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Coat d’hive .

Warm up your wardrobe with a few autumnal basics. Words: aureen Ellis


Erotokritos coats (1 7) Urban Outfitters. Glasgow. from .9300. The Erotokritos range of coats are simply to die for. Rich wool fabric tWinned With contrast stitching detail and stunning designs that defy time and trends. They're not cheap. but they're so beautiful you'll be wearing them five years from now. Think of it as an investment. If they're still too pricey. H&lv1 has a simple white waffle coat ($69.99). Cord jacket (18) WWW. frxrkbuyrnartcom. 5‘65. A casual alternative to the Erotokritos range. but the pin-tuck stitching does give the Jacket a more elegant edge.

Cord skirt (4) Mango. 5'25. This fitted cord skirt with flared trim and brass button detail is a wardrobe must- have. and it's also available in khaki With a matching jacket. G—Star low hip midi skirt (6) is a nice denim alternative (Urban Outfitters. S‘BSi.

Low cut jeans (1 1) Lew 's. EKG/1.99. Whoever said diamonds are a girl's best friend was lying. Where would a girl be without her deniiiis these days? Lost. that's where. LeVi's are back at their best with these super low flares. Check out \wri.‘v.|(3vi.(:()iii tor Vintage classics (2).


Lace trim rose vest Mango. 5‘13. Perfect for under— ]umper chic. If you've a bit of cash to splash. check out SyIVIa Rielle's rose silk top (Urban Outfitters. S‘l():3l. Rocket Dog moon boots (12) Sc/iir/i. $64.99. These little babies are only mildly reminiscent of an S Club Christmas video. but you'll never want to take them off. Best invest in some Odour Laters while you're at it. Cord purse (14) Mango. .f‘o‘. They said it was the season of suede. but cord is the Winning Winter warmer. A warning: head-to-toe cordage might look silly.


Parka (5) Levr's. 5199.99. An observation: a men's shop without a parka is as unlikely as a women's shop Without seats for weaiy men. The Levis offering does the Job affordably and Without fuss.

Sheepskin coat (15) Autograph. Marks 8 Spencer; 55499. Who would have thought Archie McPherson could have been so ahead of his time in the fashion stakes? tv1&S' Autograph collection is authentic. well-designed and has a price tag to match.

Jean jacket and ski gilet (9) Tops/top. 5‘35 eac/i. Topshop's designers were obVIously sympathetic to our changeable climate when they came up With this layered combo.

Zip sweater (19) Lei/i's. V4499. This heaw-knit /ip up sweater is cosy and has no (Syles Hrandrethesgue connotations.

Puma trainer shoe (7) Sc/iuti. 5‘4999. The Trimm Qtiick trainer manages to defy that age old rule which dictates that go faster stripes on clothes look fSill[)l(i.


Benetint lip balm (16) Boots. 514.50. /\ small but quite wonderful product which utilises the staining properties of Benetint. but also iiioistuiises and protects. Just what Mother Nature ordered.

Autumn make-up range (1) Nars. Order 0870 169 9999. Purple is the colour of choice for clued—up make up bods around the world. Nars is expensive but worth it. and Marks and Sparks (3) stock a cheaper range. Revolotion tinted moisturiser (13) Poi/t, Harvey Nicks. 5‘18. QIVO your skin a Winter glow With this tabby tinted moisturiser.

Sandstone soap (1 O) Lush. 5‘1/10 for 100g. Get rid of dead. dull skin cells With this sand ingrained soap. Aromacology scented cushions (8) Marks a Spencer; V29. Simply change your mood by changing your pillow. Pillow talk Will never be the same again.

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