V I saw you Neil - I think'.’ (iorgeous. sexy boy (0‘ ()xygen. You pull a good pint mate and you‘ve definitely pulled me. Make me happy. Reply?! [7453/2()

V I saw you llaiy (or is it llatie‘.’) at the Wee Red Bar. We kissed but you disappeared. Where to?! [7453/21

V I saw you bow legged. buck toothed labrador retrieyer (with a squint). Me: slackjawed yokel. most of my own teeth. Let’s get together ro duel with our banjos. (PS. My daddy says I‘m the best kisser in the country). [7453/22 V I saw you libene/er Scrooge at (‘ity (‘at‘e’x At least I thought it was you. Nice jacket and I like what you‘ve done with your hair. (‘an we meet some time for a drink'.’. 1']! buy. [7453/23

V I saw you baby sinkin that wet. sinkin that wet. sinkin that wet....['/453/24

VI saw you Mikey Moo! Wont be the sum without you. the puppies are out autd they miss you too! (Martin is in therapy now.) We miss you. take care love! Xxx [7453/25

V I saw you you rocked?! (3- Tank. why oh why don't you do more gigs‘.’ Hope to see more soon. L7453/26

V I saw you in the Filmhouse looking mysterious and sexy. You were drinking Martini and wearing a black dress with safety pins. [7453/27 V I saw you sexy spring onion. lilll as usual. It's always the same but will soon change. Love you like Ready Brek and more than cheese?! [74.53/28

V I saw you (‘harles V'etris Porter...\\'here are you mate‘.’ (‘atch up soon old friend. [7453/29

V I saw you in your sexy white t-shirt. Do you want some sugar and cweeeeam'.’ Luv Andy. [.7453/30

V I saw you smiley physiotherapist from Livingston in Morningside Safeways and dance class - I'd like to see that smile again. [7453/46

V I saw you Steve! In the corridor at college but not for long enough. Am I imagining things or is this happening to us both‘.’ Debbie. [7453/57

V I saw you travelling to Stansted/l.ondon. Fri 4 ()ct. They put you on the wrong flight. and you ended up sitting behind me. We chatted at the check-in desk. and again at Stansted. You had to catch train. my mum was picking me up. This might be daft. but would you like to meet up sometime in lidinburgh fora drink‘.’ [7453/47

V I saw you in Vibe on Tues night- it were blonde and hot- u left in a taxi with another blonde. Maybe it could boost my '[igo' and get in touch- I'd like to c u again. I. x [7453/48 V I saw you in (‘("s on Friday 2() September. You. (‘ameron a social worker. gorgeous. Me-tall blond and lrish. We danced and chatted. didnt get ur number. Want to see u again? [7/453/4‘)

V I saw you at Edinburgh [Tniversity l-‘reshers I‘air. Me: dark-haired boy selling tickets to my gig at La Belle Angele. You: pretty dark-haired girl. Are you still going to see Broadcast'.’ [7453/50

V I saw you Nadia and l.uci|le.thanks again for helping my Swedish friend lillin home on 02/10/02. I really appreciated your help getting her in and out of the taxi. Your both stars. [74.53/51

V I saw you working hard in the basment. lovely redhead (ireg.....you can mix my margarita any day...! [7/453/52 V I saw you (0 Sainsbury's. recycling your bottles. You: white-blonde. Me: shaved head. We glanced at each other then I looked away. Jtist a bit shy some times. Thought you looked cool. Want to meet'.’ [7453/53

V I saw you working in the List office. You were Anna (prob still are Anna). l was in Wrexham. what were the chances‘.’ l in 25 and half'.’ [7453/54

V I saw you St litienne. (‘ottier Blond. in red (‘arthartt Jacket - you chatted briefly to me (guy in denim jacket) about playlist. It would be good to see you again for some action. L7453/55

V I saw you the King. 100 years ago this week! So here's to the next million years of lional rich tea [ashes and rock karaoke inflatable love. love keyhole ~ the Queen of T xxxx [.7453/56

V I saw you sexy blonde guy as I left Frankenstein's on 28/(l‘)/()2( Sat) around oneish.You-tall. black & white stripy top.Me-short. with long brown hair. wearing revealing pink top. The look in ur eyes said it all. (iive me another glance‘.’ x 2) [7453/58

V I saw you selling yinyl at Terry (‘allier. me I walked in 4 songs late and was instantly distracted further. We talked about 7. Star and Barcelona. l would love to talk more. [.7453/5‘)

V I saw you in the Peppermint Lounge (5/l()). You had the most beautiful eyes in the world. I could have looked in them forever. l‘ancy making more than eye contact sometime'.’ [7453/60


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