EDINBURGH continued

I Spacious flat in City Centre waiting for professional or postgraduate to move in on 23rd October 2002. £250 pctn + ("1' + bond. Tel: 0131 225 1853. I Double room in large comfortable flat. Clermiston/ Corstorphine area. close to Queen Margaret ['niversity & btts routes. £60 pw including all bills. Tel: 07968 853 435.

I Room in friendly Marchmont llat. sharing with two others. about to be decorated. £205 pctn + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 2295050.

I Central. Large double bedroom. excellent shared facilities. Suit couple. £75 pw including CT. Tel: 0131 229 513-1ot'07808 297 till.

I Double room with box room in Cheyne Street. Stockbridge to share with one male professional. £290 pctn + bills. Tel: 07855 413 380.

I Professional n/s male wanted. to share a room in a West lind flat. Single room. £225 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 225 1495 after 6pm.

I Large double bedroom in attractive. fttrnished Bruntsfteld flat. Sharing with one male & female. Professional or someone in full-time employment would be suited. £250 pctn + bills + deposit of £250. Tel: 07734 679992.

I Attractive newly decorated large room. in quiet Central flat. All mod cons. Suit professional n/s. to share with one male. Short-term (3 - 6 months beginning in November). £290 inclusive but + telephone. Tel: 0131 477 4072.

I City Centre. Room in two bedroom flat with own garden in Bellevue. All mod cons. Suit young n/s professional. £275 pcm including CT but + telephone. Tel: 0131 556 1457. I West End. Room in large basement flat with garden. furnished with tv. Suit n/s professional. £300 pctn + bills + deposit + references. Tel: 07753 700 741.

I Double room available from late ()ctober. in spacious modern llat. 10 minutes from Princes Street. with private parking 8; all mod cons. Professionals only. £287 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 229 1355.

I Cool flatmate wanted to share with three others in big friendly flat at the top of London Road. Smoker preferred. but not essential. £180 pcm. Tel: (17763 889 679 or 07866 522 126.

I Double box room. in bright. spacious llat. sharing with 2 others. 10 minutes walk from Princes Street. Females only. £200 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 313 6376 (day) or (1131 556 5830 (evening).

I Large room in shared .‘vlarchmont flat. available from the 31st October. £350 pctn + £250 deposit. no bills. Single rootn available in shared flat. £250 pcm + £150 deposit. no bills. Available immediately. Tel: (1131 2294816.

I Single room, Newington. in town house to share with mixed housemates. liriendly easygoing house in qttiet area with double garage & patio. £175 pcm + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 668 3937 after 6pm.

124 THE LIST 17 001411 Oct 2002

I Professional male/female required for a double room in a traditional tnain door flat in Polworth (iardens. The City Centre is approximately 15 tninutes walk away & the flat is on a main bus route. £250 pcm + half the bills. Tel: 07870 283 451.

I Room available in Marchmont Road flat. 3 people share. £225 pcm + bills. Tel: 0131 447 8885.

I Meadowbank. Room in bright spaciotts flat with views over The Forth. (iCll & all mod cons. 5 Minutes walk frotn Meadow-bank Stadium 6’; llolyrtxxl Park. n/s professional only. £238 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 661 0362.

I Hanover Street, good location in New Town. single room in furnished flat to share with 2 professionals. Would suit young professional male. £216 pcm. Tel: 0131 226 5971.

I Female flatmate wanted. easygoing. working person for spacious 2-bedroom warehouse conversion. near Abbeyhill. ()wn garden & private parking. Available 1st week of November. £262.50 + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 478 0363. I Room in Haymarket 11at. (iood state of decoration. (iCll. cooker. microwave. fridge/freezer. electric shower & all mod cons. Professional/ postgraduate required. £225 pcm. Tel: 07855 755 464.

I Double room available in spacious beautiful colony style flat close to Mttsselburgh Town Centre. easy access to City. Suit professional female. £245 pcm + (‘T + bills. Tel: 01316530951.

I Quiet flat in Canonmills. We have a bright spacious room in a beautiful flat fora n/s. vegetarian. full-time student. preferably mature. £200 pcm + electricity + telephone. Tel: 0131 557 9122.

I Box room available in basement llat. Large friendly living area with back garden. Close to buses on London Road & Leith Walk. £200 pctn + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 557 4232.

I Central. Quality room in luxury townhouse. friendly calm environment. Suit discerning. n/s professional. livery comfort. £270 pctn + bills. Tel: 07754 764 562.

I Bruntsfield. Single room in lovely bright spacious llat. Female preferred. £250 including ('1‘. Tel: 07803 246 928.

I Canonmills. Double room available in friendly shared flat with one other. Would suit young professional. no 1)SS. £250 pctn + ("1' + bills. Tel: 0131 556 2689 after 6pm. I Single room available for Ms student. Broughton area. 10 minutes to Princes Street. 25 tninutes walk to main lidinburgh ['niversity Campus. New modern flat. (iCll. l)(.}. fully fitted kitchen. separate living room. private parking. £255 pcm.Te1: 07813 180 257. I Double room for n/s in bright spacious flat in Leith. All mod cons. 10 minutes frotn Centre. £270 pcm including all bills. Tel: 0131 555 4946.

I Large double room in sunny liaster Road flat. All mod cons & fttlly furnished. Suit postgraduate. young professional. sorry no couples. £250 pctn + bills + deposit. Tel: 07786 227 887.

I No double rooms available in shared llat. Professional n/s preferred. £310 pcm including bills. Tel: 07703 491 610.

I Room available in lovely large friendly flat. Large living rootn. two bathrooms. kitchen with all mod cons. (1CH 8; private garden. £200 + deposit. Students preferred. Tel: (1131 225 1 182.

I Professional female/male wanted for lovely rootn in spacious. bright Marchmont flat with all mod cons. To share with 2 others. £300 pctn + bills. Tel: 0131 447 5320.

I Large double room. in City Centre flat. sharing with one other. Available the start of November. £275 pcm + CT + bills + deposit. Tel: 0131 556 1793 (no couples please).

I North Queensferry, short-term let. Room for female in large house sharing with 2 others. Views over Forth. Two bathrooms! £250 pctn + CT. Tel 07939 215 007.

I Large room in shared flat. New Town. Young prof/ post grad to move in 24th Oct. £250 ptn + CT. Tel: 0131 556 3441

I Large room in shared llat. New Town. Young prof/post-grad to move in 1st Nov. £250 pm + CT. Tel: 0131 556 3441.

CB .C .23 .‘2 LL


V I saw you in Archeos "Bob the tire starter" tall. dark and a slight smell of smoke. 11a 11a. [7453”

V I saw you in Walkabout on Thursday 26 Sep. short dark hair. grey shirt. Fila bag. Really cute. Lets get in touch! And 1 mean T()[.'C11. [7/453/2

V I saw you and your beerbelly. How's about a grapefruit and tuna lunch? Love from the lilvis impersonator. [7453/3

V I saw you Barry. What are you doing? [7453/4

V I saw you with one shoe on. 1 drink too tnuch wine. tea & pulse. l‘lare your big. sexy Burgess nose. Love from your wee woman. Xx. [7453/5

V I saw you when l was back in (ilasgow for a wee visit. You are the tnost beautiful girl in the world and you're my best friend. Yayll [.7453/6

V I saw you in bed this morning Joint Boy. You broke my heart and you know what you'll be missing. From the attack victim. [.7453/7

V I saw you Tron Bar 07/10/02 eating lunch with Adrian - you tall '11 blonde. tne very interested! (iet in touch? [7453/8

V I saw you sexy brunette in the Tron. Aye you know! Suck tne beautiful 3! Katoooooo! 1! [7453/9

V I saw you arrogant short trousered freak shouting after "limma" across the (El-'1' foyer in front of her mates. llope she dutnps you. you prancing loser. [7453/10

V I saw you having a fantastic time at Arthur Lee gig in King Tuts. Love you lots 8; lots Lynn x. [.7453/11

V I saw you long brown hair. whipping tip my beef teriyaki in I‘usion. Byres Road. Me. short and blond sitting in the corner watching you watching the. [7453/12 V I saw you at the (3131 balancing a champagne bottle on your nose as you watched the Marx Brothers double bill and didn't spill a drop. though you bubbled with laughter. [.7453/13

V I saw you watching me in the Tron. You are a very sexy waitress!! is it Lorna? [.7453/14 V I saw you Steve—why don't you ditch that lovely. beautiful intelligent girlfriend of yours and you and 1 can git it on. daddy-o! x 1. [7453/15

V I saw you sexy sassy blonde. chic business suit Arches cafe. [I R manager? Ciao bellal Che carinissimal Come to Cuba Norte - squeeze my peach. [7453/16

V I saw you Mr Landies. You told Joint 2 shut up and u love ur self. (iod datnit. The 70's night. Every Wednesday. [3/453/17

V I saw you. I saaww you. You are the beard titan. The GINGER beard man. Here come the ginger beard tnen...U/453/l8

V I saw you Lynn. looking cool but tired in Tchai ()vny. 1 love you. Murray. [7/453/19

V I saw you drinking in Tennents Bar. Byres Road with your beautiful flatmate. You are a spoff. [7453/32

V I saw you and you saw me entering kelvingrove park on that hot weekend. our eyes met and there was delinately chemistry. we both tttrned for a second look and then we were gone. find tne again. [7453/33 V I saw you Was dancing (being silly) with you in Reds Saturday 28th. Your left with your friend abruptly. 1 think you wanted to stay in touch. You made my night. Amanda. Thanks. Ali. [7453/34

V I saw you funky dancer in the darkroom. starthclyde union on sunday night of freshers week.i'll be your robbie if you'll be my kylie.get in [7/453/35

V I saw you 27/09/02 llfyly’ Argyle St. You shortchanged tne by a penny. Let me take you fora drink and we'll call it quits. You took my breath away. hope youll call. [7453/36

V I saw you Cher. 27/09/02 Legs'n'Co. Cottldve spent forever talking to you. Should've said something but didn't. Had a great time hope you did too. How about dinner? Brian [.7453/37

V I saw you Hey Craig is your button still missing? Hope you come and find me again. you were drunk but kinda sweet llxx [.7/453/38

V I saw you we saw you friday 4th oct. you served us at antipasti. you were the really hot blonde waitress with bunches. we were the funki skatey couple upstairs. (iet in touch we're goin mad over here. [74.53/39

V I saw you 29-09. flying London Luton - (ilasgow. [T're two look-a-like blondes. one in black. one in tan leather coat. .‘vle- playing shy. batting my eyes at [' frotn behind my book across the lounge in airport. then tmsuccessfully trying to save you seats on the plane. liither of you want me. l'tn yours! [7453/40

V I saw you playing bass in your band of girls at The llalt Bar. 5/10. You didnt see me though. (ireat voice by the way. [.7453/41

V I saw you Dixons poly bag man at the David Lloyd. 1 slagged the bag! You slagged my shirt and tie. Were you serious?! I offered a game of tennis but stupid you didnt take up the offer. Need any friends? 1 think you must cos you are forieign! (english? Aussie?) [7/453/42

V I saw you alter your down/up sat night at art school. we laughed at kids on late ctunbernauld bus. meant to ask your number but your parka hood got in the way. [74.53/43 V I saw you you're in your 30's. travel on the milngavie train tnost evenings & your tall with a great smile & long blonde hair. i'tn the young guy that smiles back.

V I saw you Sundays. but less so now. Its not forever. ill be dancing again soon. you're still my best mate and you play the tttnes that make me happy. [7453/45