l-llSTOPICAL. DRAMA COPENHAGEN Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, Tue 8—Sat 12 Oct

The science and arts communities rarely fuse, but Michael Frayn achieved just such a feat with Copenhagen. His play - a runaway hit at London’s National Theatre - explores the relationship of the Danish physicist Niels Bohr and his German counterpart Werner Heisenberg, focusing on their controversial meeting to discuss nuclear physics in 1941 during World War II. It raises issues that scientists and historians have argued about for years, such as Heisenberg’s motivations in visiting Bohr - who was on the enemy side and why the meeting turned hostile.

For many audiences, a play about quantum physics might be daunting. But director Alistair McCrone of Mull Theatre, the first company in Scotland to produce Copenhagen, disagrees. ‘It’s an

Physics all theatre

incredibly powerful play, and although the quantum mechanics are part of the play it’s not obtrusive,’ he says. ‘Audiences at Mull were worried that they wouldn’t be able to keep up because the subject would be too remote and challenging, but people don’t need to know about quantum physics to

watch Copenhagen.’

The play isn’t only about the Bohr and Heisenberg meeting, but an exploration of trust, human relations and a complex moral dilemma. It is not an easy play to watch; McCrone says it’s the hardest piece he’s ever


Nevertheless, he doesn’t believe that the play’s success and the attention it has received depend solely on its controversial subject matter. ‘You forget the controversy when you see the play,’ he says. ‘lt’s easy to stress the subject matter, but the reason the play works is because it’s a play about people and it’s why Frayn wrote it as a play.’

(Shou-Ling Cheung)

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Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Wed 9—Sat 19 Oct

Babe in arms

Mon'ig house (loan the street :5; (taunting er‘oaoh. W102i?“Xlél'tii‘f.’ area .'.ne"e there's a (Literer‘t .'.'a',, of .mg; ar‘a talkno was: he oiatr‘ <;ort‘_isrr‘;}. Bat l‘osg long; are l.r:.. .:;st ‘or’? Do ,,o.. lose 1.1x; fiffl‘ili‘, or :io Jiltl ere-at Mast


e anotner one? Les/3s .'.'r=‘.er Ia." l _e';:i’s er‘eroette necr :;ia,. .'.”il(;l1 l‘e ‘()t't ar‘rn‘:<:r5;£t"‘, e" t'te Tr‘a.e’se's ar‘n;.a! nghiant' too", asks ’Tf,.'.' exterr‘ai surmorwlngp attest ,otir

..-:;r1ttt, a"<i who got .'.’£tl‘,i to >e.

lr‘e tern~ 'r‘on‘er's re'ers to kins Ill

.ne Jot/s anti :)1 .JT) ..’ere taker '3." no”, es h (,nasoe” to u.e ..r.tr.


ar'wles on the Seotahtl ate oenr; toml ."e. .‘xe'e (one on re :ia.. Dveeteo i). Pr“ .p i—17\ ' ",{71 ‘i‘lv "l'(\/1 I" 1") ‘r\l'(\r"(‘ 'I\{; -<::.n1e.so /\{1thi:ir\/I<Il. as tne. .1; saw: .e. b..t t s' '.I.".(:‘. easy. Not .‘.’“~(‘:.’i t"e teacher says

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f;t."r‘()'.l"t(l(:-(l h, pe::t..:ar' :ie cases. not ti: "‘er“. or‘ (MM 11:) Hrs on. F"."(lillll 1'. na":: to trt n. /\?e' naestsov‘s .'.'r‘.ere ‘I'io'ne' reafr. .5; atte" he“ l ser“. t:a<:« to Gasooc.‘ to tne .'.’lil‘ M" Pig}. a hote'te" arr_.tntr‘;; he sees. D'starhtr‘g. eh’r‘ lxoeet (lanerno tarnyaro an 'r‘als. people siroattng nonsense anti ‘toi‘t ssez‘es tripolnrzgi enreker‘sf sag.s

l‘t/la::l_.eo(:' rn s(;l“-::-‘.o,is;1.. 'It's xer‘, ..‘.e|;..

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tl‘ere's a in x o" sarreal (:o'r‘ezl‘, antl 'r‘ore pennant rno'r‘er‘ts'.

'People sl‘oittno nor‘ser‘se' refers to finern1><tt.'r<:-of Gaetze anzl l-nol'sn that's eornrnon‘, spoken on some ifStriL'E‘) to<ia‘,. 'l rtgwsh I5; seen a pouner‘st 'ar‘naage ‘oree. tnere's a lot of 2:;r'r'ocgtr‘n ‘r':;"‘ t We (Baehef he sa‘,s. 'Sowe people tax a nest hat tarnish. r:a|f (3aetre a'to I we It's good for sown: effect. he on, (Baeze l" the r; a. ,s .‘.’()l'flf; that sonrxi ike s'.'.'ear;r g; :r‘ [English izat are aetaal', xerj, I'tt‘.()(;(}!l‘.. Me: "Seann git (learl)l":’". "Is that rigglrt'.’". M, ..'t‘.(:.e Ines I." New: /eatar‘::. {i"(l ‘.'.."-::!‘

"is .'.'It'e 'tear'rr it. she asken ntnr .'.'n‘.

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Traverse Theatre, Sat 12 Oct.

MUSIC and n‘ove'r‘ent "say. he (:on‘ft, t)(:~<ltello‘.':s. hat for: dance (30't‘llélrtt08 are pulling to gm;- the'r‘ eouaé status. Not so \.'.’a|ker Danee. Not on}; (loes artistic (lrreetor. Frr‘. \."'.’a’.ker lll‘.'li(} 'lltlSlClZiliS onto the stage. but she's changed her corr‘nany's name to reflect the l)!‘.’()i£il role 'lltlSlC plays I". ner creations. 'The t'.'.'o eon‘ponents are integral and ‘l.o;.' (:ari't (lrxoree one from the other.. says ‘.’.’a|ker. 'lt's a hierareh, of the senses sorr‘e people are more aaral than xzsual. so ailo's.’ the'“ to go 3:21“ the 't‘;l53l(2 "atl‘er tl‘an .'.'l‘at th(:',"’(3 Iookrnj a'..' Hence the nanie change to \'.’a|Ker Da'tee & Park Mnsre iltéi'llfitl after Ber‘ Park. ‘.'."alker's erstsxhzle eollahor'ator ant: henno eo't‘pr szngj six (laneer‘s and tour 'ritisletar‘s. Together the-,‘IE be present ng a (ll‘.'(3l‘f;(3 triple-hri' featuring;

\. .alke' s expressi.e sz :,. .mxrer‘. .o

Walker’s crisp

(:horeograph, protest at the Rmal Opera HOLlfStE. So t"‘jl"(3§$$(3fl .'.'as Tattersall f"at sir‘e nm the Royal §}(:(J(ll).(3 anil Ji)ill€l‘(l ‘.'.’a?«er Danee

,..!lu'r‘e. Jer‘n,

.-'./17orr‘<,=/7.‘. a fast-paeezi eXpFor‘atior‘. of <::>'r‘p:ete:. (l fferen‘. aestl‘e‘. :;.' sa.s group <i;.r‘ta".‘t<:s. The (2" Us. and ‘.'.’a ker. ‘So ‘.'.'e".e trtetl to type ter a work. The Se.‘ teattir'ho ex-Ro,al :it“er‘eM ser‘se o‘ .'.'eroht iza‘. as:: use Baliet :iar‘eer Jer‘n‘, Tatter‘sal'. \.'.'arker‘ her te<:i‘.r‘~::a' ‘.‘trto<:5;rt,. .‘.’lll(l" s

first ’l‘Ct Tattersai (:trr‘r‘g a >ea;it"t. .’ Ker, Ant-or

(2'. ASSK) HD8136. CAROUSEL Perth Theatre, until 12 Oct. 00

\r’ \‘ \ .A., _I \ ‘\ x... '~“'," ‘\..' \.\o\-\..\. N 0... (“room s Rooijeis and Han " erstetns E;~-.; '1‘..s<,at'tas.<:n,-e<,e. o. as

(H, .{.',}.'<. whim.” .1“ O . q," Vyv; when 'VWK.’ ,\o' o,\{\. Pip”! (\I‘),.',V\9. \V'V‘ ,J Tit‘) /<,\,, ,;,V, .nuluu . \lelttl ( .1 KH- (1 LI. .. .. \1! . x). . t<u,.< .) ., \,~J..l)l..\5 \/ 1., Ht} (4 .1 ,. ,..,. .. r, z .. . '. . .,\,. , , . J . 9 . i ' r .

r. . r' are .'.1tl‘o,.. . tt, stm. saet, .a'tr‘e ouasu :, re . our: o ,a'ome

tr..“.'1't.‘|j.' :ier: (:ts a '.'.'()l'r<lllg-(IliiiSfS trsnno :;:;""“a":t'. o" the peroe or enar‘oe. lots a l<:!(l to explore l o.. poxert. turns a 'tusoani: .".l(, a ..r7e-r>eater. the nature ot antorr‘g lone :r' na/aro a guess at .'.'nat fine afterlrte ".‘g n'. eor‘sst ot BUt nonero (,i!(,v<f) er oels ll. M (,hael km to s aneerr tortaoe pron. (ton. Jasor Den. r s enat'rosonent, set feels antintsheo. lr e lo! tut/i s ‘rat. . part iron

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£1!‘.'t()1.1t‘.t}f()ri().'.’-8l)<)ts .'.'h ::h hoar‘ee on ar‘.

out fror‘t. nexer at each other. On“, Chrzs Cole'i‘a't as an .iotloh‘. Enoel‘. Snow and Ja't‘re ea't‘tsh as a slut‘e; thoer Cl’iilgll" "‘ZEK'C‘ It‘eir' characters net exahre. Hoaxaro Elts as antr-nero Brily. Doe-tor; his a 'r‘aggntf'eer‘t ‘.‘()I(I(E mt 7‘ s a::‘. no s

stlf.‘ ar‘o a‘.'.'k'.'.‘aro. Eilttl the (lireetor r‘a't‘pers nr'r‘ .'.'rtn 'r‘e.o<lra'hat:<: saong; is"

Tr‘I‘. / ll ( I‘I‘ ( {‘M I N (\f errlv vo‘; ~-I?j\ ’I]{; lvi)’}"‘ \‘I‘{\, ‘1} “In ;"/\v\" ‘f‘;~, IV \ A; )i Ix} ) ,\ u \1 t. tun)“ ..|. . \, \l'x,(lxl 1. bit...“ .\/ “Vi H t ext, <;"‘pt.ness o h s earth. (:le>.(:l‘{,(:(,(il‘.i‘1:,l)(}X(;l..'l(} p::.'.er a'ta .r‘e water‘s-t,-

..eeps. La. ts al't os. Il‘ spite ot 'atl er Liltt'. eeeaase Reins am astre

proz'aettor‘. J()l"l Brr‘n'e

L2i \"Ax’A-


Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy, until Sat 5 Oct, then touring OOO

Cll‘(l(2l'(3li{l 5; root} <:::".s.<ler nerseii trek, Her s‘sters he untekeo. ::;.t of the"! Maggie Sure-err; has roar: Ann it‘s enoagn to


sne onl‘. nas t‘.'.'<

owe ner‘ insane. ‘.'."e=i. ; A‘ter 5;..>en<ltnn nest of her we re the

States. Maggie r'ettirr‘s to her "atr.e

Seottar‘a to <l:s<:o‘.er tl‘ nos are“? (totte- nos. used to (iii.

sne's had little eontaet start ::o'r‘petr";; for rter a‘t’eetor‘. when tire. "ea se-

t'tat there's 't‘<).’t(}j. to he nl‘ventea tron‘ therr a.lr";; a er‘ s.:: no. ()"Ej. tl‘e ',.:‘..".,ie'

A lot to take on

gene-ratio can see the tiniestness of tixs. a <t"a"g; no Litflftltléi t.:.'.ar:is (:oneered toeas. not“ salttr'atl‘, a'ttrso(::a1|j.. \I’nter Anne Dox'.'i‘te's a'.'.arent:-ss of the snapng; o" t. :}"t° s' :(2' :' 't‘ 2

,n/ \ x t t ,/ t l .m. l\ y\ t n S t .

. '\/'-l\){1\)\)(l\t(:~tk\r(1 .1. '.i it'l“ it \\,t.i..\,

n Ken Alexanner”s (lir'eetron. n "‘our toenrl In Maggie's littiik stahhznt; tan». l‘tlantre s patina": . (2.1.1::

High Road's [TIIEL‘U'l MeCatln'“. pane nae-steps ‘.'.“at rteont; "a to .1 :‘ace .tt‘tt;.t'l. entails. \U’nrie t's a sna't‘e that a Yes. scenes 4:21.; ::'t. a".: are .l'. t:"‘e:; too, str‘ explanatory. for arr aaneriee that ea". digest the as: o" 3: :‘. :tsel‘. t'te s'xrer ‘. "t; n‘essane so'r‘es across sown}. Anal the Moon"? stanza aeson 93:; as to 'Y‘()‘.'i: :Let.'.een tr‘e States are Seo‘. ant t"-.3 s antes: 0‘ e“.>"..

Mererul ‘.'.".ila"‘sn