Come in from the cold

When you think of hip venues in Glasgow, ALASKA instantly springs to mind, but now it’s closing . It’s the end of era but don’t despair - it’s going out with a bang. Words: Gillian McCormack.

orry may be the hardest word. but goodbye

comes a pretty close second. Alter almost two—

and—a-hall' years of providing shelter to some ol’ the worlds most respected l)Js. Alaska is calling it a night. Martin l-‘reil. the club's manager says: ‘l‘or the past couple ol‘ years Alaska has been regarded as a fresh new cltrb. We just feel that in keeping with that image. that now it‘s time for a change. We're not closing down. we just want to try something completely dil'l‘erent. We have had an amazing run. and everyone has enjoyed it. It is sad to think we won‘t he doing it the way we‘re doing it at the moment. but it‘s better to go out on the highest high possible.‘

And believe you me they had quite a l‘ew highs. (itlcsls such as Andrew Weatherall. (‘arl Craig. Han & llipp—e. Jon (‘arter and Fred Nasty to name but a few. have all graced the decks and tasted the vibe that made Alaska one of the most popular venues in (ilasgow.

Slam were responsible for bringing the majority ol‘ these guests to the club. 'l'heir sterling reputation is synonymous the world over with (ilasgow's renowned dance music scene. relied upon by his and lans alike lor l‘orward-looking techno and house. and as such their residency Freelance Science has been one ol~ the busiest in the club‘s calendar. l‘itting then. that the last time (ilasgow's clubbing massive run on to Alaska's dancel‘loor. Stuart and ()rde will be at the helm. The dynamic duo will play out to the sweaty.

‘People will just have to come down to experience it. We hope we leave everyone wanting more’

Slam fittineg host Alaska’s last night

glassy eyed clubbers that have flocked to the club religiously. tor the very last time.

The night promises to be a belter. although (‘rae Caldwell. Slam's promoter. wouldn't give too much away. 'We expect the last l‘reelance Science to be a bit rnental.‘ he says. ‘l’eople will just have to come down to experience it. We hope we leave everyone wanting that little bit more. It is not the end ol‘ Freelance Science far from it. It will continue in a variety of other venues. We have plans for something in the (‘(‘.»\ in December. so we'll just see how that goes. If it doesn't. then we have plenty ol‘ other ideas. It‘s good to keep things l‘resh. All ol’our nights such as Reliel‘ and l’luid will return in some sort of l‘orm or another they‘ll just be new and irnproved.’

llornebass. which celebrated its second birthday last week. was another of the clubs most successful nights. ‘We are sad to go because we know that llomebass worked really well in Alaska.‘ explains resident 1)] Martyn Jengahead. ‘Because ol. the club‘s layout we were able to put on totally different guests and we could have a lot of fun. We‘ve got some amazing memories of guests who totally rocked it. such as Freq Nasty. (ieorge 'l' and Tim Sirnenon. It is really sad and it will be missed. But you've got to get on with it and we‘ve got a lot ol‘ things tip our sleeves to be getting on with.‘

(‘aldwell agrees: ‘lt is undoubtedly sad. We have had some amazing nights and we have lel‘t Alaska with totally brilliant memories. but all good things. as the saying goes. must come to an end.‘ So take advantage of the final l‘ew nights at (ilasnost and Freelance Science: its gonna go oil big style.

Glasnost with special guest Thomas Brinkmann, Fri 4 Oct and the final night ever, Freelance Science, Sat 5 Oct; both at Alaska.

The latest club news

THOSE OPTIMO DJS SEEM to be getting everywhere. Not only are they coming at ya from MAS (and soon from the Sub Club), with Add N to (X) on the 13 October no less, but they have been roped into appearing at Jarvis Cocker’s very own festival. Taking place on 14 December down at the Magna Science Adventure Centre in Sheffield and also featuring, alongside Pulp: Royksopp, the Bees, James Lidell, Four Tet, Warp DJs and Films, John Peel, the Kills, James Yorkston, Lemon Jelly and loads more (and at only £30 - what a bargain!).

ROYKSOPP HAVE. ALSO announced a Big Night Out at the Barrowland. Just the day before. 13 December. taking yOu from 8pm tarn with FC Kahuna (livel and the Sounds of the Cosmos from lorn Middleton's DJ set as support.

Have a Big Night Out with FC Kahuna

BIG NEWS FOR EDINBURGH’S club scene and in fact Scotland as a whole as Manchester’s Bugged Out! sets up a new residency at the Liquid Rooms. Launching on 23 November with a massive line-up including Green Velvet (live), James Holroyd and more to be confirmed. This is gonna be huge.

ACCORDING TO OUR POST- bag you ()rthe: love "em or you hate ‘ern, but vat/rt:- SllChllig by ‘ern and the” crimes; send up ol local club culture :vvell they always raise a srnrle lr'orn Werd Up that's for sure. But Glasgow l ahulous have got a full-length comic on the way. 200/: A Jakey ()(iiss‘e'. check out page (5 kn r‘rore .letarls and a chance to ,o.rr very own copy.

THE A-LlST CARD IS STILL in full effect, giving you discount entry to number of Glasgow and Edinburgh clubs (including a selection of Hitlisted and previewed nights). Check the listings for more details.

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