V I saw you in October's Mixmag. I'm in there too. You're the illustrator. I'm the writer. That works for me. Draw Cowboy! L'/452/16

V I saw you at Candy. You wearing green knitted mummy boy‘s jumper and the spot. We chatted. you talked music. we said hair too long and went home and stole cheese. Wanna subway with us? U/452/45

V I saw you Angie. Aaangie!! Forgiven your Scottish Water shambles at Mugdock. But not your leaving the Clachaig Inn. Glencoe. on 14/9 without my number. Salsa dancing in Edinburgh? I'd come through any time... U/452/l8

V I saw you Miriamjan - guess who and where from? L7/452/20

V I saw you Maddy. Cathy. Chris. Fionn. David. Katy. Lucy. Ionty. Dave & Julez being amazing at the Edinburgh Fringe. Couldn't have done it without you. You were grand. X. L'/45?J35

V I saw you Heather at Opium. The taxi rudely disturbed us just when we were starting. Shame. Next time? L'l452/36

V I saw you. you gave me loads of wedges and I LOVE YOU!! Hope your broken finger heals quick. Mmmwwaahhh! U/452/37

V I saw you at Mermaids Massage Parlour. I asked for a spanking but you gave me "thanking". L'l452/42

Only one I saw you

per person per issue will be published.

V I saw you and have thought of nothing since. It was near the glass case containing the Snow Buntings at the Royal Museum. I was by the Sun Bear. You caught my eye. It was a Friday. a long beautiful Friday. L'/452/39

V I saw you entertaining us all! Well done! Three cheers for weight watchers! L'/452/4()

V I saw you in the Traverse - you .\'I sex machine. Me Lancastrian bombshell. Let's get together and make "quiet" sweet music together at mine. U/452/4I

V I saw you Mr Brown + Mr Goode in Iguana - shake and muddle them cocktails baby! From the Daaling x. U/452/43 V I saw you POD I.You rocked my world. Why don't you shake your boomtown beats to the girl with the gilded cleats. Don’t disappoint me again DJ plus I x. L'/452/44

V I saw you cute stubbly artist guy (Johnathan?) often on Leith Walk and frequently in Fruitmarket (installation). From a shy admirer (male). Can I take you out for a drink? L'/452/46 V I saw you Miss Kat in Iguana working oh so very hard. Don‘t we just love ourjobs and the great tips?! Happy shifts xx. L'/452/47

V I saw you in the Filmhouse with a cough. Nina-Pitta. You smelled fruity and your eyes were deep ponds into which I fell. L'/452/48

V I saw you at the Traverse. the girl I dream about...love of my life. Maybe you will be willling to say hello? I have been thinking of you from Japan + I am back + need to talk. U/452/4‘)

V I saw you Lancashire lass. I want to be the sausage in your hotpot. L'l-lSZ/Sl)

V I saw you working at Realfoods. Broughton St. You helped me with my supplement and I found that your smile is worth more than 2()jars of St John‘s Wort. You: brown hair. Miffy t-shirt. Me: ready to propose. [5/452/51

V I saw you behind the Traverse Bar. Lovely Irishman. Next time the Chardonnay is on me. Luscious in tigerskin. Tiger Lily. L7/452/52

V I saw you Monday 2/9/02. Princes St Gardens 4pm. You tall strawberry blonde ‘unlimited‘ shin. me tall brunette. sunglasses. A few smiles and you waved. Any limits on love at first sight? L'/452/53

V I saw you behind the Argyle bar. Lovely Aussi woman. You're gorgeous. Me? Light. fun. locally grown. mature. medium body. fruity. bright head. Fancy a sip or two? U/452/54

V I saw you Ladies. have you seen the hot doorman at La Belle Angelle... my god what a stud!!!! I hear he is hung like a mule. U/452/l7


I Almost 42, eyes of blue. still looking for you. Solvent. humorous. attractive. trustworthy. interesting. happy. single guy to share my dreams. journeys. friends and fun times with. Lovely lady awaits. Fife. P/«ISZ/l

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