindale. 339 6185. The classic story of Cinderella. Spanish style. performed with shadoyy puppets by Jack ()‘l.antern.

The Hare and the Tortoise Mon 14 ()ct. l lam ck 3pm. Milton (‘ommunity lidtication (’entre. 434 l.iddlesdale Road. 773 (Hill). Ages .5 7. “cc Stories presents the classic Aesop's l5ahle ahottt the hraye tortoise yy ho challenges the hare lo a race. The Hare and the Tortoise \Vetl l6 ()ct. l lam ck 3pm. The .c\nne\c. 9a Steyyartytllc Street l’ai'tick. See Milton ('ommunily lidttcation (’enlre ahoye. Pokemon Live Tim I? ck l-‘ri l8 ()ct. £9.50 £l61l'amily ticket £55. ('lytle Auditorium. l‘innieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. l’ikachu. .'\\ll. .\listy and Brock attempt to thyyarl the sinister schemes ol'

(iioyanni and Team Rock lll this colottrl'ul. musical spectacular. The multi-media action takes its lead from the Japanese

\ ideo game that appears to he taking o\ er the \yorld. arid the simple story is set against a backdrop ol' pyrotechnics and cley er theatrical elleels.

Up the Stairs and in the Attic Thu 17 ck l-‘ri l8 ()ct; Thu 3pm. 3.45pm ck 5.30pm. l-‘ri l0atn. ll.45am ck l.45pm. £l.50. Bishoploclt Residents llall. l5 :\ttchingill Road. 0845 330 350l. Ages

.5 l I. See the ('ottier ahoy e.


Children’s Storytime Sat 5 ck Sat I: ()ct. l laitt. Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. llappy respite l'rom all

that shopping. Suitable for 3 8 year olds.

Activities And Fun

Breakdance Level 1 Thu 3 ()ct. \ycekly. 5.30 6.30pm. £35 tor term. Dance Base. l4 l0 (it'asslltal'kel. 33.5 .5535. .-\ges l0 l3. Learn to syyan tli\c. to do a head- spin. the caterpillar. hody -pop and generally he the coolest lsltl lll loyylt. \o c\perieitce required.

Creative Dance for 2-5’s Thu 3. Thu l0 ck Thu l3 ()ct. 3.30 3.30pm. £3.50. Dance Base. 14 lo (il‘asslnarkcl. 335 5535. Dance session to encourage c\pression tltrouglt moyemcnt. games. lacial c\pressions. actions aitd storytelling. ('hiltlren under 5 must he accompanied hy an adult tyy ho yy ill he encouraged to join int.

Creative Dance for 5-7s Thu 3 . Thu l0 ck Thu l7 ()ct. 4 5pm. £3.50. |)ance Base. l4 l0 (irassmarkcl. 33.5 5.53.5. See ahoy e.

Alive and Kickin’ Sat 3 ()ct. Becki}. 1.30 3.30pm (ages 8 llll ck 3.45 3.45pm tages ll l3). £35 loi' tcl’tn. llancc Base. l4 l6 (irassmarket. 335 5535. \‘icky l-arnyyorth gets yott going yyith all the right disco moyes for some lllll and l'unky dancing. .\'o c\perieitce required. Freestyle Ballet for Children Sat 3 ck Sat l3 ()ct. l3.45 l.45pm. £35 l'or lcrm “33.5” l-ol‘ sessloltl. Dance Base. l4 l0 (irassmarket. 335 5535. :\ges 6 l0. ()tialilicd Royal .v\cadcnty teacher Angela \Valson leads a class c\ploring the beauty and lyricism ol' hallet \\ ithout the c\amsl No c\perieitce required.


Making Friends with Frankenstein Sun 6 ()ct. 3.30pm. £8 t£4i. Queen‘s llall. ('lerk Street. 668 30l9. HT Setllllsll linsctnhle lttlll l'orces \\ llll lllll local children tor a musical collahoration based on ('olin .‘ylcNatigltton's popular hook. Monster masks \\ elcotne. See photo caption.

Theatre & Dance

Cinderella Sat 5 ()ct. noon. £3. North lidinhurgh :\rts. l5a Pennyyy ell ('ourt. 3l5 315 l. Ages 6-plus. l{\ery day is a had hair day for our Cinders. That is. until a glamorous lady comes along aitd lills Cinderella's handbag with magic. Now its tip to her to lind a dress. get to the hall. dance the cha-cha-cha and tall in love with the handsome prince. all before midnight. The acclaimed Shona Reppe Puppets adapts this timeless fairytale using beautiful puppets. original music and maybe eyen dancing mice in hats.

The Hare and the Tortoise Sat 5 ()ct. 3pm. £4: lamin ticket £l5. Brunton 'I'healrc. lady \y ell \Vay. .‘yltisselhurglt. 665 334”. :\:_'e\ .3 7. See (ilasgoyy.

The Hare and the Tortoise Hi I l ()ct. 3pm. North l-.dinhtirgh .v\rts. l5a l’ennyyycll ('otirt. 3l5 3|5 l. .'\gcs 3 ". Scc (ilasgoyy.

The Birdcatcher Sat I3 ()ct. 3pm. £3. .\'ortlt lidinhttrgli .'\rts. l5a l’ennyyy ell ('otirt. 3l5 3l5l. .r\ges o-pltts. l)ancc. puppetry and music combine in this iinaginattyc sltoyy lor children perl‘ormed hy the Tabula Rasa Dance ('ompany.

DANCE ll ll Allil‘.

THE BIRDCATCHER Byre Theatre, St Andrews, Sat 5 Oct, 2.30pm, £5 (£4); Paisley Arts Centre, Paisley, Thu 10 Oct, 11am & 1.30pm. £4 (£2.50) North Edinburgh Arts, Sat

12 Oct, 2pm. £3.


Tabula Rasa Dance Company formed in 1999. It has since built up a reputation for innovative, collaborative productions and is currently touring its first piece for children,The Birdcatcher.

Claire Pencak, artistic director talked to me about its development and where the idea came from. ‘I particularly like William Blake and I based the story on these two lines: “How can the bird that is born for joy/Sit in a cage and sing."’ With the basis of a morality tale Pencak has worked with musicians, artists and puppeteers to create a magical world of dance and sound. ‘lt’s very visual,’ she added. ‘And having the live music element makes it very exciting. There’s lots of different things to look at, so we’ve got sands that become suns or become birds wings or leaves of a tree. In a way we’re asking the children to be quite imaginative everything is

suggested.’ (Ruth Hedges)

}\ f3, '.,\o,c \ J I c , ~, f, \ s, M)", I Ill(} l.‘(1(,tlck."(, lint’f) {)\.(.).’f>.’t,n

(‘ltoi'cogi'apltcd and directed it} (’lairc l’cncak. Sec prey le\\.

Clownderella Sat I: ()ct. 3pm ck 4pm. l£.:.5l)l, \elllt‘l‘l‘tm .'\l'l\ (‘entl'c. 4.3 4.5 High Street. 550 95“). lot ages 3 8. Kl'a/y Kat 'l‘ltcatrc (‘ompany presents this

cloyy ititig duo \ylto ittgglc pumpkins. mice. princes. shoes. l‘ait‘y (iodmothet's aitd social climhcrs. Magical sltoyy \yllll lots ol~ laughs.


This Book Belongs to Me t‘ntil Tlltl 3| ()ct. National Library ol~ Scotland. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 336 453l. Ii\plorc the c\citing and colourful \yorld ol' children's books from the original lith century Your “hum/7 to the latest Hurry l’ollt’r hlockhttster.


Storytelling Tent Hi 4. Sun 6. Hi I l ck Sun 13 ()ct. 3.30-3.l5pnt ck 3.3(‘—4.l5pm. l-‘ree. National l.ihrary ol‘ Scotland. (ieorge l\' Bridge. 336 453]. Ages 4 —(3 and 7-1). Scottish story tellers hrittg children's stories to Me.

Outside the Cities

Activities And Fun

Fungi Workshop Thu 3 ()ct. £3 0.“: t; lantin ticket £l0. Brodick ('astlc and ('ounti'y l’at‘k. Brotlick. lslc ()l .\rran.

0| "70 303303. (iracmc \Valkcr leads an inloritiattyc \yorkshop on itttisltroonts and loatlslools.

Friday Hip Hop ill 4 ck l'l'l l I ()ct.

3 3.30pm. £1.50. lloyytlcn l’ark. lloyydcit. l.iyingston. 0l506 433634. .\gcs l0 l6. \Vcckly hip hop and break dancing. First Birds Sat 5 ()ct. l lam lpm.

..H’()cl(}/i()t'l. \)(»(}‘t-(ltll(l' i": f) (Ilium/3.".

£l.50. RSl’B \anc l'arm \ature Rescue. By l.oclt l.e\en. Kinross. 0l5" 863355. .r\ges 8 l0. l‘ind otit ahotit hirtls and their llltltl.

Helping Your Garden Birds Sat 5 ()ct. 1 3.30pm. l’rec. lochyyinnoch RSPB .\'aturc Resei'yc. largs Road. lochyyiimoclt. 0|505 843663. .\lakc your garden a hay en lot‘ a variety ol' hirtls \y itlt some top tips li'om lltc c\pcrts.

West Lothian Youth Dance Tue 8’ ck Ttie l5 ()ct. 4.30pm ck 5.30pm. £l £l.50. lloyyden Park. lloyytlen. l.i\ingston. 0|506 433634. .c\gcs 8 ll ck l3 l6. Try out tlillcrent dance sty lcs l'rotn hreak dancing to hip hop.

Greyfriars Bobby Puppet Workshop Sat l2 ()ct. l lam. £3.50. Toyyn llall. Bo'ness. ()l334 506850. (‘t‘eatc and manipulate your oyyn puppet in this l‘un yyorkshop led by Kenspeckle Puppets. Heritage Town Trail at North Ayrshire Museum Sat 12 ()ct.

l lam—noon. Free. .\'orth .-\y rshire Museum. Manse Street. Saltcoals. (H394 464 l 74. Discoyer the secrets of Saltcoat's past attd \\ hat life “as like 100 years ago. Spooky Happenings Sat 12 Thu 1" ()ct. l0am 5pm. £3.80 t£l.60t. Almond Valley Heritage Tl’tlsl. \lilllicld.

l.i\ ingston. 0l506 4 I495". Strange hcmgs lurk in the sllatltm s ol' the tlal'kesl. spookicst corners ol‘ the Old Mill. \rc yoti hi'ayc cttotiglt to tliscoycr lltctr sccrcts .' Children’s Model Making Workshop .\lon ll ()ct‘. l0. 30am ttooit Iagcs 5 8L3 3. 30pm iagcs 9 l3t. £3.50 1 i .Slll. Vl-llt' \t‘llllt‘i (iallciy. lll (ilasgtny \cnnel. li'y me. 01394 3‘5059. Turn your old pocket si/cd toys into \yoi‘ks ot' .n‘t tlsing clay moulds and plaster casts lll this \yoi'ksltop by model maker .ltislin \\ ilson.