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shoe. Arid. 'Ike sarrl drunk. Sam's Hot Aliens haVe landed in searCh 0f Guen that the". folks. "g: S’lii'. a".';‘:: ()a' l 1;“. f"-"- "I‘:"‘-_':- :;<""‘t; ()‘I'lggr (r) a no-frills 45-minute induction

into the forms and practise of

tlltdlSDuIQU rr‘aste's o‘ Céit't(2"-Kijiiv<(3(l Poser/or Dogs quote or a reference to cock-rock ant: m o-soi > {retire-nee Gram Thor": Auto III, .uaik under a (:roarl

our earth music known as .'.va!kal>outs. l<;";:z‘:"‘a<la. ‘.(:u Mo": ‘n‘r: of «roe-"(taxi no -::-"::-::. hall; trashrr‘t; rock’n’roll - how do you get out tnrs local tlrre:-:,-s<;r“e a t’. e .'.';r"°. no :r‘. t'te' kt and patterns We :;a::s a of that one alive? It’s a good job the sW‘ria'l, 'ar":;l‘a::«1eIssmstar :;" waste It ‘11 T":: sfv "as snag).

the Datsuns are in town. They the f‘(,‘:;(: :‘zf‘-i:"'a'. :1" f:'.;:'\"::;_ 7"-; so" :~:;’;..'.;‘:‘-:,-"‘. 0" mt ":l .t ,.r didn’t write the book but they lake" :2" t"-;:' Twyla...” t"-r:". “,:;;t on." hear to know every dog-eared corner of ’v " r :' ' ' n w r I), 2 l) .l 'x

the manual from the dumb riffs v. .. to the greasy hair to the Causing car-diac arrests everywhere


knackered jeans and sneakers. . . . . , . THE CATHETERS One of the guutarists even wears a faded Kinks T-shirt - that 5 late period QMU‘ Glasgow, Tue 10 Sep ....

70$ Kinks to you novitiates. The Datsuns are charming thieves. Having pilfered from AC/DC, half— Fed so ;:‘ tr‘z: gia'aoa: '::::'\' t" "g; tart? ‘-.'.'-::.i 'Ia";; a s-::::. :::;s ‘sr exert. inched from Motorhead and pickpocketed Deep Purple, they are running <:l‘<>r-:>:;g;rg‘:;>'7e;2 (les'ur‘e' Hues or: f"-:,-'-::. Twin/:1, a :1 "nit-ss‘; :;.:"v(:li ()5 l:astar:ls rampant with their exhilirating ill-gotten gains. Their idea of «(a fine (lzltr‘et-e's l:a!a":; :3; "as ..:;_ experimentation is to weld the riff from ‘LA Woman’ to a Krautrock rhythm loar krrls "'s'r‘ Seattle. '."r: Catheters .'.'-::a," TM: " g;’..";;-:; "‘ senses o" finer" ! ozsg.

- phew, avant-garde. slee».es. :r‘osf "<21 ::-::a::', That a" f"-:: "earl {i’lf fit" g;"‘.. r~./l..::'t:;'\e1.. Bat the; re so They’ve even got an authentic rock audience, comprising mainly balding ‘afl 1;: (lam; ass l:-:;-a"s. it's A's-s silt -:,-, ;".‘ag; "e l tarry-(.4: Eteasov‘s ltheyk: ween thirtysomething men who can’t wait until the Monsters of Rock tour to get ::"::,.;;"f ..:; ::_.::«.";; .:-:‘s~_; a" 2 "‘:::>“s"a"-::- " '31: to ::a"r\ "stead of sunning} their foot-on-monitor fix. Meanwhile, the female minority in the crowd have senxrur, avalnam " a ::a":‘:.:‘:" :; 1-:,- a":l ,:;r."'-:; aef'. mg; were 8 "go" Br a". all pushed down the front to offer themselves up as groupies. Sia":1e‘<;n: stuns aux/V: «a» ;:", ‘3» y.-::;:" T, ’1 Pirate". l) :‘r"'.. seremng; ‘M; a The only thing the Datsuns haven’t got right is their point of origin: New r:an:~;"-:;--::-. (31"‘2'2’43'. ’3’ :;;‘:":: Twas". :;..t n I. ::.."»< gytmgge garage as filler" Zealand has hardly been regarded as rock’n’roll central until now. . . ".-:Z-f;;lvf}l1(3"’l-T:;l s" t. ::!‘ t"-;;~. :;':::;a:; :2.;. Me (Iat"<,~f-::-"s are too g;:;o:l are too (Fiona Shepherd) ":1'. ::..a to <;-‘.n:;-' ::-::- ::..'. '."~':t."<;- a ‘..r:« "g: Eh" 1/:.'.‘at<:". {hag} ,lzr'vwsto'w;



HOME SCIENCE no The Venue, Edinburgh, Wed 25 Sep THE BOY CARTOGRAPHER oo .00

La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sun 15 Sep

The BOy Cartographer ~ great name. but on tnts sho'sgino Il‘e‘, seen‘ to nant; our“ rages. "g; t"-:,- 'xi:‘.lilf;':' : :, 91.143; Clrreelrons on the map shouvrng the route to tunesx file. The Scott s'l three ::'<;::<21'\;a‘.«:; :: sin-:75; aw: "-::' a, 4:», ' the occasronal nree rndre n‘onlent. hut alu'xays threaten to no rxn‘etl \.."(l(}" f"~:: .'.‘-:::g;"f :;:;-::::s aml ‘~:;--:;- "g 19;, 4:5 a‘tw of therr own fey disinterest. ureterrrno to shuttle anu amlfle rather t"a" ::<:t"-::" :;..t'. "g; f"-:,- av osf rag: EST . :‘-:- "a on a show. :;::::\: ".."‘:;t.'-::: " 1'?" a ,- f" Home Serenee are a more robust altar. and blend l“()(l<3".". Ame-"roan :,sy.<:"-::::e a "2 sarrrt, Hausa .'.a::, "at-0’: wrth, well. olrlerArnerreanus;§.'(:l1(-3(l(3lra. So ‘.'.':t.". the ghosts of lxlereur‘, Re. a":: t"-:: hat ;: 1:"? " f"-;- r.»:-':;..". l.'-..:: ’i 1” (a: Beach Boys battling rt out rn the background the Edrnhuro':-l>ase:l ouft'. l;"(,‘-.l.s:i-T: a f" :; .-::a' :2, :‘-::-:\:"‘.r‘.; ::.:"‘-'2.'.";‘:'. ':' reasonable level of (lrvertrng entertarnn‘ent. but at t“e ll‘il'l‘fj'lf ‘."-::;. seer" 1:: law tug-":2 ‘::' :“r: .z: arr: :‘i:"‘ m; r' s" organrsatron and that lrttle spark of character to l'tiéill‘, set tl‘e'r‘ apart. 3:, ";;e' :;\:";;.'.v tea s "‘z: -:: assers‘. :: mate's '-'-..3:'>ar"' Unlrke the Buttertlres of Love. The Conneetreut ourr‘tet are out)“, enoaarr‘t; no": ".'.’a: ;:;’:"'f :"‘-:: .:..:~:;. 1,..'. as; a":: 'l "t; .mheri: "(2' st" (l(3"t from the off, and proude an rntensel\,' (:harrsn‘ataz: anzl f;1:r‘[>.'"st";;|j. <3".'e"s€: sr‘:::~.'.. :;:;:;" as t's :;;:;:, :;;:"‘-;::;"-:: :;"::_.1:; :gag-x ._1TZ:':’2:;: V. :1" "4:51,. 'ltay.-::~; ass :v*<>:.s ClaSSIe AllTCfKZElll blue collar rookn'roll Is the bass for songs he: '[)rea"‘ [)r'ner' aw) "or" '."-:3;t'::.'..:1 ‘\’::.."-:.- ""aasQ' a ::,"-:’ ';>::'\ t'". the rest a" Wow the excellent 'l'll be Your Exorezst'. hut thrs odd-lookrno hur‘r:h n‘ar‘aoe 2:: t‘.'."st es "i :r.. TI'\ y. ::";:‘.<,-" :‘. t"-:,- :2.‘:rt:':~ " -.:-'x:. as tax songs everythrng !ltl() therr own werdl‘, beguiling sound. and the e‘fe<:'. rs a lgr‘. me Late" "4; "g; !' s“ /\"‘-;,-' grant: iiim' 1% _a'_ ‘m‘: 'l-Zga':.\ .1" llamr .1":: 'ita" ‘o' ElllOll Sll‘llll Jall‘ll‘lllg wth the Stooges. Krntl of. Pr<>l>al;i‘,. A urt. Doug ,Jolmsto'wz: :t;:u"‘.r, I'M-Wm ‘:>r"‘.. [\t "-;,-' we: :>" t"-:: as, (Ear-u E‘S'sme.

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin Buchanan (‘raIIerz-rrs. 92:1.” -'-~1Lnfi- 0 Credit card bookings from: ' "\--°_ l "w . " ::~ .w'wa: :: Edinburgh: Virgin l’nnees Sf'<:-::t. 9%; 312-3.: - Ripping Records 6; E? :.;-x-. . ' ' - Way Ahead

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Liquid Room. lidinhurgh. le’ ()ct. lidinhurgh. 37 (let. Km, (ilil\:._‘ll\\. 25 \m. llarruuland. (ilaxgrm. 5 I)“. I JJ72 Barrouland. (ilaxgtm. I The Electric Soft I Nina Simone (‘hdc * Alabama 3 lullnd l\)lll'lll. I Teenage Fanclub|1nd 180d. Parade ().\ll'. (ilaxgtm. 28 .-\udiloriurn. (ilaxgtm. ll \m. lzdrnhurgll _“ \rn; ()Xll ', Room. lidlnhurgh. 0 Dec;

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I Robert Plant liarrmxland. I Suede Barron land. (ilaxgtm. * A and Goldfinger I Stereo MCS llarrmx land. I ldlewild llarrtm land. (ilaxguu. 33 ()cl, 3” ()cl. liarrouland. (ilaxgrm. l,\' \m. (ilaxgmv _‘ llct'. (i|a\;_'m\. lo Dec; ('urn

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