Styles to Carrie you away

A wise woman once said that It's not the sex in Sex and the CW that women are interested rn. but the frrendshrps. Everything else rs Just \'-./al|paper. Very nree. ven' expensrye \.'.'al|paper if you count their y'xardrohes among the decorative. yet extraneous. hangings.

Cynthia Dixon «Mirandai hrt the narl on the head when she said that the clothes are like another character in the show '.'.'hr(:h help to keep rt real. Those experts In the know tell us y'rhatever the first ladies of New York are wearing thrs year. y'a'e'll he fighting over next year. That’s true to an extent think how we laughed when Carrie's gargantuan corsages first hit Our screens. No‘.'.' they 're every'y-gltere. So if SatC really rs at the forefront of fashion. what can we expect to he y'xearrrxi next year"?

Season five rs airing now in Anterrtta and the gals' wardrohe s still n‘akrng ‘.'.'a‘v.'es. Carrie's corsages are hack in a fig; way. hut this true they're strictly (I()lllll‘i(}(l to her t.'.'rrst. a la prom dress. Carrie and Charlotte keep it girly with print dresses. chiffon. pleats and pastels. aeeessorrsrug ‘.'./|lll cutesy hits and pieces such as children's tlll‘l)l‘()ll£if§ and harrhands. Miranda and Samantha stay bold and brash ‘.‘.’|ll‘. trademark asy'ri‘ritetrrt: designs. striking patterns and plummeting necklnes.

For the last few ,ears. y'ou'd he forgiven for thinking waistbands .‘xere a thing of the past Ihips are the he ....... xazsts. aren't they"?-. hut the warsthand rs hack and ’l.(}l‘.(;f than ever. Therr reappearance way he to eoyer up "eal life pregnancies lof hoth Parker and DlXOllr. hut tnrs year's cata'ralk shows are tol'oxxrng the trend.

And capes? Once the don‘arn of operagoers and high E3()(Il(:l\,'. the shoulder ‘.'.'arn‘.er' has replaced the faux fur as the neu'.’ kitsch on the hlock. Sean'es are rr‘ fashion on these shores Just now. Could capes he their successor"?

Patricia Fields rs the shorfs stylrst hiessed with the visionary fasnron ertxientgals. With the arrryal of hahy Brady on our hoxes. .'."'io knoy'rs y'rhere the generation Sex . . . sphere of influence -.'./r|| stop. Bahy Bap take note. llvlaureen llllfir

“The clothes are a character in the show

118 THE LIST "


Jump onboard the latest style craze with these tasty Oriental treats . . .


Brocade pumps Office. Glasgtm’. 5‘4S).S)S). (iet the head to-toe geisha look wrth these

adorahle shoes. they're higth impractical wear for

our y-zet. ri‘uddy' streets. hut the heautiful design mornplete ‘.'.’llll funky toe groover rs sure to put a sprung} in your step.

Brocade purse ()as/s. l‘fi.

A simply designed purse that comes wrth a wrist strap so that you don't lose rt when you're dancing peeing.

Vintage floral bag /l(:(:es()r/se. £211.95).

t's denrn‘. rt's covered in suhtle flower shapes. it's got y'xooden handles and it's \xronderful.


30 orchid lights lava. I'd/nhu/‘g/i. f‘l-t.$)$).

l’retty up any room with this cutesy chain of fairy lights adorned wrth orehrd petals.

Oriental window covers Urban Outfitters. Glasgow l‘.”()‘. Avarlahle rn hlue and red designs. these unusual wrnr low panels are perfect for hrrghtenrng up a room in the wrnter months. The llllll tree patterns might not he to everyone's taste. hut they‘re like nothing you'll ever lrnd rn llon‘ehase. rlvlaureen l Ilrsi


Spend, 8.990% .SP?W.2:1

I IT’S OFFICIAL, Selfridges will set up shop in Glasgow. Confirmation of the rumours came at the beginning of the month when the London-based fashion emporium signed on the line for the Trongate site. The store, which will cover 200,000ft sq over four floors and employ around 1,000 people,

is expected to open in 2007. Apart from being a huge boost to Glasgow and Scotland’s retail landscape, the decision also signals a much-needed cash injection into that particular area of town.

I ON THE SUBJECT OF upmarket shopping areas in Glasgow. Princes Square has designated Thursday 7 November Gifts Day. The swish centre will put on entertainment to bolster weary shoppers while they absorb the retail therapy ideas generated by individual shops. plus lots of inspiration for Christmas gifts. disc0unts and incentives. 'Tis the season to be extravagant. after all.

I CONGRATULATIONS to One Spa which has been awarded the highly commended Day Spa of the Year title at this year’s British Beauty Awards. The spa, located within Edinburgh’s Sheraton Grand Hotel, has been going from strength to strength since it opened one year ago. Check out its prize- winning qualities on the website www.0ne-


Sex and the City chic. head down to the Pout

concession within Edinburgh's Harvey Nichols where you can pick up a few little gems from the Doll Face range. Beloved of Sarah Jessica Parker et al, the Beauty Cocktails harness the finest vitamins. oils. enzymes and minerals, but wrapped up in the fun titles of your favourite tipples. Why not try out Shanghai conditioning toner, Mai Tai revitalising eye gel or Foxy Lady vitamin C mask? Yummy.

I FOR HOME IDEAS that will lift your mood and brighten your abode, head out to the SECC to catch the last few days of the Ideal Home Show. Expect celebrity guests, loads of entertainment and a buzzing atmosphere as you pick up pointers on transforming your home.

I LEVI'S JEANS HAS developed the world's first ‘anti-radiation' jeans. The trousers are designed to protect the wearer from potentially harmful mobile phone radiation. The line will feature in the company's Dockers range and will be launched on these shores next year.

I METALLIC IS THE new pearl, according to MAC cosmetics. Taking its inspiration from the autumn/winter catwalk shows, the company’s new look is intense and very sleek. Team with matt colours for a very dramatic look. Just check out the striking effect of MAC’s Forgery eyeshadow (pictured). The eyes haveit