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and original soundscapes. l’uri ol'Sii‘ Stages;

CLYDE AUDITORIUM l‘innieston Quay. 0870 0-10-1000. ll’. ll. \\'('. WA]

Joaquin Cortes Wed 9 ()cl.

£22 £30. Jtist ask‘ Madge and Naomi this is one boy who's got the moves. Prepare yourself for a spectacle as Spanish flamenco dancing sensation (‘ortes performs his highly acclaimed solo show. See preyiew.

E Six Stages Festival A PAVILION THEATRE jamboree of the very best of RCITTTL‘ld STI'L‘CT. contemporary Canadian theatre

WA . Da'l‘ce Passion gun I} (M and dance. Glasgow is the first 7.30pm. £12.50 £15. An spectacular Stop on a malor European lOUr Of production featuring an energetic a succession Of premiers from company of international dancers and new and established companies.

world championship partners. fabulous G/ r. 7 x T, 70 costumes. brilliant choreography and aSgOW' Va IOUS V8, “95' 7“

an outstanding soundtrack. Oct—Sun 3 NOV.

lat Rambert Wayne McGregor's THEATRE ROYAL . 232 nupt- Street. 332 9000. iii. \\'(‘. \\'.-\| Presem’e’" ‘093 W b'” 'n the

Scottish Dance Theatre Tue 8 laleSl programme Of ()ct. 8pm. An exciting double hill from contemporary Cuttingedge dance Scotland s principal contemporary from one Of the dance world's

dance company featuring Revenge of f .t . Th _ I/H’ [III/)(M'.\’f/)/(' 'I'liirigs. a new work aVOU“ e Compan'es' C plece'

choreographed by Tom Rodeii and Pete mOVed TO The mUSlC Ol Steve Shendon and Inside .S'ummi-liw'v. an Reich. will appear on a bill with exploration of feelings ey'ok'cd in established favourites by Meme

(‘hagall‘s paintings by Sean l-cldman. C . h d Ch _ r Copenhagen, Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow, then touring See rey'iew. Unn'ng am an “Slop Tel Bruce. Festival Theatre.

explores love in a quantum uiiiyerse in battle with cancer is performed by TRAMWAY Edinburgh Vi/ed Q_Sa{ 70 Oct. collaboration with the Tron Theatre Nomad Arts. 25 Albert l)riye. 08-15 330350l. [l’. 'IVI‘. : a.“ M. s - L or h t s 't l ('ompany. This iniioy'aliy‘e piece follows \\'(‘. WA] ““4 '55 3'90" 0V8_ 8 I ' a romantic relationship through seyeral Glasgow Dance Circa l‘ri l l & Sat 12 ()ct. 8pm. L'l2 BOUbll and SChOnberg S mUS'Cal- eyentualities and spaces and (£8). liyocatiye (‘anadian dance set in the Vietnam war, is one of iny'estiuates the nature of loye time and CCA company the Holy Both Tattoo .’ m . - . r .. . . ‘. . . _ . . . - . . v - .- . e most technicall com lex the importance of imagination in living 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4000. [\\( . celebrates the sensual forces of _ f , y , ka I t our liyes. Just how many times and in WA] submission and control. - plecesi O Stagmg you re I ey 0 how many ways can you fall in loye My Residence Sun l3 ck Mon [—1 ('horeographers Noam (iagnon and see. ll 8 something Of a legend with the same person'.’ I’m! orbit ()ct. 8pm. £3 lioi. Renowned dancer Dana (iingras employ the multimedia A among [musicgfls' SO this Scottish . )p- ‘\\.|' 'I --~;) . ...--y - s‘ . .‘ . \ --... , -‘ _ Slums. Sec lLdltllL; H .\T.il_\\L loulm t() \citigo dance H aspects of film. \idco. pioicction and premler IS bound to create 8 Stir. Spoonface Steinberg Iliu 17 Sat company i presents three solo pieces: Illt’ music to communicate ideas of . F _ :(i ot-i. 8.30pm. £3 L'll (£5 rm. it-c [iii/mic and my rim. In (in! m (hm-c surrender. fragility illitl broken Playhouse Edinburgh. N 7 7 llall's critically acclaimed play based and I'ii/it’lii'i'u/ili' .S‘mies which elegance through a raw duet. Part of Oct—Sat 25 Feb. on the life of a young autistic girl’s incorporate moyement. \‘ideo projection Ilit’ Sit Stages I't’.\'lf\'(I/. This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews. Thursday 10 Friday 11 Saturday 12 Sunday 13 Monday 14 mesday 15 Wednesday 16 Thursday 17 ('loser Closer ('loser -- See (‘ity‘ Life ~ See Rock (‘6; Pop .My Residence My Residence Jimmy Jimmy (‘quirguflhiu\\iiy... ('qulrgsnOnuIWay.” ('iyuitu'ifiinuflfiiy... - » Kat M is W Cottier Th l.llllt:Sl10p... LittleShop... [JillcSliole . '9 ()h' What a Night ()li‘ What a Night ()h' What a Night The Rocky Horror . The Rocky HUITUI Thc Rocky Horror The Rocky Horror a The Birdcatcher Pied Piper. . . ~ The Ugly Duckling * I)“ "'r.‘ "1"“ - ~ Paisley Arts 8 .\Tl's liiown's Mis Brown's Mrs Brown's Dance Passion 5"" ("‘llk‘l.‘ E See clam-iii -. Macbeth flamshom Theatre Royal (‘irca ('irca ~ The Odyssey in . . _ Tramway l’ossllilc \Volltls Possible \Viii’lds l’iissihlc \Viirlils [’ossililc \Viirlds Possible \Viirltls Possible ..St\lilil;i\‘c . Swuhh Dun“. hum) (hm . scc Ruck 3; Pup The (iood Woman . . . The (iood Woman . . . Rallll‘t‘ll Dance (lo Raiiilicll Dance ("o Raliiliei‘l Dance ('o Scc Rock & T’op Sec (‘11) l.Ilc SC" (.I‘l“"“'l m The ('ircle The (’irclc The ('irclc The Tempest The Tempest The Tempest 2 Sec ('1!) Title Scc Kids 3 Miss Saigon Miss Saigon -- Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Miss Saigon Miss Saigon g Sunset Song Sunset Song .‘iunsct Song Sunset Song Sunset Song Siiiisct Soili.‘ 5"”‘0' 5“”)! g lly'pothetically . l . Hypothetically . . . s- s. s— ~ » Moment to Moment 1

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