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lllli‘ll l E l? OCEAN’S ELEVEN

(15) 116 min «u


As good as 1960 Rat Pack crime caper Ocean’s Eleven was and that’s pretty good considering the premise of a team of well-dressed wiseguys pulling off an ambitious heist in Las Vegas Lewis Milestone’s original was a messily-plotted, scrapily-acted film. The same cannot be said of Steven Soderbergh‘s remake, which takes the raw ingredients and slaps them right into shape to form a sassy, stylish piece of cinema that’s so tight it could well have hurt.

Cool from the kick-off, Soderbergh sets us up with a series of constituent parts that are each handled with meticulous precision. First we meet Danny Ocean (George Clooney), fresh out of jail and ready once again to make crime pay. With a heist already in mind, Ocean and right- hand-man Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) must then pitch the job to the money man (an obscenely dressed Elliot Gould) and assemble the crew. Soderbergh sets the scene in Las Vegas before returning to Danny Ocean‘s eleven to run through the plan and execute the heist.

In all of this there are of course several appallineg good-looking men milling around, and Soderbergh’s not as silly as the original director in wasting the opportunity for a love interest (previously the underused Angie Dickinson). Which is where Julia Roberts comes in as Ocean’s ex-wife Tess, the object in a game of pass the parcel - or piggy in the middle, depending on how you look at it - that‘s played between Ocean and the casino boss, Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), that he’s ripping off.

Moving so smoothly it could be set on greasy wheels, this is fast-paced fun for all the family. Throwaway fun at that, but good all the same. (Catherine Bromley)

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ALI G INDAHOUSE (15) 88min 0..

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1 1 6 THE LIST

highlights the issues of children |l‘- lesbian re'atrorishrps. as ‘.'.'e|| as the ..;o|ated role of the lll()ilt(}l~l() be. but best of all. it has a subtle yet gurrky dig at stereotypes and the ptill ot' famin ties. IDIVA l'ilms Vl l8 rectal. rJane Hamilton.

il()l«‘l~‘()l«‘ DOG SOLDIERS (15) 105min O.

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lilltlt l i ll ROADKILL (15) 93min .0.

Given he's the director of the haunting and politically challenging The /. as.t Seduction. it's hard not to see John Dahl's ‘ormulaic thriller by numbers as a (irsaripomtnient.

In it. '.~.'.':; brothers l’aul \‘Jaiker and Stone /£tl‘lll are (icing the tisuai road (fitll'llf‘, asross the U33 .'.'ith \.'.'alke"s irzite'tttzi. :lllli’ttllltl '1 nuclei,-

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tensions created within the group are dissipated by a psychotic truck drryer. who after being led on by a CB radio exchange. decides to vent his sexual frustrations through horiircide.

Dah' rriagpres a number of other films. l)"'l‘l£ll'll‘y Spielberg's Drier. :n hrkrr‘g ,ip the tension. and in fairness. he does this pretty well. bi! there’s no great orrgrnality here. fox Patne VHS and DVD rentai» rSte‘-.e Cramer:

1)? «’AMA


(18) 105min oooo

In this upbeat. raunchy roati rnoy'ie Julm IC‘iael (Sauna Berr‘alr and chiidnood friend lenoch Diego 1 una, conyince gorgeous older Spanish \.'.’()ll‘r{lll Luisa ‘Mill'llXEI Verdui to J()|.'l therii in search of an unspoilt beacn knov.n as Heaven's Mouth. The horny boy's' plan is to get rnto Lursa's pants. ‘.".’lilCli she is gurte happy With. Of (:OLirse. when Luisa fucks first Diego and then Julio. the emotionally immature boy's fall out. and its left to their more experienced partner to teach lllOll‘. something about loy'e.

the cast giy'e director Alfonso (Iuaron flavxress perforriiances. while the frlriirriaker and his :o- \.'.'rrter brother (Jail is

ensure the drama is at once tender and boisterous. feelgood and full of pathos. and wholly tree of cliche. rlcon VHS and DVD rental and retarlr

rMiIes Fielderi


lhis is director Simon Wells adaptation of his great grandaddy l-lG's sci fr classic. previously filmed by George Pal in 1000. Relocated from VlClCN'lélll London to turn of the century New York and replacing the original fri n's Aussie star Rod Taylor with another. Guy Pearce. the new film othery'rise sticks to the plot which sees the trrne traveller thrown 800 centuries into the future. However. Wells Jnr completely llutts the all- rrnportant plot revelation: why Pearce's trrne traveller can't change the past. Pearce puts in a ‘.".'atchable if somewhat affected performance as the eccentric scientist explorer. but it's not enough to elevate the film which. by the very nature of its source material. should have been far more thought provoking. '\/Varner VHS and DVD rental and retarlr «Miles l‘l(}l(l()l'i


Amadeus: Director’s Cut lwo disc edition of the eightDscars wznnrng story of Mo/art. Now with 90 minutes of previously unseen footage. «\N’arner DVD retail.

Charlotte Gray [)isaprx):ritirig adaptation of the Sebastian larilks \.'~.artrme novel, starring Cate Blanchett. rFilrtlFOUl‘ VCI VHS and DVD retarli

ET Spielberg's digitally sanrtrsed reworking of his classic he took all he guns Out. rUnrversaI VHS and DVD rental) The Pornographer French arthouse film and SUDJOCI of ongoing scandal. rTartan VHS and DVD retarlr

The Scorpion King lame sprn oft of The x'vx/nv'rvrtr.’ filvns. starring \'\'\‘\'l \.'.'restling star the Rock. rUnryersal VHS and DVD rentali


Channel 4, Thu 3 Oct. 9pm 00.

It doesn't partrCuIarly surprise me that Big Brother contestant Jade Goody/s story provided the News or the Screws with 5000 extra readers. and brought Heat magazme their biggest- selling iSStie. Since 608 pools wrnner V|\.' Nicholson vowed to Spend! Spend! Spendl' the Viewing public has been fascinated with nonentrtres-made-good. This documentary confirms why inch-thick Jade was such great currency. "is a ferret a turd? she asks at one point. '\‘\.’ho's Saddam Hussein: is he a boxer or summrnk?" Eventually. you start anxiously hoping Jade VII“ prudently invest the fortune she's made post-BB. then guretly return to dental nursing. Meanyzhrle a nev. career awaits Jade's one-armed. gravet voiced. toothless iesbiari mother. playing herself in a John Waters film. lhere's a potentially emotrxe story here: Jade Virtually brought up her crippled. immature mother from an early age. Yet. told by idiots rand I'm talking about the insipid tabloids as much as the hopelessly rnartrculate subject it's full of setind and fury. Signifying rittle more than Innitl Mingingl Chipstickl Kebab! Wicked! (Allan Rao‘clrtter


NAP ATTACK 8801, Thu 3 Oct, 9pm 0..

Fans of the rate Rryer Phoenix \.'~.’lll remember his narcoleptic gay hustler Mike in Mr our: Pr vafe Mano. As a role it a gift. but narcolepsy can be an