The Greek Orthodox prayer book with almonds

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Young and old dance until they drop '

Eventually the bride turns up to a cacophony of car horns. radiant in her simple white wedding dress and off—white high heels. The ceremony is part spoken by the priest. part sung by a male singer. What strikes me is the freedom to move about during the long service. People wander around the back of the chapel and up a forest slope in order to get better photos. Children are not hushed into silence.

And the key moments of the ceremony just seem funnier and more exciting than those of the Roman (‘atholic/(‘hurch of Scotland drab affairs l have attended. At one point loads of rice and pot pourri is thrown as the couple circle the altar really hard. not in the fey confetti tradition we haye here. At another point the priest informs the woman she must obey her husband’s eyery command. at which the woman treads on his foot and eyeiyonc laughs.

A couple of hours later and the queue to congratulate the lucky couple and their friends and relatiyes is coming to an end. ('heeks sodden with kisses. we look upwards and realise the unthinkable is about to happen. It is about to rain and the reception is at an outside venue.

The Sail ('afe on Askeli Beach. What happens here is a bit of a blur. I get soaked. drink lots of white wine. cheer and toast the couple many times and eat plates of delicious food that are generally bigger than my head. At one point someone tries to teach me how to dance (lreek style. propping me up like a marionette. I wander on the beach and plan my migration to this land of goats milk and honey through a haze of alcohol and cigarette smoke.

Then I am back in a car with little Nadia. my old friend Alexis and his very young looking girlfriend. And then we are back in the same bar I was in the night before being introduced to spiced rum and pineapple juice. Dancing. flushed and smiling. I know three things for certain: I am caught in some (hound/mg Day scenario. l have just been to the best wedding ever and come morning I will have one big fat Greek hangover.

Paul Dale flew to Greece with EasyJet. EasyJet flies from London Luton and London Gatwick to Athens. Book online at

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