addition of the back room. playing host to Mr and Mrs Mogwai. the fttture looks like a happy place for all things find.

I Friscodisco at Berlin (formerly Noa). l()pm~3am. i-‘ree before i lpm; £5 after. l8 ()ct. Monthly. Residents Martin Valentine and Stey'e Wanless return to their old stomping ground with the usual tnix of hot house selections.

I Funkey Magic at (‘octeau Lounge (downstairs at Ego). Next date 8 No\.

I 60-60 at ('octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). Monthly next date 25 ()ct.

I House Technique at Studio 24. l()pm—3am. £6 (£5). 18 ()ct. The House Technique crew present a night of driy ing house pleasure. Residents Marco Smith and Neil (‘rookston are joined by the delightful (iail Sellars (lnpttt ()ut Records). (iood pals with Marco so expect a super slick back2back set.

I Indicator at the Honeycomb. l()pm—3am. £8 before I lpm: £l() after (£8 students all night). 4 ()ct. Monthly. Edinburgh's newest trance night welcomes JFK (Passion). Joining a stellar residents roster including Sitnon i-‘oy. Jason (‘oteL Phil York. Alex Ayery. Warner Powers and Dow/er. More big name guests are on the way.

I JAM Fridays at Heriot-Wali ['niyersity l'nion. l()pm- 3am. Free. Weekly. Massive student night with the best in party tunes. big heats. trance and funk.

I Keep it Unreal at ligo. l()pm-3am. £7---£S. ll ()ct. Mr Scruff's irregular residency of ja/z. funk and way tnore in the world of heats. breaks of futmy little noises. All hacked tip by the eyer reliable Steye Austin in the downstairs arena.

I Manga at La Belle Angele.

10.30pm 5am. £l() £12 (£8 -£l() members). 4 ()ct. Monthly. .Manga don‘t follow the crowd they lead ‘em with their irresistible monster drum & bass sounds. Special guests Total Science ((‘IA and Metalhead/ » do you really need any more recommendation than that?) join the residents Son of l'gly. DJ Kid and (i-Mac. 0 Mischief at the Venue.

l().3()pm Jam. £l2. ll ()ct. Monthly. The three story hip hop and drttm & bass block party reaches its first birthday and they baye something kinda special lined tip. Reload arena for you d&b heads with Nicky Blackmarket. Randall. M(‘ Skihadee and residents liN(). M(' Tonn Piper. Bodyrock arena for all the best in hip hop from Rodney P. Skitz. Richie Rufftone and Nasty P. Finally in the cooler with a touch of Rec B. ragga and other urban grooy‘cs we haye AJ and Ambassador. See prey‘iew.

I Modern Lovers at ligo. llpm .‘satn. £3.50 before midnight: £5 alter. 4 ()ct. Monthly. A swinging mix of funked-up northern soul. electronic exotica and freakbeats from ('raig Jamieson and Andrew Dey'ine (Diyine)joined by yery special guest (ierry Loye of Teenage Fanclub fatne.

I Moody at Wee Red Bar. 1 lpm—Bam. £5—£(i (£4). 18 ()ct. Monthly. An all-new club night showcasing ‘all styles and no smiles'. Don't eyen think about having a good time then when residents Stephen Brown (Transmat) and Vinnie take to the decks. playing Detroit techno. Chicago house. breaks. disco and whatever else they feel like.

I No Strings Attached at the Venue. Coming soon with special guest Justin Robertson J Nov.

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo. Monthly next date 25 ()ct

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. 9pm~3am. £5. Weekly. Funked tip your] house and dance classics from Steyie (i. with Jet Hill starting things off with his jaw. R&B and garage mix.

0 Open to Torture at Studio 24. l().3()pm«3am. £tbc. ll ()ct. Monthly. New night of techno and electro pleasure in association with Billy Nasty ‘s uber-cool 'l'ortured Records. ()pening tip proceedings will be l'MliK with a three hour. three dex set. l‘uture dates sec (iaetano Parisio and Samuel l. Sessions (8 NM) and the main

man Billy Nasty and the Adyent (Dec). This is gonna be massiy e.

I Opium at ()pium. l().3()pm 3am. l’ree. Weekly. See Thu.

0 Pogo Vogue at Bongo ('lttb.

l()pm 3am. £9. 4 ()ct. No music policy allowed at this new night of experimental electronica. bttt with special guests Day id ('arretta (international Deejay (iigilos) and (‘ylob (Rephlex) l think you get the picture of what the night will inyolxe. Quality. no messing. For this (late only ''t‘unl linlt/t'rs gel 12/ “Ht/(Hil'lil'ft't' all night.

I Promised Land at lloneycotnb. 10.30pm 3am. l-‘ree before midnight; £5 alter. l 1 ()ct. Monthly. True house of the deepest yariety. frotn residents Jamie Matthew and Paul Maslin.

I Roadblock at Po Na Na. l()pm 3am. Free before 1 1pm: £4 (£5) after. Weekly. Nicci [3 stops the traffic in bad music when she digs up the best in funk. disco. house and block rockin' beats.

I Salsa . . . Salsita! at iii Barrio. l()pm—3am. Free. Weekly. Hot and fire) salsa action from the lil Barrio DJ teatn on rotation.

I 500 Delicious at ('ommplex (formerly (’lub Jaya). Monthly next date 25 ()ct.

I Switch-Up! at La Belle Angelc. Monthly next date 25 ()ct.

I Tempo All l.2t Belle Angele.

l 1pm 3am. £6 (students free before

i 1.30pm). lb’ ()ct. New trance and tech- house night from Key Wright (the sublime Sublitne DJ of yore) and Lena K (Jakata).

I Tokyoblu at ligo. llpm 3am. £3. lh’ ()ct. Monthly. l'p-and-coming double act plying their trademark blend of funky house and classic grooyes.

I Trouble at the Blue Note at the Beat Ja/l Basement. ts’pm 3am. l‘rec before l()pm: £4 (£2) after. Weekly. lmproy ised ja// jam sponsored by the legendary Blue Note Records. This fortnight we hate special guests Apache playing their classic Hammond gt'ooyes with Patti Mills and Nasty P improxising the cuts (4 ()ct ). The follow ing week ('alum Walker drops by w ith his liyc soul and ja/l inflected house to launch his Sit/(tr Home lil’ i ll ()c‘ll.

Chart & Party

I Cyber Subway at Subway West lind. 7pm 3am. £4 (£l ). Weekly. An interactiyc eltlli experience for those stttl

puppies who txt rather than talk to people.

Vote ill adyance for the drinks promotions and the music policy online or by SMS or use the ‘digital cyber subway polling stations' in the \enue on the night. Surf to w w w.subw ayw for more info. Four Play at Massa (formerly (‘lub Mercado). 4pm 3am. Weekly. Mainstream dance action and after office antics (with happy hour frotn 4pm 8pm). Dangerous. yet strangley enjoyable.

I Frozen in Time at Time.

1 [pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. A short. grumpy man plays commercial chart and dance. Over 21s only.

I Ibiza Foam Party at Rey'olution. l()pm-3am. £tbc. Weekly. Commercial dance. foam. holiday giveaways (Club Iii—30 no less) all night long.

I Office Affair at Subway West End. 4—9pm. £l—£4. Weekly. Chart tunes. buffet and cheap drinks what else do you

need to make a fool of yourself in front of

you colleagues?

I Office Party at ('ay'endish/Dixa. 4pm---3am. liree. Weekly. New night of after work silliness and cheesy fttn. Bucking broncos. games and more to keep the suited masses entertained. Buffet for pre-bookcd parties (as well as a btts pick up serx'ice).

I Push! at Peppermint Lounge.

l()pm 3am. l-‘ree before midnight; £4 (£3) after. Weekly. (hart. dance and Rth tunes. with funk and hip ltop in the back

I The Subway at Subway. 9pm 3am. liree before l lpm; £3 (U t after. Weekly. Sec Thu.

Edinburgh Saturdays


I Beluga at Beluga Bar and ('anteen Restaurant. (S’pm lam. l-"ree. Weekly. llouse. garage and ja/xy beats frotn liric Da Viking and friends.

I City Got Soul at lgttana.

l()pm 3am. l-‘ree. Weekly. Trinity Sound's Andy Baker (pltis gueststi supplies the soulful house and garage.

I Extra Width at (iildcd Saloon. ()pm lam. l‘ree. Weekly. Noisy guitars. lo-li and ex en a touch of ghetto-tech. and seeing that it's rttn by Mr and Mrs Mogwai it w ill come as no surprise that guest bands attd indie types drop in to spill the wheels of steel.

I Guaranteed Pure at Madogs. Midnight 3am. liree. 5 ()ct. See Hi.

I Immersed in Music at l’iy'o ('affe. ()pm—3am. l’ree. Weekly. The ('lech style bar launches a new DJ schedule to get the party started in a progressiye house and tech-trance stylee. With rotating DJ duties tilled by Derek Martin (Progression). Stuart Duncan (Atomic Baby). Nic (‘ayendish (l'p!) and Key Wright (Sublime).

I Luscious at the Btish. 7.30pm lam. Free. 5 ()ct. (ict into the l.ltseiotls \ ibe with a selection fo scratching. soulful and ambient house.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. \()()t) ‘thtt. l-‘rcc. Weekly. .-\ll day session with Bertic's mix of soul and funk till 5pm then Raw Moxement and (iracme McLean take oy er on a ja/ly soul tip.

I Progression at (‘ity ('afe.

0pm lam. l’rce. l2 ()ct. Progressiyc liouse pre-club. with the Progression residents ((iay (irant. Derek Martin and Alan Dobson) on rotation. Second birthday special and Danny Howells will be dropping by to supply an alternatiyc set before playing the club proper.

listings Clubs

I Quality at Madogs. 7pm midnight. l‘rcc. Weekly. See Hi.

I Radio Oxygen at ()xygen Bar and (il'lll. 0pm lam. l‘ree. Weekly. liunkcy Magic's llol'lbeats supply the house (5 ()ct) w hile there's a mixed bag of soul from Ms Simmonc Black at Blak Magic ( i2 ()ct ).

I Tokyoblu at (‘)-Bar. Spm lam. l-i'ee. Weekly. l’rc-cluh sessions for this tip- and-coming house double act.

I The Whiteout Weekend at Midlothian Ski (critic. lintry price applies. Noon ()pm. 5 ()ct. This year's biggest downhill jam with a host of DJs to compliment the on slope action. Scott MacKen/ie. Sttikid arid Springfello and Jules proy ide the house. the Sublime boys (iary Mac and Beany bring the breaks and Alex (Bristol Bounce) proy'ides the drum tk bass (with more to be announced).

I Wiggle at Planet ()ut. l()pm lam. lirec. 12 ()ct. Monthly. Pre-club session for the new night from Joy down at ligo. with Brett King handling warm tip duties.

WLM at Q-Bar. Spin lam. £l £3. 12 ()ct. Rtle garage. house and ftink with an Asian y ibe from the West London Massixc. liye attd DJs.

I YO! Below at Yol Below.

Spin midnight. l'i‘ee. Weekly. (‘hris lilexcn flexes his funky house grooyes at the stishi style bar.


I 21st Century Disco at (’ommplcx (formerly ('luh Jaxa).

9pm 2am. £5. Weekly. Sce Hi.

I Ascension Goth Club at in iol Row l'nion. l().3(ipm 3am. £3 (£2). l‘) ()ct. Monthly. In association with lidinburgh l'niycrsity ‘s (ioll) and Rock Society comes this cheery mix of tip-to- date darkness featuring all the latest goth. rock and industrial greats.


Your pass to great club nights in Glasgow & Edinburgh

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