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Book events

David Bellamy Festival Theatre.

13 29 .\'icolson Street. 529 6000. lpm. £4 t£2l. The bushy beard. the flailing hands. the rosy cheeks - as botanist. writer attd broadcaster. Bellamy is a cultural institution for many. Come along and prepare to be enthused as the man himself gives a talk and signs copies of his autobiography. Jolly Green Giant. The Great McGonagall Entertains Netherbow Arts Centre. 43—45 High Street. 556 9579. 8pm. £6 (£4). Deyised by Chris Ballance with John Sheddon as William McGongall. the poet and tragedian regales with tales of Scotland‘s history and highlights of Shakespeare’s dramatic works.


Dunhill Links Championships l'ntil 6 ()ct. ()ld Course. St Andrews. 01334 4730l7. 9am» 6pm. £l0~~£l5 tl-‘ree £8). l-‘our day tournament pairing top golfers with stars front sport and entertainment into 168 teams. with the final round taking place on Sunday.

Other events

Every Picture Tells a Story Netherbow .-\l'ls (I‘lltt'c‘. 43 4.5 High Street. 556 9579. l.30 4pm. £9 l£4 £6). Workshop on stories. story-boarding and the Visual arts.


Whiteout Weekend Mitllothian Ski Centre. Biggar Road. llillend. 445 4433. 9.30am 7pm. Free (subject to ay'ailability l. Kick-start the w inter season with free beginners ski and snowboard lessons. Pros can enter a number of competitions oy er the weekend. See prcyicw.

Other events

Design and Decoration Taster Day Royal .‘yltrseunt. 2 Chambers Street. 247 4|94. l-‘ree. Karen Clttlow hosts a series of taster sessions in creating patterns and designs.

Autumn Dreams Salisbury (‘entre. 2 Salisbury Road, 667 5438. 10:11]] 4pm. £36 (£30). .\lary l‘ahey leads a one-day workshop in meditation. \ isualisations and personal deyelopment.

Book events David Essex Waterstone's. 128 Princes Street. 226 2666. 4pm. He‘s


written. recorded and produced albums and singles that hate sold millions of copies world-wide and had 23 Top 30 singles in Britain alone. Conte along and be dazzled as the prolific singer sign‘s copies of his autobiography. :l ('lturnterl Life.


Whiteout Weekend Mitllothian Ski Centre. Biggar Road. llillend. 445 4433. 9.30am 7pm. Free tsubject to ayailability ). See Sat 5 & see preyiew.

Other events

Antique 8. Collectors Fairs .‘yleadowbank Sports Centre. l39 London Road. 01764 654555. 10am—4pm. £l (Children free). Browse or buy from a wide selection of antiques and collectables.

Festive Flowers Royal Botanic Garden. Iny'erleith Row. 552 717].

l lam—4pm. Free. Top tips on which bulbs to plant and when to get Christmas colour and fragrance throughout the holiday season.

Wonder Dog Show Royal Highland Centre. Ingliston. 335 6200. ll.30am—4.30pm. £l (£0.50). Fun for all the family at this celebration of dogs from the oneable mutt to the pure pedigree.


New Outside the Galleries . . . Curator’s Tour National (iallery of Modern .-\rt. Belfot'd Road. 624 6200. l2.45pm. l-‘ree. Curator Alice Dewey giyes a tottr of the gallery's recent acquisitions on show in the New exhibition.

Tuesday 8

Book events

John Mackay ()ttakar's. 57 (ieorge Street. 2254495. 6.30pm. liree. John .‘ylttckay launches his latest work. The Road Dunee. with a talk and book signing.

Michel Faber Royal (‘ollege ()l~ Surgeons. 9 Hill Square. 527 I600. 6.30pm. £4.50. Scottish launch of his new noyel. 'l'lte ('riinsun Peru! and the ll'ln'le. about a 19th century London whore named Sugar.


Ice Hockey .‘ylurraylield Ice Rink. Riyersdale Crescent. 3l3 2977. 6pm. £8 (£5l. League games and the l‘illtltls British National league ice hockey matches.

Wednesday 9

Book events

William Dalrymple ()ttakar's. S7 (ieorge Street. 2254495. 6.30pm. Free. The author signs copies and talks about his new work. ll’ln'te Mug/mix Christopher Brookmyre Traverse


Edinburgh life

Get your skates on and enjoy the ride . . .

Board senseless

For this weekend only, those friendly folks down at Hillend are offering ski and snowboard virgins the chance to get on the slopes and give it a go. Better still: it’s absolutely free. And experienced seasonal followers aren’t being left out of the loop. Adults and juniors who already know the moves can get three hours for the price of one. And with on-site changing rooms, all they ask is that you bring some gloves, long thick socks and warm

waterproof clothing.

As well as the chance to check out the new season’s gadgets and equipment, there are loads of free competitions throughout the day. So if you fancy being a bit of an Eddie the Eagle why not enter the Quicksilver Big Air Competition on the jump slope and show us your 3605 on anything from skis to boards to snow blades? For kids of all abilities (aged 6—16 years) there’s the Trespass Slalom Teen Trophy event. Registration starts around 11am, with a family race in the afternoon.

While the final lessons kick off around 7pm, the fun certainly doesn’t stop there. A barbecue and beer tent ensure the festivities keep on going. And as if this weren’t enough, top Edinburgh DJs from Sublime, Funky Magic and Atomic Baby are on site to ensure your legs are still pumping long after you’ve left the slopes. So get out your funky Christmas bobble hat, your green neon jumper and join in this free winter celebration.

(Matt Rammage)

I Wit/teen! Weekend. MId/ot/n’an Ski Centre. Biggar Road. H/l/end, 445 4433. Sat 5 8 Sun (5 Oct. 9.30am—9pm. Free (subject to availability).

Theatre. Cambridge Street. 228 1404. 7pm. £4 t£3l. Scottish launch. The

ftmny man and best-selling satirical crime author reads from The Suereil .-lr! uli Stealing.

Other events

Scotgrow Royal Highland Centre. lngliston. 335 6200. 9am—4pm. Scotland‘s major horticultural trade ey'ent offering exhibitors and Visitors the

opportunity to deyelop their business prospects.

Thursday 10

Book events

Sue Lawrence ()ttakar’s. S7 (ieorge Street. 2254495. 6.30pm. £2. The popular cookery writer demonstrates some of her recipes and signs copies of her new book. The 5H)!!th Kile/ten.



Camera Obscura Castiehtll. Royal Mile. 226 3709. Mons-Fr trfitlarn—(Spm. Sat 1") Son Thaw—lion‘s $31.91"; $2.60— S’T’iflfii: liltild‘,’ ticket 57111. Rek tip a pedestrian n

,oar hand at this attraction.

.'.r'n.(;h gives yrs-tors a real- tirr‘e. Illiti-(legree image o‘ the <;il,; Tor; most recent addition to t"e venue IS the

Mag/rt; Gallery. gluing

hands-0n exoertences of the art of wetial trickery. City of the Dead’s Haunted Graveyard Tours

Meet 'o, St G‘es Cathedral. Royal Mile. (1/17 2230. Dacly 8151);)!128. tt’Jo'r‘. 5:13 til/1.. Jon this snooky tour it you (tare. £i"(l yott'l? he {guaranteeo all manner of paranorrna "‘ittt‘ts. t't::'titlin;; lt‘ti- infamous lvl<:l<t:-"./.e Pottergerst. You “age been. ~.'.'arne<l. Craigmillar Castle C’El'tll“ tar Castle Road. 60‘ 44.155.0at15'

Siiiikitrv (3on1. 3"..80

531); (Il‘ll(ll’(37‘. 7:31». For a

I", tr. Craigmillar Castle

real taste of ":story». take a Cl"\'e Ca". to this ramsrtacke O O castle. whtcn ataough not 0.. te as intact as Eotr‘oargn Castle. as tar nbore atmosoher-c and the scene of much plottJ‘Q thl'zng tne reign of Mary. Queen 0‘ Scots.

Dynamic Earth Holy-room Roan. 13:30 7800. Daily liiant~£3o1n $7.01") tiff-.503. With volcanoes erupting beneath your feet. a tropical rainstorm ooanng (l()‘.'.’l‘ and earthquakes and tidal waxes at exert, turn, the lusto'y ol the earth has newt t)(?(3l‘. more



Edinburgh Castle Royal Me. 225 9846. Daily 9.33arn—60n‘. $8 '92—‘26». Att7(>.iglt ZTTUC" of the

east rnedteyal character was lost when it was contorted 'tto oarracks in '.'t(} 13):". century. CC)-"~llll'tiillg exeay'atto'ts arm 2 ) 'eoress this. Other attract ons not: not) James IV‘s famous (Till‘l‘Oll. Mons Meg. tne One O'Clot:k Gun vntl‘. Its own exhibition, lots of military silverware and. of course. the Stone of Destiny. used to crown SCClllSl‘ k:ngs suree time hega".

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