Bowling for Columbine

(15 November)

Not a documentary about the massacre at Columbine's high school, but Michael Moore's film inspired by that tragedy which takes the form of a satirical attack on firearm culture in the US. It's an impassioned piece of investigative journalism from Moore, who first came to public attention with the anti-corporate film Roger & Me. and features interviews with/footage of President Dubya Bush. National Rifle Association chairman Charlton Heston and popstar-cum-media scapegoat Marilyn Manson among others.

8 Women (15 November) Filmmaker Francois Ozon has proved himself a leading light in

French cinema with such well-

received films as Sitcom, Water

Drops on Burning Rocks and

Under the Sand. His country’s

leading ladies share this sentiment.

Thus. Ozon has assembled a

magnificent cast for latest. 8 6' canit think of another flamboyant mUrder'mYSteW' . that addresses the issue of musical set in a Country mansion in 1' a former enemy that is now the 19508. Reigning queen of _ j .g .V an important ally‘ French cinema Catherine Deneuve i" ~ *

is joined by Fanny Ardant. Isabelle

Huppert. Emmanuelle Bean and

Viriginie Ie Doyen.

Die Another Day

(20 November)

The best Bond since Connery (yes. that is Pierce Brosnan) returns for the fifth time in the twentieth 007 adventure for the spy‘s fortieth anniversary. This one concerns a traitor in Her Majesty's Secret Service’s midst and a super weapon capable of some of that ol‘ mass destruction. Travelogue locations range from Korea. Hong Kong. Cuba. Iceland and back to Korea. Halle Berry does Bond girl: Judi Dench's boss. M. continues to belittle Bond: John Cleese plays with his deadly toys once more as R and Madonna pops up too.

18 THE LIST 3 17 Oct 200?