Fimbles 8801, Mon—Fri. 3.25pm: Cbeebies Mon—Fri. 7am t tain & 3pm.

There was always a little gap somewhere between the Teletubbies and the Tweenies that was never quite filled: an audience falling between the two. beyond ‘eh oh' but not guite 'tweeny'. And then along came Fiinbles. These squashy. gentle creatures Fimbo. Florrie and Baby Porn are the 880:; latest creation for kids. Superseding the 'Tubbies. who will soon be saying their last ‘bye bye'. they are sure to take on the iconic status afforded to all pre-school

telly-entertainers in big soft-suits.

Fantasies and Fairytales, Mysteries and Magic Mon 14 in Is ()ct. 10am—4pm. £1.50 £2. Harbour Arts Centre. 1 14—71 16 Harbour Street. Irvine. 01294 274059. Puppet making workshops. Monster Mash party and a variety of activities on an enchanting theme.

Bugs and Birds Tue 15 Oct.

10-] 1.45am & 12.15 2pm. £2. l.ochwinnoch RSPB Nature Reserve. Largs Road. 1.ochwinnoch. 01505 842663. Track down weird and wonderful mini- beasts and go bird-watching with the teacher'-naturalists.

Track Down the Treasure Tue l5 ()ct. 10am—iioon. £4.50 (£3.50 family ticket £12.50). ('til/ean (’astle and ('ountry Park. .\laybo1e. 01655 884455. Find the treasure hidden in the grounds of the country park.

The Big Draw wed lb—Wed 23 ()ct. Burns National Heritage Park. Murdoch's Loan. Alloway. 01292 443700. A national campaign to encourage young and old alike to get drawing. linjoy a fresh approach to art. whatever your ability. with activities throughout the day.

The Big Draw is coming to Scotland and we want you to get busy with those paints, pencils or " whatever you can get your hands on and draw! There are over a million people taking part in The Big Draw, an initiative set up by the Campaign for Drawing, from 16 to 23 October and we want

. you to kick-start the event by sending in a picture of what you

3 do to have fun or what you

i dream of doing.

drawings pads.

102 THE LIST Ii 17'()(:’. 200?

Red Squirrel Facts Wed 16 Oct.

2 4pm. £2.50 (£1 £2.25). Paxton House. Paxton. Berwick l'pon Tweed. 01289 386291. l‘ind out abotrt Paxton's protected fatnin of red squirrels with the estate's etrstodian.


North Ayrshire Children’s Festival Mon 7 Fri 18 ()ct. Various Venues. North Ayrshire. 01294 324482. The third North Ayrshire (‘hildren’s Festival featuring a variety of events and workshops for children of all ages.


Steps Club 7 and Absolut Britney l-‘ri l 1 ()ct. 7.30pm. £6.50. Palace Theatre. 9 (ireen Street. Kilmarnock. 01563 523590. Tribute to chart-topping popstcrs. Steps and S ('lub. Notes from a Small Island Sun 13 ()ct. 7.30pm. £4 (£3). Vikingar. Barrlields (ireeitock Road. 1.args. 01475 689777. James 1)urrant conducts this specially commissioned piece. bringing students from Spain. vacdcn. Norway

The Campaign for Drawing

There are two categories: 4—7 and 8—11 year-olds. The first prize winner in each category will have their picture printed in The List and receive drawing and sketching pads worth over £50 from Newton and Windsor. Two runners up in each category will win sketching and

til-3 To enter just send your drawing, with a note of your age. to: The Big Draw, The List, 74 High St, Edinburgh, EH7 7TE no later than 25 October 2002. See the next issue of The List for the full low down on The Big Draw‘s events throughout the regions.

and North Ayrshire together with folk band the \‘v’histlebinkies.

Theatre & Dance

Ahoy There! It’s the Happy Gang Sat 5 ()ct. 11am & 2.30pm. £6.50 (£5). Paisley Town Hall. Abbey (‘lose. Paisley. 0141 887 1010. Shiver me timbers. the Happy (iang are back with another musical spectacular. Those happy fellows have been recruited by ('aptain Therak to

sail the seven seas in search of treasure for

children the world over. Not everything goes to plan as the seas turn stormy. but the gang are always ready to man the decks with their sea-shanties. slapstick and musical mayhem.

The Birdcatcher Sat 5 ()ct. 2.30pm. £5 (£4). Byre 'l'heatre. Abbey Street. St .-\ndrew.s. (ll 334 475000. Ages (i-pltls. See lidinburgh.

The Singing Kettle’s Jungle Party Sat 5 is Sun 6 ()ct. noon & 3pm. £9 (£7); family ticket £25. ('arnegie Hall. liast Port. 1)unfermline. 01383 314000. Dress up as your favourite wild animal and join the Kettlers with new member Kev in for a tropical adventure with giraffes. chimps and lions galore. Sing along with the gang to your favourite songs and a few new ones too.

Ahoy There! It’s the Happy Gang Sun 6 ()ct. 3pm. £6.50 four tickets for £22. Vikingar ’l‘heati'e. (irecnock Road. I.args, 01475 689777. See Paisley Town Hall above.

The Birdcatcher Tlttl ll) ()ct. llarn (\- 1.30pm. £4 (£2.50). Paisley Arts (’cntre. New Street. Paisley. 0141 887 1010. Ages 6-pltrs. See lidinburgh.

Ahoy There! It’s the Happy Gang Sat 12 (k Sun 13()ct: Sat 11am (k 2.30pm. Sun 2.30pm. £6. liastwood 'l'hcatt'e. liastwood Park. Rouken (ilcn Road. (iiffnock. 577 4970. See Paisley Town Hall above.

Pied Piper and Other Puppet Stories Sat 12 ()ct. 1pm & 3pm. £4 (£2.50). Paisley Ai'ts ('cntre. New Street. Paisley. (ll-ll SS7 lllll). See (iltlsgow. Up the Stairs and in the Attic Sat 12 a Sun 13 Oct. Sat 3.30pm. 5pm (k 7pm; Sttn 1 1am. 1pm ck 3pm. £2. Rothes llétllS. Rothes Square. (ilenrotltes. (H.593 (il l 101. Ages 5 11. See (ilasgow. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Mon 14 ()ct. 11am & 2pm. £4 (£14 family ticket). Palace Theatre. 9 (ireen Street. Kilmarnock. 01563 523590. Ages 3-p1us. Who‘s been sitting in my chair".’ The popular fairytale about a little girl lost is brought to life by Applause Productions. The Hare and the Tortoise Tue 15 ()ct. 2.30pm. Harbour Arts (‘entre.

l 14 1 16 Harbour Street. lrvine. 01294 274059. Ages 3 7. See (ilttsgow.

The Singing Kettle’s Jungle Party Tue 15 & Wed 16 Oct; Tue 1pm is 4pm. \Ved noon & 3pm. £9 (£7 ): family ticket £25. l’alkirk Town Hall. West Bridge Street. l'ittlkit‘lx'. (H.324 506850. See ('arnegie Hall above.

The Ugly Duckling Tue 15 ()c1. lpm & 3pm. £4 (£2.50). Paisley Arts ('entre. New Street. Paisley. 0141 887 1010. Ages 3 6. ('lydehuilt Puppet 'l‘heatre present the classic tale about a little duckling who doesn't quite lit in. \‘aried puppetry styles and soft. sculptured sets are Used to recreate a child‘s world of imaginative fantasy.

Up the Stairs and in the Attic Tue 15 & Wed 16 Oct; 15 ()ct 2pm. 3.45pm & 5.30pm. 16 ()ct 10am. 1 1.45am & 1.45pm. £2.50. Paisley Museum & Art (iallery. High Street. Paisley. 0141 889

.3 l 5 l. See (ilasgow.

Ahoy There! It’s the Happy Gang Thu 17 ()ct. 2.30pm. £6 four tickets for £22. ('umbernauld Theatre. Kildrum. ('umber'nauld. 01236 732887. See Paisley Town Hall above.

Do Try This at Home! Thu (7 ()ct. lprn iv 3pm. £4 (£2.50). Paisley Arts ('entrc. New Street. Paisley. 0141 887 1010. ('lteniieal concoctions for some experimental fun with Magic Hob. Goldilocks and the Three Bears Thu 17 ()ct. 2.30pm. £5 (£4). (ircenock

Arts (iuild. (‘arnpbell Street. (ireenock. 01475 723038. See Palace Theatre above. The Hare and the Tortoise Thu 17 ()ct. 1.30pm. £4. ('arnegie Hall. liast Port. 1)unfermline. 01383 314000. Ages 3 7. See (ilasgow.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet 'l'lieatre. Hroughtott Road. (11899 220631. £5 (£4): family tickets £23 & £36. Book in advance as times are subject to change. Reductions for parties of live or more. Shows on offer over the next two weeks

Pips and Panda Meet the Toothtairy Sun 6 ()ct. 2pm; Mon 14 & \Ved lb ()et. 1 lam. Ages 3 7. Another adventure from the famous characters. Pips the little monkey and silly old Panda. A show ftill of songs. fun and music with magical effects and an exciting story about their travels on the magic leaf to Tooth-Fairyland.

Pips and Panda in Circusland Sat 12 ()ct. 2pm. Ages 3 7. This time Panda finds an unusual basket. Who does it belong to'.’ \Vltet‘e did it come from'.’ We’ll have to wait and see? They visit the circus. where they meet two funny geese called Jiffy and Jaffy. and Sugar the dancing horse. There are many songs for you tojoin in with and lots of fun too.

Nessie Meets Morag Tue 15 ()et. 2pm. Ages 7-plus. Nessie the Loch Ness .‘vlonster gets a message from Mor'ag. the monster of Loch .\lorar. that a mysterious foreigner with a red beard has appeared at Loch Morar. Nessie learns that he is searching for PR”: ('ll“ 'I'R‘Sl‘iil'. (specially coded message). and so a race to discover an ancient secret begins.

Lee-Ching and the Magic Island Thu 16 ()ct. 2pm. Ages 7-plus. An exciting ('hinese adventure about a boy. a greedy panda. a beautiful princess and the mysterious Tiger limperor. Their spectacular adventures involve battles by land and sea. with many magical transformations. and there is plenty of humour too! Of course there is a happy ending for'liing and his beautiful princess. Authentic ('hinese music and settings complete this beautiful and unusual production.

Making Friends with Frankenstein The Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. (3 Oct. 2.30pm. 578 (Sf-'1). It’ you like monsters and all things spooky. then this is right tip your street. Based on the children's book Making Friends With Frankenstein by Colin McNaughton. Fraser Trainer has devised an ambitious hint of music. poetry and video protection. The 81' Scottish Ensemble are ioined by 100 children from local primary schools to tell some eerie tales. and the little monsters in the audience are irivited to 10111 in. Make a scary mask and bring it to the concert. For ages 7—10.