Go Crackers ll!

Before joining the heady ranks of the journalistic profession I was lucky enough to work in a well known lingerie shop over the

festive period. And what an experience it was. As if watching gonnless boys attempt to describe their girlfriend’s breast size with inane hand gesticulations wasn't funny enough, we also had to adhere to the ‘Festive Rules’. Yes, believe it or not, nothing caused more of a ruckus in the staff canteen than the infamous ‘Xmas Carol’ policy. No tunes to be played pre-Dec 9 or post- Dec 26. Which was happy days for all the older members of staff (read: bah, humbugs) who felt that all things Christmas should wait until Christmas Eve.

And I must confess that a few years on l’d probably agree. Does anyone actually want to wander around Marks and Sparks at the beginning of October and see an array of Christmas cards and wrapping paper? Or be happily doing their Sainsbury’s shop only to be met head on in the aisles by a display of Cadbury’s selection boxes at the end of September? The answer? Probably nobody. lt spoils the fun, takes away the spirit and puts pressure of good old Mr Claus to come three months too early.

But not all things pre-Christmas should be met with such ready disdain. Imagine if you will, what would happen if you got your- self all glammed up for your Xmas work 'do’ or family get together, lippy on, new sparkly top/ridiculous reindeer tie, and you end up somewhere that makes eating chez Ronald McDonald’s look like a culinary delight? Where’s your Christmas cheer then, eh? Sure it's mid-December, sure it’s the time when you should be celebrating all things Crimbo but that doesn't stop the service being poor and the food tasting like cardboard because someone deemed it to early to put their Christmas hat on. But worry not, we ultra-organised folks at The List have planned ahead so you don't have to. Choose from this great range of restaurants and bars and make this Christmas one to remember. (Anna Miller)

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The @T’iiC Evmpn


“'1 hi‘ Doric . . . is man“ lilt‘c‘ an old fi‘ic‘nd, smm‘mu‘ui'mt lilac: S()Hl£'())1t‘.i’()l! rm) alumni depend on. The wine list is .i‘a'rnziizflh' end/£55. with . . .Lm'mt Bin End offl'i'x"


Just a short walk from Princes Street and well known in Edinburgh from the early 1800s for its convivial atmosphere and traditional friendly hospitalitv.

Sealood. Meat. (lame. Vegetarian choices «Vegan hv requesti and sumptuous home made Dc'sserts. Evervthing l'reshlv made on the premises from local produce.

David 1 Bdrm

Christmas Set Lunch: 3 Course intguiuriun i‘itsfouruiif 1. lim‘

Christmas Set Dinner: 3 Course £19.95 , ° \ ° Hogmanay Set Dinner: 4 Course £35.00 rhe O'le (narlve (1h (1 STmQS

Our Christmas menus commence from lst December and run until 30th December 2002.

For your copy ofour Christmas and Hogmanav Menus. please phone The Doric Tavern on (0131 ) 225 1084

to request them to he sentl'l‘axed to you. O | 3 | 8 Opening Hours: Mandml to .S‘atm'dayfi'om 12pm to [am szdayi'fi'om 5pm to 1am


15/16 MARKET S'I‘Rl-ZI-Z'I‘,

50-58 st “(Hal‘s street, iztlinliurqli (ol‘l' ’l‘llt‘. lulll'ul \Iilt‘. ("Hi The (.omqufit)


‘i‘o (imiitl (lisuppoinllncnl

plitiis‘i: liooli “our piii‘llI mn'lg

eating and Drinking ED'NBURGHEHI “’5 from llum until i.....

(Br/rind IVavcrlqi' Station opposite the Edinburgh Dungeon mid 'Ihttoo ()flia‘)

Tel: 0131 225 1084 Fax: 0131 2200394 Open 7 0008

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