Either they turn our children into serial killers or they’re a lifeline for a generation. But as a fantastic new exhibition GAME ON shows, videogames are the great innovation of the late

20th century.

Words: Brian Donaldson


1’,‘ Oct 2002

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There were plenty of those vampiric types who filed in and out of London‘s Barbican Gallery this summer (and will undoubtedly do likewise at Edinburgh‘s Royal Museum this autumn) as Game On. the world’s first exhibition dedicated to the joy( pad) of games exploded into action. At nfid-hflayFsinedntlaunch.lng kidstncked and nnxed ntzi multi—coloured digital candystore as the interactive show ptdletltln:ni in. arotnid amid in) die intpressive levtfls. ()ver 12() games were there to be played. aside from some of the cranky old arcade machines which looked as though they’d cnnnbkrunderdu:wendntfllinew'50pconr

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