Classified Flatshare


I Double room in large fully furnished tlat. All mod cons. OCH 8; constant hot water. Would suit young professional. £300 pctn + CT + bills. Tel: 07813 542 843.

I Comely Bank. Flatmate required to share with 2 others in large flat. Excellent deal and choice of 2 rooms. Single £200 pcm including CT. Double £235 pcm including ('1‘. Tel: 07786 261 970 after 5.30 or 0131 315 3368. I Easy going flatmate wanted to share Stockbridge tlat with 2 guys. Newly decorated single room. new kitchen. (iCH. and broad band tv. £220 pcm + share of bills. Tel: 07810 720 040. I Stockbridge. Sunny single room in attractive flat to share with two professional females. Would suit tnale or female professional. £200 pctn + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 343 3856. I Double room in sunny and spacious two bedroom top floor flat on Buckingham Terrace. Looking for male or female n/s professional or mature student. £290 pcm + bills. Tel: 07762 580531.

I Large double room in gay friendly flat. To share with one other. £55 pw. no CT. lill4 area. Good bus routes. Tel: 07763 321 010.

I Bright room in Leith llat. sharing with 2. also 2 cats. Suit n/s post graduate or professional. Available immediately. £300 pctn inclusive of CT + bills. Deposit re uired. Tel: 0131 4670311. I Ilrig. Large double rootn + box room available from 14th September in spacious. freshly decorated flat. Suit young. outgoing gay friendly professional to share with one male. 3 Minutes from Leith Walk. £3(X) pctn including CT + extras. Tel: 07967 136 261.

I One double room to share with one other female in Leith. £220 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 554 7978.

I Flat In Bonnlngton Road. Leith. A room in a new luxury apartment. Would suit n/s professional or post graduate. Parking available. GCH.1)G. £250 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 07740 291 618.

I Single room available at the shore. tnust be gay friendly and n/s. £150 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 553 7601.

I Small fully furnished double rootn available in large spacious flat close to City Centre. All mod cons. Available from the 5th of October. £220 pctn including CT 8; bills. Suit traveller. Tel: 0131 561 8617. I Bright double room in l.eith for n/s in large flat with all mod cons. 10 minutes from

132 THE LIST 3 Oct—l 7 Oct 2002

Centre. £280 pcm including all bills. Tel: ()131 555 4946.

I Young professional, n/s female wanted to rent bright dottble room in fully furnished flat with one other. £245 pcm + bills. Tel: 07900 814 542.

I Friendly female flatmate required for sunny double room in modern llat. Large living room with french windows overlooking the park. 5 minutes from Broughton Street. £320 pcm including CT + bills + deposit.

Tel: 07901 827 941.

I New Town/Broughton. Single room in flat to share with two others & dog. Would suit someone easygoing. Must like dogs. Available from September 21st. £250 pctn + CT + bills + deposit. Tel: 07941 893 301.

I Large double bedroom in basement Georgian townhouse flat with en-suite toilet. shower and walk in wardrobe. 5 minutes from Princes Street and Leith. £250 pcm + CT + bills. Would suit cat friendly working person. Tel: 0131 478 3459.

I Person wanted for lively Central flat. has a south facing double bedroom with a tree lined view. Sharing with 3 1/2 others and 2 cats. £330 pcm including bills. .\'o DSS. Tel: ()l3l 556 4610 after 6pm or 07816 040 592.

I Double room and box room available. Double room £200 pent + bills. Box room £140 pcm + bills. ()ff London Road. To share with one other. (iCH & \VM. Tel: 0l3l 661 0607.

I West Montgomery Place. Double room available in flat. to share with one other. £220. Tel: 0131 652 4251 weekdays 0131 557 5308 evenings.

I Box room available in large basement flat with back garden oil London Road. Would suit n/s veggie. £200 pcm + ('T + bills. Tel: 0131 557 4232 after 6pm.

I Friendly, mature student to share with two others and two cats. Sunny double rootn in City Centre flat with wooden floors. £260 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 556 5614 or 07950 807 985.

I Double room in large Piersfield area flat. just past .Vleadowbank area. Sharing with one other. Would suit n/s professional or mature student. £280 pcm including CT 8; bills. Tel: 07866 256 097.

I Holyrood Mews. Bright single room in modern property. Excellent views. Would suit young professional to share with male resident. £250 pcm + CT + bills + 1 month's deposit. Tel: ()131 659 6365.

I Abbeyhill. Single or small double room in pleasant shared flat with great views overlooking Holyrood Park. £240 pctn + share of bills. Tel: 0131 661 6627.

I Double room available off Holyrood Road in spacious flat. Would suit n/s professional female. £325 pctn includes CT & bills. Tel: 0131 557 3484 or 07789 247 41 l.

I Single room available in lovely Newington llat. Would suit young professional or student. £210 pctn + deposit + bills. Available late October. Tel: 01 3| 667 9940 or 07703

7 lb 869.

I Double room available in very central. friendly. clean. international flat with excellent facilities. £200 pctn + CT (£30) + cheap bills. Tel: 0131 558 8340.

I Central. Small single bedroom. £40 pw including CT. Excellent shared facilities. Tel: ()131 229 5124 or 07808 297 812.

I Room in Marchmont flat to share with 2 others. £210 pctn + CT. Available 28th October. Sorry no students unless paying CT. Tel: 0131 228 6004 after 6pm or at weekends. I Easy going flatmate wanted for single room in good sized flat in Newington. Causewayside area. £190 pctn + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 466 9409 or 07719 248 428.

I Single room available in spacious. bright. n/s flat. to share with 2 females. £220 pcm + CT + bills. Available 25th September. Tel: 0131 667 5591 after 6pm.

I Friendly flatmate wanted for lovely modern Newington flat with 2 female professionals. All mod cons including power shower and living room. n/s preferred. £220 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: ()131 662 8983.

I Flatmate wanted for room in friendly shared flat with garden. living room and large kitchen. sharing with 4 others. £245 pcm. .\'ewington. Tel: ()131 667 4924 evenings or 07867 542 264.

I Attractive one bedroom flat to let in Leith (close to Ocean Terminal). Newly decorated. fully furnished. Large double bedroom. spacious lounge with open-plan kitchen. all mod cons. shower-room. GCH. communal garden. Would suit young. professional couple. £400 pcm + bills + CT. Available now. Contact Mark on 07050 226 455/0131 466 0032 I Abbeyhlll / Meadowbank area - single or stn double rootn with great

Holyrood park in pleasant shared flat. Up to six months let. £240 or 260 pctn including CT plus share of bills. Call 013l 661 6627


I Professional to share

beautiful. sunny. contemporary home with garden. St Madoes.

Perth 10min drive. Dundee 15.

Large en-suite room. £275 pcm + bills 01738 860 080.



V I saw you Susan BA14‘?‘? Heathrow to Glasgow. the day before our anniversary. did you remember? I'm still overwhelmed! JUst had to tell you YOU are the Love of my Life. 1 love you and I miss you. Ps that was a statement not a question. U452/l

V I saw you nearly everyday now 1 dont see you at all. But you are still in my thoughts daily. Are you still locked in the Riverside Studios? Having stubble rash withdrawal! U/452/2

V I saw you Lucy the architect munching llumps (0‘ GPS opening. You tnuch yummier than a llump but just as sweet and not so full of E's !. You went to the Tron. tne wanting to follow but my tnate showed up and scuppered me best laid plans... Hope ['11 bump into you soon. as I've forgotten who you work for exactly so it's up to the big architect in the sky if ottr paths will cross...unless you're reading this...C. X L'/452/3

V I saw you Julie.You've been gone a while. now you‘re back. Your wee boy is so happy and doesn't want you to go away ever again cause he loves you so much x L'/452/4

V I saw you Steven S in Furys Sat Nyt. Acted like prats. Hope u weren't too mad. I am embarrassed by it all. sorry... L'/452/5

V I saw you 1 think your name is Shabba! You are such a hunk! Can i play with your bandana '.’ L'/452/6

V I saw you. perhaps l'tn embarrassed to put it in chalk. maybe i'm worried that people will talk. I'll be the honey if you'll be the bee. chalk girl. will you tnarry me? -Eberhardt L'/452/7

V I saw you. Your name is Alan & you were lying in the bed next to me on 25th September! Hope your arm didn't hurt! You left before I had the chance to make polite conversation! Thought you were cute! Hope you're not married!! L'/452/21

V I saw you spiky brown- haired guy working in Cafe Gandolfi. afternoon of 22/9. Me. tall guy in Swiss Army t- shirt. Heart skipped a beat when eyes met. Love to see you again. U/452/23

V I saw you looking for love in the Tinderbox you were wearing glasses and looking @ property guides - go back to Australia!! L'/452/24

V I saw you my sweetheart. Standing there dripping like a wet tap (from your mouth) it was only 1230. Hope to see u in AA. Hooda thought u wood be in a pub? Mutnmm. U/452/25 V I saw you blonde busty bombshell bar maid @‘ Brel - ur sultry looks + lack of smile had me beguiled. 11/452/26

V I saw you butch & gagging 4 it (0‘ the table in here. You looked sweet in ur Barbie pink. Where did our love go? Call me. Rommuo to Carol. L'/452/27

V I saw you Scot 1. in the Cul de Sac restaurant. What a hunk. And that haircut. Can u cut mine! Lou. L'/452/28

V I saw you Paul going very very fast on your BMX. You are amazing. 1 want a shot. U/452/29

V I saw you Stevie-baws. you hot hunk of box-office love. Get back to work! L'/452/30

V I saw you. you saw me. 1 saw you. you saw me. Jamie at Massif - I fancy you. you fancy me? L'/452/3l

V I saw you Shiatsu Stevie @‘ the Tron. You can lay your healing hands on us at ANYTIME! Keep laughing at yourjokes soul man. L'/452/32 V I saw you Jimlim @‘ the Tron...l love your smile. I love your hugs so come on JimJim - let's get it on! From Tweenie Tots. L'/452/33

V I saw you by the side of my hospital bed. Foolishness and guilt had already been. Your face - fearful and pale - was beauty itself. Later. fear came to visit but your words of reassurance drove him away. Doubt is my grape-bringerjust now. He asks "is it compassion. not love that keeps him coming back?" 1 want to say no. that you realise now that you love me. Can I tell him that? L'/452/34


V I saw you in the Watershed. psychic sidekick in tartan tights. Care to return to Auld Reekie and marvel at castles in the snow? L'/452/8 V I saw you Jacqueline. looking radiant in green on your 7 21st birthday. Glad to be back in sunny Edinburgh with you. love Rebonks L'/452/9 V I saw you a few weeks ago in Lowdown. I liked you. You are the tall slitn architect with lovely hair and sparkly top - but went to the all-night Sleepless cafe with the wrong girl. Why? My friend with hers. We should have a drink AngelaYour friend’s engagement ring sparkled. L'/452/10

V I saw you at the FPZ exam at the Corn Exchange back in April. You bloke. standing by back door with mates. me girl in denim jacket standing nearby on my own. Was it my imagination or did we catch each others eyes? l'tn resitting next month. are you? L'/452/l 1

V I saw you in realfoods on Broughton St. you bloke with dark hair serving behind till. me girl buying blueberry yoghurt coated raisins one lunchtime. You may not remember me but the raisins were tasty. L’/452/l2 V I saw you in Me-N-L’. Tollcross. midday Sat 14/9. You in black jacket. grey skirt.

boots. Me in white T. brown jacket. We hesitantly chatted across the table. I'd like to talk more. U/452/l3

V I saw you at the launch party for HIV! I couldn't believe we were there! You are my star bumble! 1 love you so much. Buzz G-illian xx PS Did you

see the Kittens? l.'/452/l4

V I saw you sitting next to me on the train from ed to

V glasgow talking about Jane‘s

Addiction and lce Tea. Peter Kay took you away and I didnt even get your name! L'/452/15 V I saw you from a bus - always new and interesting ways to humiliate yourself eh! 17/452/38