babel's Medea) and a woman called Joyce (played by Racquel Cassidy of Channel 4's Teachers fame).

Joyce might be the woman he married young or the woman he picked up in a bar or a workplace romance or even an already dead wife. As with love. the possibilities are always altered by the context in which the couple meet.

‘Love is altered by circumstancesf says director Adrian ()smond. ‘The place and time you meet someone has to be right. W" think of ourselves as veiy constant. but we’re continually altered by the people we meet. even during the course of a single day. It appears that (ieorge remains constant. while Joyce changes. but I‘d argue that the different Joyces make different (ieorgesf

Asked about (‘anadian theatre's wunderkind. Robert [.epage. who directed a film version of Possible Her/(ls starring Tilda Swinton. he‘s quick to highlight the differences. ‘l.epage is someone I respect utterly.‘ he says. ‘llis I‘tll' Sir/e o/‘Ilie Moon. which came here last

just gives you a feeling that something is missing. Really.

CCA, Glasgow, Wed 16 & Thu 17 Oct This is a departure for a legend of Canadian and. for that matter. international theatre. Marie Brassard is a long-term collaborator with Robert Lepage. having performed and co-written with him on a number of projects. Last seen in Glasgow in Lepage's The Geometry of Mi‘rac/es. as well as taking roles in The Seven Streams of the River Ota and The Dragons' Trilogy. the Quebecois theatre worker branched out With this solo prolect. which she wrote. and directed last year in Quebec. It's about Jimmy who is half-man. half-woman. half-dream, half-invention.

Exploring a kind of metatheatrical sexual fantasy. the play is an exploration of illusion and reality. lite and art. audience and performer. Seeking to liberate both intellect and senses. Brassard explores where our boundaries are and why we place them where we do.

CCA, Glasgow, Sat 19 & Sun 20 Oct

da da kamera is the brainchild of writer director Daniel Maclvor and producer Sherrie Johnson. and has been wowing Canadian audiences since 1986. Maclvor. also a maker of aesthetically radical film. writes. acts and directs in this two-man show. which played to acclaim at the Traverse in the Edinburgh Fringe of 2000. Like all the company's work. the production was created in slow organic style. the consummate SOund and lighting developing with the writing. producing a richly theatrical show. It's a working method not unlike that pioneered by our own Suspect Culture.

Full of alter-egos and doppelgangers. In on It is a ‘two-man ten-person mystery' in which Maclvor and fellow actor James Allodi play good guy and bad guy in a variety of set-ups. As preSSUreS mount. the differences between good and bad become disturbingly indistinguishable. 'There's a play within a play thing going on.‘ lvlaclvor told The List in 2000. 'In a way. all the work I do is about the same things: good and evil: what it is to be alive: how can we possibly love anybody?‘

Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 30 Oct-Sat 2 Nov

One Yellow Rabbit is a company that needs little introduction to Scottish audiences. Having toured at both Edinburgh Fringe time and throughout the year. it's earned a cultish reputation among theatregoers. Established for over two decades. its highly theatrical output is diverse and prolific. staging at least three new productions a year in its native Calgary.

This new play exti‘apolates upon an incident in SOiiialia in 1993. when a teenage local was murdered by Canadian troops. It's told from the point of view of the Canadian war artist Allan Harding Mackay. whose ‘.’l(l(,‘() camera became Significant to the event. If Canadian theatre has one weakness. it is its inability to approach political events. Perhaps this play will help redress the deficiency. Which isn't to say you should expect this entertaining company to moralise or bore.

Tramway, Glasgow, Fri 11 & Sat 12 Oct

This new work from contemporary dance company the Holy Body Tattoo explores sexuality. sensuality and erotiCism from the point of View of submission and control. It‘s performed by choreographers Naom Gagnon and Dana Gingras. who've been working together since 1987 and who formed their internationally acclaimed company in 1993.

The athletic and sexy piece will be accompanied by live music from the Tiger Lillies. the Brecht and Weill-inspired combo who garnered such masswe critical success for their score for the recent London production. Shockheaded Peter. Their eclectic and avant garde music should nicely set off the multimedia techniques and cabaret debauchery of the dance. (Steve Cramer)

The Six Stages Festival runs Thu 10 Oct-Sun 3 Nov. See theatre, dance, comedy and gay listings for more details.

year. is possibly the best piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. But this is very different from the film. We want to bring people into the story in a different way. concentrating on character and performance.‘

Osmond argues that our modem reinvention of love comes at a cost. ‘These days we‘re told that we can become whoever and be wherever we want. Even when you're a teenager. you have choices about what subject you study. and where to go on Saturday night. but this

were conflnuady altered by the people we meet. even dunngthe course of a single day'

that's an illusion. As one character in the play says: “It should be easy to be happy". but it isn‘t. because the illusion complicates life.’

So try to avoid that feeling of always missing something. All the same. if you miss this. you will be.

Possible Worlds is at the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 10-Sat 26 Oct.

3-13 Oct 2002 THE LIST 13