of knowledge he WI“ impart to us.

He can. however. sometimes be a little embarrassing. Few WI” forget Simpson's triumphant declarations on entering Kabul With the Nonhern Alliance in tow last November ian event he later apologised for’l. Simpson is however a wonderful Journalist and an astute chronicler of war zones. He also still clings to (God forbidi faintly humanistic anti- Superpower beliefs.

This is Simpson's third book in a sort of rolling memoir series and it makes for candid. fascinating reading on recent events. He naturally uses Afghanistan as a backdrop while he carefully investigates the changing face of news repOrtage in Britain. His chapters on the ‘Use of Words' and 'The Archaeology of Television" are quite simply astOunding pieces of first hand analySis. iPaul Dalei


Michael Donaghy ed The Ferward Book of Poetry (Forward £7.95) Roddy Lumsden and Tom Paulin are among those in this top verse collection.

Juan Goytisolo A Cock-Eyed Comedy (Serpent '3 Tail f,‘ (O. 99) Wicked satire on the Spanish Catholic church.

Christopher Brookmyre The Sacred Art of Stealing (Abacus £70.99) An art heist. some Mexican gangsters and a big box of literary tricks.

Naomi Wolf

ll/liscor )ceptior is (W itage 57.99) Truth, lies and the unexpected on the Journey to motherhood. David Bellamy Jolly Green Giant (Century

5? ((5.99) Bearded botanist's big autobiography.


SUPERHERO ANIMAL MAN Grant Morrison (DC Comics/Vertigo) C.

IOrigin ol the Sonics

Animal Man: Origin of the Species is the pits. Which is a surprise given it was published in the same year (1989) that Morrison gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘graphic novel' with the l_)estselling, multi-award winning Arkha/n Asylum.

Like the television character Manimal. animal man diVines various powers from wild animals, but his actions are watched over by what looks like some extras from the original Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon series. Though neatly drawn and carefully coloured. Animal A/la/i exhibits pedestrian malaise and a total lack of ambition. Drab and tedious. (Paul Dale)



Ed. Milo George (Faiitagraphicsi O...

The Jour/ ial's new series examines the career of arguably the medium's most influential creator. Jack Kirby aka 'King of Comics'. Reproductions of Kirby's dynamic

a“ won my

artwork make for a handsome coffee table book. while interviews and essays proVide a fascinating account of

the man and his career.

Having been around at the dawn of the comic book in the late 19305;. Kirby went on to propel ailing publisher Marvel Comics to the top with titles which have since become cultural phenomena: Capta/n America. The Fantastic lieu/1 The X-A/le/i. The Hulk. The Silver Surfer and countless more. Subsequently. Kirby became the Stlt)](}(lt of heated debate as co— creator Stan lee claimed credit for his work. while Marvel held his original art hostage during a copyright disagreement almost as dramatic as the King's fabulous creations.

(Miles Fielder)


Mike Mignola (Dark Horse) .00.

/\n undersea \.-'v’li(2tl has kidnapped the titular

Jack Kirby shows why he’s King of Comics



Christop Brookmyre

Signings at Waterstone’s

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh Wednesday 9th October at 7pm

Thursday 10th October at 7pm


The last word in books

Christopher Brookmyre reads from and signs copies of his new book at:

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Waterstone's Sauchiehatl St, Glasgow

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