Art listings

Glasgow Galleries continued

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM 'I'op floor ()4 ()sbornc Street. 552 I472. 'I‘ue Sat noon 5pm.

MFA Students Tue 8 Sun I3 ()et. Recent work by students on the MFA course at (ilasgow School of Art. GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART

The Mackintosh (iallery. I07 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon Thu l0am-7pm: I’ri I0am-4.45pm; Sat I0am noon.

3 Ken Currie l'ntil Sat lb .\'ov. New works by the internationally renowned Glasgow-based artist Ken Currie. in this his first solo exhibition in Scotland since 1992. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art. (‘urrie became known for his socialist realist-influenced works and murals but since then his work has undergone changes in style and subject matter. Curated by Sandy Moffat. the exhibition coincides with the launch of a new hook on the artist by the historian Tom Normand. Sec preview and llitlist. l’url Ufl/It' l-irsl Nights l-i'vlii'ul. Memory Language t‘ntil Thu RI Oct (Atrium (iaIIery: I0am 8pm: Fri

I0am 445me. An exhibition of experimental work by Stephen Raw inspired by contemporary and historical language and 'imagined' memory.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'niversity of (illtsgow. 82 IIilIhead Street. 3305431. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm. Free.

Mackintosh in France t'nul Sat I: Get. Watercolour paintings of the landscape of the South of Iirance. the place w here Mackintosh chose to spend the littttl )L‘tlt‘s of his life.

Intimate Friends: Scottish Colourists at the University of Glasgow t'ntil 'I‘ue I Apr. An extensive exhibition highlighting the l'niyersity of (ilasgow's important Scottish Colourist collection. featuring rarely seen works by Cadell. liergusson. Hunter and PepIoe. The Scottish Colourists Tue 8 ()ct. 5.30pm. Philip curator at the Scottish National (killer) of Modern Art. gives a talk on the Scottish Colourists. Whistler to Freud t’niit Sat 33 Nov. Recent acquisitions of drawings. prints and etchings featuring major examples of printmaking hy Whistler and I‘reud. Pick One Picture Wed () ()ct. Ipm. 'I'en-minute talk focusing on Rembrandt's Iinmm/miwit.

Pick One Picture Wed 16 ()ct. Iptn. 'I‘en-minute talk focusing on The Birth of Saint John the Baptist by lppolito Scarsella.


ll Mitchell I.ane. 22I (i362. Mon c& Wed Sat I0.30am 5pm; The llamv 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

The Big Issue t'niil Sat 12 ()ct (Circulation Spacel. A collaborative project between the Lighthouse. The Big Issue and the (iIA which examines the alternative to hostel life.

mpt t'ntiI Sun 3 Nov (Viewing Platform). An exhibition looking behind the tnuch talked about mpf [missing presumed found]. a series of black books with the words ‘read me' on the cover which were left in places for people to find.

C‘Evergreens and Nevergreens I'ntil Sun 3 .\'o\. A major exhibition celebrating the work of Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen. \\ idely acknowledged as one of the greatest influences on 2001 century domestic design. Created by the Danish I)esign Centre in Copenhagen. the exhibition is conceiv ed as an abstract rendition of Jacohsen's labyrinthine garden in Soholm. Klampenborg. See llitIist. Young Nordic Design: Generation X t‘niil Sun 20 Oct. The best design work from young designers and design groups from Denmark. I‘inland. Iceland. Norway and Sweden featuring furniture. industrial. textile. graphic and fashion design.

96 THE LIST 't 02'. i"

Fieldwork: Art and Architecture and Urban Regeneration t'ntil Sun I7 Nov (Review (iaIIery l. A collaborative project involving artist Louise Crawford arid architect lan Alexander of McKeow n Alexander which aims to generate debate about the role of art in regeneration schemes. creativescotland t'mil Mon 2 Dec. Throughout the year. the Lighthouse will be showcasing a changing display of the work of Scotland's creative entrepreneurs.

Innovation Fund t'ntil Mon 28 ()ct (Circulation Space). An exhibition highlighting the grants from the Innovation Fund. created as part as the National Programme for Architecture.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 8847. Tue~Sat I0am—Ipm 8; 2—5pm. Bearsden Art Club Sat 12 ()ei—t-‘ri 8 Nov. Annual exhibition showcasing new work by local artists.


200 Bath Street. 33I 0722. 'I’uenSat

()am (ipm.

Peter Howson l'ntiI Thu 7 .\'o\. .\'ew paintings by New (ilasgow Boy. Peter How son.


73 Robertson Street Suite (3 Hoor I. 248 37I l. 'I‘ue l-ri noon 5pm.

Mary Redmond t'niil lit 4 ()ct. New work by Mary Redmond.


23l \Vc‘sl (icorge SII'L‘L‘I. .243 9755.

Mon I-‘ri l0am 5.30pm: Sat l0am 2pm. Jessie King 'l‘hu 3 Sat 2t» ()ct. Drawings and watercolours of Paris by Jessie King pltts a display of recent acquisitions including works by St

Self Portrait by John Byrne on show at

iii Glasgow

Peploe. Williatn (iiIIies. Leslie Hunter and William Wells. NEW SHOW.


Albion Street. 287 55] l. Mon—Sun

10am 7pm.

Art of Can t'ntil Sun l3 ()ct. An exhibition of entries to the 2002 Red Bull Creative Contest which invited people to create an art piece from empty Red Bull


36 Washington Street. 221 2123. Mon-lit'i 9am—6pm.

Gambia Winter/Non tfniil Wed 30 ()ct. Paintings and photographs by Cathy Richmond and Kay Sey from a residency in the (iambia 2001.


(3 Wilson Street Merchant City. 552 0702. Tue. Wed 8; Fri I lam—6pm; Thu

l lam—7pm; Sat 10am—6pm; Sun 1—5pm. Alasdair Powrie-Smith L'ntil Sun I3 ()ct. Large-scale photographic artworks by Alasdair Powrie-Smith.


[hit 2 Merchant Square. 552 5627.

Tue Sat I lam 5.30pm; Sun 11am—5pm. Mixed Exhibition the IS ()et-~I~‘ri l5 Nov. A mixed show of paintings by various artists.

Tasting Salt t'niil Sun (3 ()ct. .-\ travelling exhibition of work by artists thing in .\'oth l'ist.


Centre I’or Developmental Arts 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Iiri I0am ~5pm. Universal Print Show t'ntil t-‘ri l8 Oct. The 5th annual show of contemporary prints from national and international studio artists.

._ it. Print Studio

RGI KELLY GALLERY l 18 Douglas Street. 248 (3386. Mon—Fri 10.30am—5pm; Sat l0.30am—Ipm.

RGI Exhibitionship - Blair William Thomson Sat 5—Sat 190cm Oil paintings.


2 Sattchiehall Street. 353 8000. Mon—Sat I 0am—6pm.

Russian Painters L'ntil Tue 31 Dec. Art inspired by Russia and Scotland by a group of Russian painters including Maxim Demidov and Vladimir Cbekhmarev.


6 Burnfield Road. Giffnock. 638 I200. Tue—Fri l lam—5pm; Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pni

Mixed Exhibition L'ntil Wed 6 Nov. Affordable original paintings by gallery regulars including Lesley Banks. Peter Nardini. Sarah Carrington. Blair MiIIen and (iraeme Sharp.


300 (ireat Western Road. 337 2862. Tue—Sat 10am—4pm.

Healing Art Thu 3—Wed 23 ()ct. An exhibition of art by long-term hospitalised children exploring their feelings through different media from painting to wax carvings. NEW SHOW. STREET LEVEL 26 King Street. 552 2l5I. Tue—Sat [0am--5.30pm.

Antonio Rego L'ntil Sat 16 Nov. Two new video works by Glasgow-based Portuguese artist. Antonio Rego. In Deep uni/('2' the Skin. a number of Glasgow artists read from their favourite book and in Roundabout. artists and writers talk about a subject whilst being driven around a roundabout.


42 ()tago Lane. 357 4524. Daily l l.3()am—-I()pm.

Subscapes L'ntil Sun I3 ()ct. A new collection of subscape acrylic paintings and pickled pet by Glasgow-based artist Ryan lixidore.


25 Albert Drive. 0845 330350I. Tue~Sat noon—8pm; Sun noon—6pm. Greyscale/CMYK t'ntil Sun 20 ()ct. A major group show of work by artists from Scotland and the Nordic Regions featuring Ross Birrell. Martin Boyce. Roddy Buchanan. Icelandic Love Corporation. Camilla Low. Ross Sinclair and many more. See review.

What will Become of Us? t'niil Sttn (i ()ct. A two-person show of individual and collaborative works by Glasgow-based artists Scott Myles and Fred Pedersen. featuring photography. mixed media works and installations which explore time. process and repetition.

Network North Seminar Fri 1 I Oct. 2pm. Chaired by Caroline Woodley. a series of presentations by artists and writers participating in Network North including Will Bradley. Jakob Kolding. .\'55 and Toby Paterson.

Talacchanda Fri II Oct-Fri 1 Nov. A photographic installation and paintings by Ranjana ThapaIyaI which is based on ideas about female identity from ancient Indian drama and literature. NEW SHOW.


28 King Street. 552 48I3. Tue-Sat

lIam 5pm.

Group show t'ntil Sat 2 Nov. Painting and sculpture by young artists including Camilla I.ow. Kevin IIutcheson and Shahin Afrassiabi.


l8 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon-«Fri I0am~5pm.

Reflections of Africa t'niil I’ri l8 ()ct. A solo show of paintings by Stella Kilgariff IIirsz.