ady'enture are Ray llarryhau.sen's fahulous l)ynamation monsters of legend. St Brides ('entre. lidinhurgh.

The Great American Broadcast it'i (Archie Mayo. l'S. I‘M] l Alice l'aye. Jack ()akie. John Payne. ‘lflmin. After World War One a two soldiers return home and start up a radio show. But when all doesn_t go according to plan. the wife of one soldier horrows money from the other and goes into the radio husiness herself with rather more success than her hushand. (‘ue laughter. St Brides (‘entre. lidinhurgh.

Halloween: Resurrection f lfii O

tRick Rosenthal. I'S. 2002i Busta Rhymes. Bianca Kajlich. Jamie Lee ('urtis. 04min. The eighth sequel to John (‘arpenter‘s definitiye horror moy'ie is as horing and unimaginatiy e as the first. also directed hy Rosenthal. :\ hunch of kids spend a night in psy che killer Michael Myers' old house. for a ‘dangertainment' show which will he hroadcast ‘liye' on the lnternet. To add a little spice to the proceedings. the show 's opportunist producer liredtiie llarris tRhymesi dresses up as Myers and stalks the darkened house. Resurrected for a hrief cameo. .\ly‘ers' long-suffering sister Laurie Strode 1(‘urtisi dies after ten minutes. So too does this morihund project. See reyiew. (ieneral release. Happy Times (Xingtu Shiguang) iceri thci O. i/hang Yiinou. ('hina. 2002i [haii Benshan. Dong l.ifan. Dong Jie. inin. ('ompared to the recent work of younger Sixth (ieneration directors. this urhan tragi-comedy from Yimou fRufyt’ Illl' Reil Lantern. ‘Ih lire i. in which two lonely souls in the ‘new‘ (him gain fulfilment from an unexpected friendship. feels disappointingly insubstantial and lacking in a distinctiy'e sense of place. Based on a noycl hy .\Io Yan. the film‘s sentimental melodrama seems targeted at an international audience. The performances are proficient. hut the hursts of tear-jerking music and the kitsch production design proye more distracting than appealing. l'(i(‘ Renfrew Street. (ilasgow. Heaven i 15) 0... (Toni 'l‘y kw er. (iermany. 2002i ('ate Blanchett. (iioyanni Rihisi. 07min. A posthumous collaboration hetween dead and living filmmakers. llmren is directed hy' 'l‘ykwer from a script co-written hy the late Kr/ys/tof' Kieslow ski. Turns out hoth filmmakers share a preoccupation with chance and coincidence. destiny and fate. themes which are explored in Heaven‘s tale of a guilt-stricken homher illlanchetti and her path to redemption. Hun-en hoasts some genuinely suspenseful and gripping sequences. hut if you come to the film thinking it's a straightforward thriller you'll he disappointed. l-‘ar hetter. instead. to look on it as a spiritual fahle. Selected release.

High Crimes i Ill 0.. i('arl l-‘ranklin. l'S. 2002i Ashley Judd. Morgan l‘reeman. Jim ('aya/iel. ll5niin. Lawyer ('laire Kuhik's idyllic Marin ('ounty lifestyle eyaporates when her hushand Tom is arrested hy the military police. They say he's an es-coy ert operations specialist who gunned down innocent Villagers in [ii Salyador. He claims he's the fall-guy for a high leyel coy‘er-up. Jlidd skilfully balances professional cool and emotional naiyete. with line support from l‘i'eeman as her ‘wild card" assistant. A competent legal pot-hoiler. this is like watching a skilful lawyer present an eloquent hut flaw ed case. No matter how iiiticli attention he lay islies on the characters. procedural details and moral amhiguities. the

lime (iii/e. l‘iggis pushes the aesthetic and narratiy e limits of cinema further forward. New features include night-y ision cinematography; smaller images within the ftill frame and a new take on the traditional large single image. The principle setting is the Hungarian Palace Hotel. 'l'licrc's an eclectic range of inliahitants. including a film crew shooting a Dogma-style update of John \Vehster's tragedy 'I’ln' Din/ins u/ .l/ii/Ii. w ho are in turn heing filmed hy a documentary crew trying to get to grips with Dogma. \ot entirely successful. hut unlike anything you‘yc seen heforc. (‘(':\. (ilasgow.

Ice Age «U O. «(has Wedge is ('arlos Saldaiilia. l'S. Illflli Voices of John l.egui/anio. ('ioran \isniic. Jack Black. Slinin. 'l‘here's a faint air of cynicism in this story of a morose mammoth. a htiiiihliiig sloth and a wily tiger who join forces. despite all their hetter instincts. to return a human hahy to his father. As the planet gets colder. they head in the opposite direction of the animal migration. to hattle snow drifts. \olcanocs. ice cayes and predators. ey entually deliyeriiig their charge The animators try desperately to make you fall in loye with this unlikely hand of creatures. to make you see the good hearts heiieatli the frosty exteriors. hut they don‘t deliy er that all important charm. wit. flair and imagination. l'(’l. lidinhurgh; MacRohert. Stirling.

The Importance of Being Earnest tl'i 0.. i()liycr l’arker. l'K/'l‘S.-\. Itiifli Rupert liyerctt. ('olin l’irtli. Judi l)ench. 97min. l‘ans of ()scar \Vilde's ‘triy ial comedy for serious people' will he more than familiar with the plot. Rural gent Jack \Vorthmg fl'lt'lltl iny‘ents an errant hrother called liarnest as a means of escaping the mtindanities of a life in the country. Jack. or rather liarnest‘s partner» iii-crime. the wily Algy .\loncriefl iplayed to perfection hy liyeretti also has a made tip friend who he yisits in the country to outrun the deht collectors who pursue him in the city. This douhie duality comes a croppci'. though. when hoth men go courting w l\c\ i\\'itherspoon and ()'('onnori. The ensuing farce. conducted \ ia \Viltle's hrilliantly w itty epigrammatic sty lc i':\ustralia l'tl sooner diel' l. is a delight to watch although committed \Vildeans will find that they foresee the punchlines hefore they happen. Selected release.

Injustice icert thci il'K. Keii l-crox"l‘ai'iq Meliiiiood. Zfltll I. .\lin thc. l’owerftil documentary concerning the limo deaths in British police custody in the last .ifl years. which has heen suhiected to yai'ious attempts to han it hy some of the iiidiy idiial officers inyoly ed. The lilmiiiakei's will attend the screening. (il'vl‘. (ilasgow.

"1815).... iRichard liyre. l’K. intll i Judi l)ench. Kate \Vinslct. Jim lh'oadheiit. 90min. 'l‘he loye story of two of this century 's most significant w riter-academics. li'is Murdoch and John Bayley. is loy iiigly created from Bay ley 's recent memoirs. lt ultimately plots Murdoch's descent into the agoiiising fog of .-\l/heimer's. hut is inter-cut with scenes of the early. tentatiye loy e hetween these two ()\ford starlets. Although the later years are more inyoly ing than the early ones. the two narratiyes switch with deft slickncss. lake tissues. you might need a few. .\lacRohert. Stirling.

K19 - The Widowmaker l Ili 000 tKathryn liigelow. l‘S. Zfltlji _ Harrison foul. Liam Neeson. liSmin. lii l‘lol (‘old \Vai' enemies Russia and America had enough












*t¢* ****


*t¢* *fif* *t¢* ****




Dani. :. 0 u n...


storyline just won't stand tip. See reyiew. (ieneral release.

High Society it'i 0000 (Charles

nuclear weaponry to destroy the world a do/en times oy er. In a climate of grow mg

i tint 1i i “tiff mutual fear and distrust. the Soy iet 3 . 4:111: i i “A pi ll‘i'i'c

iiiit iii iiiiiiiiii iii

Walters. l'S. 195m Bing (’roshy. (iracc Kelly. goyernment sent their flagship suhmarinc. . . , , fr l'rank Sinatra. (‘eleste llolm. lfli'min. ('lassic K 1‘). to America's coast to test launch a .I if i’" "y n " i; i'nifim i lg...

inusical entertainment from the MGM studios. in which a rich hitch plays hard to get with a string of suitors. The plot of I’lii/iu/el/i/ii'ii

nuclear warhead. All went as planned. until the K W's nuclear reactor leaked all of a sudden the world was on the thk of ohliy um.

i J" ‘l' ' ». ,ilgy vir " r"-~.“"-"’i: l ...’i’il' it "f it ill tiff fillil fillll “Milli ll. iliiilt'EiJ filllicai‘b il'rifil: fit-i


Stu/“y goes out the window. hut with stars like these. style is cyerything. (ll-'1‘. (ilasgow. Horror Stories (Shorts) fcerf lhcl (\iiriotis. l'K. 2002i. .\lin thc. A night of short films themed around horror and tales of the unexpected. including the Hammer homage (ireen l‘ingers which stars scream queen lngrid l’itt. ('(':\. (ilasgow.

Hotel fcert thci CO. t.\like l‘iggis. l'K/ltaly. 2002i Rhys lfans. Saffron Burrows. Burt Reynolds. l55inin. After wowing audiences with his split screen digital opus

Bigclow 's film pays trihute to the unsung heroes of the K 1‘). the crew who gayc their liyes ahoard the radiation-flooded stihiiiai'iiic to fis the reactor. l’roy idiiig the liliii with Holly wood's necessary human element. l'til'tl and \c'csiiii play the twin captains of the K 1‘) w ho clash oy er dealing w ith the disastei The warning ahoul the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction might haye contempoiaiy releyance. htit as a piece of cinema A’/‘/ is sunk hy it’s Ieaden sense of worthiness. Sec rey iew. (ieneral release.

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