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Thunderpants i t’(i i O. ii’eier ileuitt. l‘K. letlli Bruce ('ook Ill. Rupert (irint. .\'ed Beatt}. 05min. .-\ crap kids‘ flick that finds farting l'unn). not once or t\\ ice. but the \\ hole tilm through. The ahilit) to pass gas of epic proportions results in humiliation and e\entual sal\ation lor the film's ch\'Cii-}C;tt'-t)ltl protagonist. Skip this hour and half of crap tart jokes. 8130. Hamilton; (‘ircuit Cinema. in ingxton. Time of Favor ( lli 0.. «Joseph (‘edaiz lsrael. 31102) .-\ki :\\ ni. .-\si l);l};tii. lidan .-\lterman. 1112mm. :\ttiet'tc;tn—horn. lsrael-i‘aised \sriter/director Joseph (’cdar triex in a small \\;1) to redress the anti- Seinitic tendencies of the liberal prexs \\ till his tale ol~ lo\e. friendship and fundamentalisni. \lenacheni i.-\ki .-\\ tilt is a respected religious ol'iicer iii the lxi'aeli arm} is hose career is being dictated h} the

messianic Rahhi Melt/er (.'\sl l)a}an. son oi

Moshe). The Rabbi has promised his daughter‘s hand in marriage to his best pupil i’ini iiidan .-\lternian i. but she has alread} fallen in low \sith .\lenacheni. Hurt and angr}. l’ini decides to cart} otit the

\ iolent dreams of the Rahhi. .\ not-so-suhtle critique of the terror cells that e.\ist \\ itliiii the P1.(). i‘ilnihouse. lidiiihurgh.

To Sleep with Anger l 13) 000 t('har1es Burnett. l'S. 1090i 1)ann_\ (iloxei'. Paul Butler. Mar} :\1ice. ('arl l.umhl_\. Richard Brooks. lillinin. .-\n ambitious and charming attempt h} hlack director Burnett to confront racial tensions iii the 18. Based on an old (ieorgian legend. it tells the slot} of traditionalist shit-stirrer Trickster. \\ ho \‘isits friends iii 1.:\ and causes e\er_\one a lot of bother. Keenl} political )et \sut‘tti- hearted. this is a kind of Southern/“ext (‘oast response to Spike\ Do Ilit’ RlL‘lil Thine: (il'ul. (i/us‘uun.

The Trespasser i no 000 itaeio Brant. Brazil. Blitlli .\larco Ricca. Alexandre Borges. Paulo .\iiklos. 98min. Adapted from the .\iareal Aquino‘s noxel of the same name. Brant's film is a sliitdou)‘ and realistic neo-

non" set on the mean streets o1 Sao l’aulo. .-\li';titl til lk‘itlg‘ stlttc‘e/L‘tl tittl oi lltt‘ construction coinpaii} the) started. l\.tli iRiccaI and (iiha iliorgexi hire liitinan .-\nixio I.\ltklosi to kill their lioss. .\ lloll} \iootl llllii \Hitlltl haxe charted the don iilall ol the l\\o husinesxtnen. )ct I'lu' l’i'ex/umi/ instead iollonx the inorali} coriupt social cliinlici' .-\nisio. as he infiltrates and imadex the l\\o inen'x \iorlds. pro\ iding an uncomcntional and unsettling take on the tiatlitional noii tale. (il'l. (ilasgou.

Underground Zero icc‘t‘l its» t\.lllltll\. l‘SA. 3111121 "(innit l’rogi‘ainnic o1 American artists lilins. responding to the merits of September 11. (’(‘.\. (ilaxgou. Van Wilder: Party Liaison i 15.

O i\\'alt Becker. [8. Ititl_‘11{_\an Rc}nolds. Tara Reid. ltin \lathcxon. ‘L‘inin. .\lade as one ol the National lantpoon iilttts. lit/i ll'Ii'i/u‘ shoux itixt lit\\\ lat' the college ino\ ic has slipped xincc the ltcatl) da} s ol .‘llIl/lltl/ [IUHH . the \ct) ltixt in the franchise. Here. the \sritcrs think that a dog \\llli large testicles. an Indian student called lat \lalial and the acron}ni l)ll\' i1)c|ta lota Kappai are siinpl_\ hilarioux. There are. oi course. alxo the ohlig.itoi'_\ groxx out gags. the one tn\ol\ iiig cltocolate cclairx being about as lo\\ as ainoiie has gone )ct. Sadl}. there is nothing here apart lroin appreciating little ironies: \an is supposed to 'inxpit'e thc uninspired‘. _\cl inspiration along unit a lot of other thingx ix completcl) alisent in this liliii. Sec m it'\\. (ienei'al release.

Very Annie Mary i 15. 0000 tSat‘a Sugarinan. 3001. l'ls'i Rachel (ii'llllllix Jonathon l’r} ce. loan (irull'udd. 10-1mm. Annie Mar} t(iril'lithxi is the unluck} daughter 01' tnean hull) ii’r} cei. ,'\iililL“\ father keeps her as his house sla\c. den} ing her the chance to grim tip. it is Annie’s

a“ kuard journe} to freedom atid to reclaiming her singing \oice that pt‘o\ ides the poignant. romantic \ltil‘) for this lilm. The stor) exists in a strange \\Ui‘ltl that is


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44 THE LIST Iév- 'Ot;f 2H”?

Iranian cinema does it again with Secret Ballot

part \\c‘l\l1\i.tllc'_\\ I'L'.tll\l itiitl part lxititlx} latr)talc. Real depth ol character and emotion aie icachcd hctc. the pctloinianccx are stihtlc and \xarni. and the central chaiacter ix a real distinctne one oil. \‘iktngat ('incina. largs.

Villa Des Roses « 13: .0. thank \an l’axxcl. [is l'rance. Iltllli .lulic Help}. Shaun lhnguall ll‘innn. Path. 1‘)! i. and l’ilit'itlk‘ lc‘c‘lc'h U11 llic‘ L‘xlg‘c‘ ill \\.tl. lilil 111 the heart o1 l'ianco (icinian tcnxion lies a little patch ol green and pleasant land: \ illa l)cs Roxex l'iiglixli Hoarding lloiisc. home lot cccciitiicx and outcaxtx. l'Iic peculiar rotitincx ol itx iexitlentx are xutldcnl) tll\llltl‘c\l h} iltc .tli'1\.tl oi nc\\ maid louixc il)clp} i \i. hose calm in} xtititic sparks the anioroiix attentions ol )iitiiig aitixt Richard (iruncnald il)ing\\alli. ('liai'ining enough arid \\ llll some nice eccentric llourishes. li.’/u /)t s lx’ou \ unloi‘ttinatcl} lackx ati ultimate hook to capture the imagination. SUV l't'\ |c‘\\. St'lt‘t'lt‘tl l'L‘lc'dM‘.

Vivre Sa Vie i 15i .0... ilcan luc (iodai‘d. l'i'ancc. 19751 v\nna Karenina. Sad} Rehhot. .~\ndic l.ahai‘tlie >5 niinsintn. [it this talc in l\\L‘l\L‘ paitx \xe \sitncxx the decline and tall o1 i(iodard‘x then \\ it’ei Kaiiiia'x piostitutc \ana as she gains incrcaxing control ol her consciousness hut L‘\ L‘tilttall} liiscs liL‘t' lllL'. (liltlilitlk [it'ttit‘c‘l l\ liaxcd oti this inind'hod} problematic: to |i\c \\ ttliiii the limitations ol the c\ploitcd llexh. oi the ticedoin ol the mind. in tlic lilin's nioxt lainous scene Karina looking at l'alconctti'x lace in Die} cr'x II“ \\C see the \\.i} one can combine the heatit) oi nnnd and hod) in the ‘l‘trit. lt‘x ol course \\ (iodard httnscll ix tr_\ing to achic\e in his man} inelanchol}. i‘ellectnc xhotx oi Karina's lace. (‘(‘.>\. (ilasgou.

A Walk to Remember 1 Pt}. 0

l.'\tl;tlil Shankinan. 1’5. liltili .\land_\ \loore. Shane \Vext. 1113mm. \\'ext plasx high school had ho} landon ('artcr. tight

n itli the in-croud hut going nouherc last. When a school prank hacklircs. as punishment landon lindx hiinseli forced to participate in the nerd) school pla_\ and ltelp disadiantagcd kids at \seekendx. 'l‘hinking this like so uncool. he soon realises .iust lion ltisl and \\ ithout faith he ix thanks to lioiie_\»\oiccd nightingale \loore. .-\ de\out god-liotherci. she's got lattli coining otit o1 her arxe and it's ttoi long hctorc landon lccls the po\\ ct oi [m c lit a good. clean (‘littsttan kind o1 \sa}. lltc‘ result is a rather length) pulilic sci\ icc anntitinccnicnt. intich ltlst' .t lt'aititt' cplsiitlt' iii “an will i\ ('It ('k as scripted h} a Soutlicin liaptixt picachcr,


o/ .lllti'll o/ .ll't

Sclt'clt'tl it'lcast‘.

Whisky Galore it’( ii 0.00. i.>\|c\andci \lackcndrick. l'is'. l‘l-l‘h liasil Radiotd. .loan (iiccnnootl. .lcaii ('ach. 83min .\luch lo\cd l-almg coincd} l\_\ the late Sand} \lackcndiick, .\ xhip cari_\ ing a cargo ol \\lii\l\_\ ix sliip\\icckcd oil a Scottiin island dining \saittiiic. so thc locals dccitlc it's time to \\cl tlicti thirst l'ull ol \\ it and charm that ollicis can oiil} hope to ctntilatc St lititlc's ('ciitie. ladinlitiigh.

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 Lorne Street. lhrox. ()1-11 41‘) (1732. £5 it'3i.


1-‘or this week's programme times. please contact the cinema on ()1-11 41‘) ()722 for details.

CCA: Glasgow

3511 Sauchiehall Street. ()1-11 352 4901). £4 H.150).

THURSDAY 1% OCT Underground Zero iihei 7.00.


Read my Lips (Sur mes levres) ( l5i 8.30.

SATURDAY '3 OCT Read my Lips (Sur mes levres) i 15) (i. 15.

Punk ithci 8.311.

h'lONDAY 7 OCT Read my Lips (Sur mes ievres) l 15)


Baise-Moi (Rape Me) i t8i 8.30.

TUESDAY 8 OCT Baise-Moi (Rape Me) i 18) (3.45.

Read my Lips (Sur mes levres) l W 8.30.

‘i.‘.'1'_'-DNES1’)AY 0 OCT The London Weekend Show iihei (r45. Balse-Moi (Rape Me) i 18) 8.30.

lt—tURSDAY rt) OCT Baise-Moi (Rape Me) 1 t8i (x45. The London Weekend Show iihei 8.30.


Amelie l 1.5) 0.1.5. Silence, We’re Rolling (the) 8.30.


Silence, We’re Rolling iiliei I00. Amelie t 15» 3.00.


AmelieiISi 015. Vivre Sa Vieit5i 8.30.


Vivre Sa Vie t 15) 6.30. Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry ( 18)



Christie Malry’s Own Double Entry ( t8) (r30.

DOA (the) 8.45.

THURSDAY 17 OCT Vivre Sa Vie t 15) 8.30.

Glasgow Film Theatre

13 Roa- Sireet, (ll—ll 333 8128. ('afe/har. .-\11 performances hookahle. [1)]. llil. li\enings: £4.751L'35111. .\latinees: £375 i125“). \Ved ihel‘ore 5pm): {375(12). l)ouhle hill £5 (£3,511). (ii’l~ saiei's: L'l‘) (bl—ll liic tickets for the price of 4 (min! for three months).


1. The Trespasser l 18) 2.00. 0.20. Minor Mishaps 1 I51 400. 8.30. 2. Dog Days 1 t8i 3.00. 8.15. Black Box Cennany l I5i 0.00.