Glasgow life.

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Book events

Design in a Cold Climate Bordcrx Bonkx. 233 Buchanan SIrch. 333 “till. "pm. lircc. ln ;I\\UL'lilllIlll \\iIh Ihc l.ig_'hlhou\c. Bordcrx hclpx In launch Ihc nc\\ addition Io Ilic l'ramc .\lonngraphx in lnlcrinr .v\rchiIch\.


Rangers v FK Viktoria Zizkov llirm SIadium. lidlllixlull [Minn 0870 (till) 1993, 'sISpm. ill) [33 (U l l. l'nnlhall.


Bill Drummond Performances ('('.-\. 350 Sauchicliall SII'ch. 353 4000. 3pm. £5 It'll. I('('.\ (H. .\ pcrlormancc h} Bill Drummond \xhich dcxcrihcx Ihc proccxx ol' di\ iding up a milk h} Richard Long uliicli Drummond purchaxcd lnr \Ill.(l(lll. Splilling Ihc \inrk inIn 30.00“ cqual \i/cd hilx. Drummond ix \clling iI oll lor onc dollar cach.


Introduction to Scottish Mountain Walking 'l‘ixn (ilaxgou ()uldonr l‘i\[\L‘l'lL‘IlL‘L‘. Sll (‘IHIPL‘I' Sll'cc‘l. in“ IlllL'Ild. 55‘) 5451). " 9pm. £38. .-\ l\\U da} kick \IarI courxc In gcl _\ou ouI on Ihc Scottixh mounIainx. l'ind nuI aliouI uhat In \\ car. \xhal gcar Io Iakc and ho“ In nax igaIc.


Introduction to Scottish Mountain Walking 'l'ixn (ilaxgnu ()uIdnor li\pcricncc. 5t) (‘oupcr Strccl. 'l'ou nhcad. 55‘) 5450. ()am 4.30pm. £38. Scc Hi 4. Lars Bang Larsen (‘('.v\. 350 Sauchichall SIrch. 353 Will). 3pm. l‘rcc. (‘riIic and curator\cn gncx an inIroducIion In NSSK pracIicc in Ihc cnnIc\I nl' Ihc (‘opcnhagcn arlx \ccnc and talk about Ihcir imnhcmcnl \iiIh urhan \pacc and rcdcxclnpmcm in Ilic cit}. Scc [ll'LW icu.


Motherwell v Aberdeen l-‘lr l’ark. l‘irpark Slrccl. .\loIhcr\\cll.01098 333333. [In L'll n45 kHl. Sl’l. lnnlliall match.


Discovering the Baha’i Faith SI .\lun_~_'o .\lu\cum nl Rcligioux'c And :\rI. 3(‘axtlc Sum. 55‘ 355".

lllfillaiii llillpiii. l‘rcc. .-\d\ancc hooking:

rcquircd. ;\lc\ Rcid lcadx a l'ailh \inrkxliop l'ollnucd li_\ a Iranquillil} allcr lunch.

lonc mcditalion


Balgray Reservoirs Cycle Bcllt Bridgc. ('nngrcxx Road, “79%: 460(k)}, lllitlll. l'l'L‘L‘. ("\ L‘lL‘ lil'UlIl (ilalxgtm [Ii liaglcxliam'x Balgra} chcnoirx. Scottish Rocks v Newcastle Braclicad .-\rcna. Kings Inch Road. 5M l14(l.5pm. £7 IL‘SI: lamil} IickcI L‘le Scotlanth on|_\ prolcxxional haxkclhall \quad hcgin Ihcir BBI. ('hampionxhip campaign.

Celtic v Rangers (‘c-ltic l’ark. Kcrrylalc SIrch. l’arkhcad. SSI 8653. 3pm. £3! It‘ll). Sl’l. lonIhall maIch.


Glasgow Rugby v Sannix llughcndcn. 32 llughcndcn Road. 353 3403. Tillpm. L‘Ihc. ('luh rugli} maIch.

Tuesday 8


N55 Discussions ('(‘.v\. RSI) Sauchichall SII‘ch. 353 -l‘)(l(l. Nlmi. l‘rcc. :\ \L‘I‘ic\ Ill di\cuxxion c‘\clll\ l'IIL‘ililIIlL‘d h} Ilic collahnram c group \55 and gucxl \pcakcrx. Scc prc\ icu.


Samba Drumming Workshops (Hui-Kim School (ll. :\l‘l. chli'c“ Sll'c‘cl. 5th 1970. 7 lllpm. £5 lLQl. |.carn ho“ In pla} Bra/ilian carni\al rh}Ihm\ in llll\ Icn \icck hcginncrx‘ courxc. l'ndcr Ihc c\pcrI Icaching ol SamhaYaBaniha _\nu can Ir_\ _\nur hand In a \aricI} ol' ianrumcnlx and lcarn Ihc haxicx ol' haIucada \aniha. \amha rcggac and nIhcr rh)Ihm\.

Wednesday 9

Book events

David ESSEX lini‘dc‘l'x linnkx, 333 Buchanan SIrch. 322 "7’00. 4 5pm. l'hl‘CC. llc"\ \H‘lllL‘Il. l‘t‘t'Ul'tlL‘Il Illltl prnduccd alliumx and \inglcx IliaI ha\ c \old millinle ol' copicx unrldu idc and had 33 lop All \lllf..'lt‘\ in BriIain alonc. ('omc along: and hc da/xlcd ax Ihc prolilic \ingcr \ign’x cnpicx ol hix autohiograph}. .\ ('lmrnm/ l in:


N55 Discussions (‘( ‘.-\. 35o SIIIIL'lllL‘lltlll Sll'ct‘l. 353 49”). l'lL‘L‘. SL‘L‘ lllL‘ 8. Pick One Picture llImIcrian .'\l'l (iIIllL‘l'}. l.lll\L‘l'\ll'\ ()lA ( il§l\:_‘()\\, X: lllllllt‘iltl SII‘L‘L‘I. iii) 54.; l. lplll. l'il't‘L‘. 'l‘cn minuIc Ialkx lncuxing on chilirandt'x [atrium/uncut.

Thursday 10 ,

Book events

Allan Wright lint'dcl'x linnkx. 333 Buchanan SIrch. 232 Till). 7pm. l‘rcc. 'llic pliolngraphcr gi\c\ an illuxlratcd

Glasgow life

lNSlAL U‘d ION ART N55 SHOP, CCA 1, 2 & 3, Sat 5 Oct-Sun 10 Nov

" ,—

I; O C C G 3 Q


A flotilla of power changes

Rooms in the CCA are to be turned into a shop floor, but with one major absence: money. In a move to cash-free methods of barter, you’ll be able to buy and swap goods in a direct, simple transaction. SHOP is the project of Danish arts collective N55 (representing the latitude of Copenhagen) in collaboration with Network North, an initiative of the Nordic Council of Ministers seeking to build bridges with Scotland and Ireland, and the Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art (NIFCA).

The installation will be a living organism, starting with contributions from local people, and evolve as the project goes on. N55 comprise of four artists who met in 1996 at the Arts Academy, Copenhagen, and have committed themselves to tackling conventional structures of power in society. Currently living on a floating platform in Denmark, they live by their word. ‘It is consistently questioning the mechanisms of society,’ says Rebecca Gordon Nesbitt, curator for NIFCA says. “They’re not just preaching, they’re practising it.’

One member of N55, lngvil Aarbakke, explains their philosophy: ‘The emphasis of our projects is on the possibilities to act accordingly with what we have in common, namely logic and the ability to respect logic. You can’t deny that people have rights and that concentrations of power don’t always respect the rights of people, so we try to find ways of living with as small concentrations of power as possible. We try to suggest other kinds of behaviour than are usually seen.’

SHOP will be an interesting alternative to the usual trip to Sauchiehall Street, and you can find on their website ( manuals for all of their projects including this one. (Ruth Hedges)

SL‘L‘ llillL' 8.

A Plantsman in Western Australia llilllicad l.ihrar'\. By‘cx Road. 33‘) 7223. 7.30pm. £2. :\.\.\l,\lzllll cuI'anr ol'(}|axgo\\ Botanic (iardcnx. l)a\ id .\lcn/ic\. gi\c\ a talk.

talk on hix \pchacular ncix hook ol' lfllulngt'uplh. .lrrun. Talks

N55 Discussions (‘(‘.’\. 350 Sauchichall SIrch. 352 -l‘)(ll). 8pm. l'rcc.

v”: IT‘ "1' Glasgow School of Art ‘x'axw‘fbiw's; greatest £921}.[)esguitxiitg the 3‘}, ; ... . ' l"-;- l.';‘::*-\"'.r‘:." f‘;y:l-.»"., .i:i"-L?'.-.T-l“1i?"il .1er t ‘zui‘txl liltli (:IE'fIa”, Burrell Collection " '8; "m.'.-&-.-:' ' '41'1lt:""-'=.'. 81w}: "am. '.:> attr g;..-::- £i":1 Ii"::".It3I:t, AaEXIIr‘de" i' " l4 :2. l" I ': l ' ' ' 25: _.(3 war '. »I ' stars; "or" iii .>'.-:3' ‘(ir'oek‘ Thomson. Z'iis ,I‘M': lfx. . ' ' v ' Xv a (1' ll‘ .".. .'.:>' il_ house is; Ii" oxcenertt - v . 8.. Glasgow Science exan‘oie I)? has; class-ca: .I' . ’-i 8’ House for an Centre Til‘lvl'C'. Art Gallery & Museum, 3:7" '.l Art Lover F’ac (m1. / vac. House for an Art Kelvingrove ‘T. w I‘ I‘ (aim Lover -': Sim-GT. ' .7" t " I, 't: :z;.:'::‘ E‘ “‘1‘. ~ I Bet-.Iilizinsatori Park. ‘0 "v " ‘. 1‘" ' ' ; ,l‘ " ._ ’l 8 t...2'..::-:i it" II‘I‘: ruin o" t"-" )ldl‘vlflt’KIK Roan. 3:33 I ' I. I I l-’:‘ :I' :_ 1:33-18, (iéi'il‘Jl‘ l mint. 1, Dill") l'i)£lll‘-5l)ll‘.. ' ,I ' .,. 7' S:.'.;:"l ' " I .. (Luann-.3; S‘ffv l“ 1)," 53.551) '3‘2.:'>(). ltllik'lll‘y -'.-/-.' I , "-2 -:' Glasgow Cathedral .f~l'.<:.' attiazttror‘ m a mm:- (li‘:t§ltl.’T(}(l It; Charles ' .'-' ' " ’, :~ r: Fifi-M. ‘1' k 7 "‘U'i'mtfloz‘ (tn :;:‘.o'i::tt- ll<?""i<> le(:k"‘f >8li to." It fa: ' z“ . -. aw: '.-x-:""‘<\l<:;r._ ;:.>II‘I><>ZI1:>r‘ lll 'Ellf‘. Ins '* I ' ' ' " i I ' . i Holmwood House ..r“'I‘~:;."oIl mom has been I i" I. L" '3' ii“ l\'-L"."~;‘:.' -:>-:i- HITIIII. :‘ort‘tmtm: I); II‘OIMHIt-(lay ' "1' ' I ' ' that"‘.i'f.z\$,'1";’:l_ limb, Ii'c'i tents and (manners In

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