Before you go flicking for this issue's bumper crop of offers and prizes iloads of film tickets. Club discounts. drawing pads and a golf and spa weekend in St Andrewsi. n're'd like to catch up wrth a couple of winners of our recent bigger competitions.

The winner of the Rizta kilt was Emin Chong from Surrey who knew that said garment was made up of blue. green, yeliox'x and red. She's now delighted to he wearing her souvenir of the Edinburgh festival.

Elsewhere during August we teamed up ‘.'.’llh \"Jarner Home Video to give ten of you a DVD of 3000 Miles to Grace/and x-Jith Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner. As if that wasn't enough we had a first prize of a DVD player ‘.'.’ll|Cl1 ‘-.'.r’()l1l to a very pleased-indeed George Pomen; from Edinburgh.


Multi_media showcase to encourage creativity. Words: Ruth Hedges See contents page for this fortnight's ran-down of offers and competitions.

brand new arts centre opens in Edmhurgh's Prltor‘ area this month. The 5.72.7;5in pt. ding. Norti‘ Edinhurgh Arts Centre. funded by Lotten, money and the City of Etliniz.irgh CU'IC i. ‘i provde the local community vxrth a 9(3-seat tl‘eatre and (Ill‘nCB'T‘ZL a record hg 83.1120. a gated, and a (:afe har u'x'tn plans for a digital suite. soulpture garden and ereehe ‘or I.'l(:- future. Martin Ayres. artist :: (vector of NFAC. has worked in the area for 15 years and understands 'ts .i“portanee. ‘One 0‘ the highlights for "‘e '3; flats it's the first time in many. litany years there ‘35:? he a Cil‘:0"lél 'r‘ the Create" Paton area.‘ he says. NEAC's an‘pitrons are h'gi‘. and its funehon as a participaton; space is top or‘ the agenda. '\'.’e exist to

introduce duality. ;:rt)‘e538i(>na' arts -"to the area. put the at“ :; dong that is to act as a satayst to "tsnre :l‘e

local peel). The. are ai'eady ‘..C'K"‘tg in (,olape'ation \. oral schools. Theatre \t/orksueg a

e to expe'e their enzh (,reaiaity says Ayres.

\/j ‘i\{; 9 ‘/\°. (‘l\ (\!\')'V\t\{;r

Orchestra. and programming a range o' ~..ror shops .:2' t.’ e youngest .o the oldest 1' the <,<,inr‘..i'\.t.. I xr,.temer t

is tangible. And NEAC has every Chance 0‘ suoe >ss. One of fine thi‘gs that's key for us is that \.'.'e're firn‘“,

rooted «’1 north Edii‘hurunf savs Aves. '\.r"-./e have very n‘eanrriofu? netx'xerks and so ea" nreriran‘n‘e n a ‘.'.'a\'

that suits peope's needs.’

Unimpressed by old banger, adorable kids much prefer custom MINI with aerodynamic

Eccentric inventor custom-builds a flying car. body kit, driving lamps, union jack roof and ‘go-faster'* bonnet stripes.


The new MINI starts at £10,300 and has a choice of over 160 optional extras and accessories.

Ask about MINI tlc. S years/50,000 miles full service cover forjust £100.

08000 836 464

Car shown MINI Cooper from £14,010. Disgruntled inventor admits MINI is truly scrumptious. The End.

*BOnnet stripes don't actually make the car ‘go-faster'. they just give the impression visually. Official fuel consumption figures MINI range: urban 8.7— 11.4 l/100 km 24.8 32.5 mpg. extra urban 5.2 6.8I/100 km 41.5 54.3 mpg. combined 6.5 8.4 l/100km 33.6 43.5 mpg. (0’ emissions 158 202 g/km.

"02.". THE LIST 7