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Get ready for another flurry of miffed missives on The List's letters page as the Glasgow Fabulous boys, Michael Collin and Daniel Jackson. branch out to produce their first comic. Entitled 2001: A Jakey Odyssey, the spin-off from the popular cartoon strip in our Clubs section takes familiar faces from the Glasgow clubbing world and turns them into superheroes. Due to be published in the middle of October, it'll be on sale for £2 in selected outlets including Borders Books on Buchanan Street.

And because we’re generous types. we've got ten copies of 2001: A Jakey Odyssey to give away. In the spirit of controversy generated by the strip, we want you to think of the nastiest thing you can say about Glasgow Fabulous. The ten rudest entries will win. Send your entries to or on a postcard to The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 lTE by Friday 18 October.

Actor and comedian EDDIE IZZARD chooses his top comedy moustaches at the movies.

1 Eddie lzzard My own moustache and beard combo in ~ . t . . Revengers Tragedy obviously In a nicer part of GlaSgow, ewl millionaires

outdoes any contenders. Steffan ' and Colin Barr meet.

2 Robert Redford in Butch

Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. it’s a really nice 1800s effort. thick but “Qt too conv'nc'ng- So I said to her,"Sinita,

' T 3 Jeff Daniels in Gettysburg has 'f You feel Threa ened by

this huge walrus moustache. In fact a, man Taking on “were” most of the work of the beard artist '” women 5 fashion JUST on that film looked like that of a brillo forget It.

pad artist. but Daniels managed to do a very fine piece of acting while being attacked by a moustache.

4 Robert Downey Jr in Chap/in. YOU can‘t go wrong With the Old Riiiiiiiigt

Hitler moustache. always good for -- - so onto business. laughs.

5 Johnny Depp in Don Juan DeMarco. I don't know whether I liked this one or not. but it does have a certain incredulity.

JOHN MALEY, author of Delilah’s and writer of the short film Daddy’s Girl chooses his favourite cross- dressing movies.


1 The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert It's got

great performances and Terence J 1

Stamp makes a great Sheila. €a

Wonderful tunes and lots of fun. «:3- O

2 Tootsie Everybody wants to be Kinky Afro and whoever it is 3 ~

a friend 0f DOFOthY [MiChae'S]. who does Melting Pot, wouldn't ' - i,

played by Dustin Hoffman. It has have thought they'd be much

some great 9393 and is a 900d of a threat to anyone's career. good busmess though

satire of media in America.

3 La Cage Aux Folles It's a great French farce with a human heart. So camp and over the top.



4 Yentl I love Barbra Streisand and Isaac Bashevis Singer who wrote it. It's about a woman who swaps gender to get an education.


It'll take more than a few johnny-cum—latelys and a couple of poofy millionaires to defeat the greatest dj's the west of Scotland has

ever seen.

5 Some Like it Hot It is the blueprint for any drag movie. So bold for Jack Lemrnon and Tony Curtis to keep it going.

I The Datsuns Barfly. Glasgow


Dennis Heather Patricia Louise

Bar Rock bitch Student Play t'xorker manager I gropetl the That tnlas great. They're really.

I! ‘.'.'as gtiitarist's arse I heard their really good. ll‘étglf). and it as single on MTV ‘.‘.Otlld have liked even bought tight as the and bought the to have seen

a "llshirt and band. ticket for the them at Gig on

I haven't gig after that. the Green. I'll done that It's the best gig definiter go and Since Iron I've been to in see then: again. Maiden. ages.

6 THE LIST 13— i? Oct 2002