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Kissing Jessica Stein f l5) ooo t('harle.x llerman-\\'urmfeld. TS. 2002) Heather Juergenxen. Jennifer \Vextfeldt. ()(Hlllll. \Vextfeldt pla}x Jexxiea. a neurotic journalixt \xho'x fed up it ith the xtring of loxer datex xhe‘x had in the paxt. ()n a \\ him. xhe itllxwefx an intriguing \xornan xeeking \x'oman perxonal ad and meetx llelen tJucrgcnxeni. a .xexuall) eurioux art galler) owner intending to emhark on her firxt lexhian affair. The performancex are xuperh \\ ith a \er} .xtrong xupport caxt u ith ,xome great Manhattan location uork tnot an eaxy aehiexement in xuch a \ ixually familiar cit) l. thix hax oodlex of quirky independent appeal. Recommended. l'('l. lidinhurgh.

Land and Freedom f IS) 00000 tKen l.oach. l'K/Spain. 1995) Ian llait. Roxana l’axtor. lciar Bollain. lf)‘)min. .-\ magnificent. mm mg. politicixed epic on the Spanixh (‘i\ if War h} Britain'x moxt committed director on the l.eft. :\n unemployed man tllarti lea\ ex 30x Liverpool to fight \\llll the l’()l'.\l Militia. and xeex firxt hand the hetra}al of hix eauxe h} the Stalinixtx. llix xtor} ix told in fiaxhhack‘. ax hix granddaughter readx hix hidden letterx home a link to the prexent da} that pro\ ex thexe e\entx ha\ e a xtrong relc\ance to toda}. ('ameo. lidinhurgh,

Lantana t 15) O... tRa} rence. Aiixtralia/(ierman}. 2002i Anthon)’aglia. (ieoffi‘e) Rtixh. Barhara llerxhe}. lllniin. Thix xmall cinematic gem e\plorex the great themex of lo\ e and lonelinexx in a \er} quiet and eonxidered inanner. l-‘our marriagex in total are hrought into pla). each of them \xrought “ith guilt. pain and lonelinexx. and hecauxe the film openx u ith a cloxe up of a dead \xoman'x bod) concealed in a denxe thicket. \\ e know that in the courxe of the action. one of the marriagex \\ ill reach the ultimate end. l’art murder in} xter}. part

px} cliological drama. part lo\c xtor}. Iammnu keepx )ou on your toex uhile it alxo makex .mu think ahout the ua}x in \xhich “C deal. or rather don't deal \\ ith emotional pain. Selected releaxc.

Lilo & Stitch (Ti 0.. tl)ean l)ehloix and (Mix Sanderx. TS. 3003) \iiicex 0f l)a\eigh (‘haxe. (‘hi‘ix Sanderx. Tia (‘arrere. 85min. Thix ix all ahout heiiig had. lt'x a Dime} cartoon that pitx a \xilful toddler. l.ilo (pronounced l. againxt a geneticall} engineered xpace creature iStitchr programmed for maximum mixchief. Thiix the maukixh route heloxed of l)ixne} animatorx ix \x ell and trul} hlocked. ()K. xo it‘x a minor mm ie it doexn‘t Time the hudget or \ ixion of a .llmiilerx. hit. and juxt hecauxe it'x got hater-colour hackdropx doexn't make it Hunt/m hut “hat it doex. it doex \\ ith frexhnexx and inx ettti\enexx. not to mention gagx for the groun-upx. (ieneral releaxe.

The London Weekend Show tccrt thct tl'K. 1077i 80min. l’unk filmed hefore it hccame a phenomenon. on the Janet Street l’orter fronted l.\\'T maga/ine xliim. Includex a xpcciall} xtaged Sex l’ixtolx performance. liilmhouxe. lidinhurgh.

Men in Black II (Hit 0.. (Barr) Sonnenfeld. l'S. 2002i Will Smith. Tommy Jonex. l.ara [Tum Boyle. lf).‘~min. The tagline for .Tlen in liltlt'k II xumx tip the film

quite xuccinctl}: ‘Sanie planet. .\'e\i xcum'. ()r. to put it another \xa}: Same film. .\'e\\ .xpecial effectx. Once again \\ e are introduced to the quaxi-official go\ernment agenc}. Mlli. \xhich xecretl} polieex the multitude of alien immigrantx \\ ho. unheknoxin to Joe l’uhlic. ha\e made a home on liarth. And once again Agentx Ja) tSmithi and Ka} tJonexr don xhadex and black xtiitx to xa\e the \xoi‘ld in cool. laconic faxhion. The gagx come thick and faxt. the chemixtr) hetxxeen Jonex and Smith remainx and Sonnenfeld direetx \\ ith the kind of fiare he completel} loxt on the dreadful lit/(f lit/(I lli'\!. Selected releaxe. Monsters, Inc. Wt 0000 (Pete l)octet‘. 1S. 2001 ) John (ioodman. Bill} (’r} xtal.

Ste\ e litixcemi. 93min. The latext ('(il animation from I'm .S‘mri makerx l’ixar ix xet largel} in .\lonxtropolix. a cit} inhahited h} the foulcxt of heaxtx. The inonxterx ptmel' their cit} h} xending ‘xcarerx' through doorx uhich teleport them into children'x roomx. Once there. the} pull facex at the kidx. producing .xhriekx of terror. which are hottled hack in .‘xlonxtropolix and iixcd ax a xource of energ}. lt'x a neat idea. hut “hat reall} liftx the film ix the xenxe of fun that pcrxadex the “hole

mm ie. .llunilt'ri. [In runx ax xmoothl} ax a fairground xlide. that no one ix too hig to enjo}. Selected t'eleaxe.

Morvern Callar tcet'f thci fl.) nne Ramxa}. l'K/(‘anada 2002i 97min. l’rex ie“ xcrccning of Ramxa} 'x compelling adaptation of Alan WarnerK cult noi el from a talented tip-and— coming director. .\lor\ en gocx e\ er xo xlightl} mad alter the xuicide of her ho} friend. hut xhe ix xa\ ed h} the dixcox‘er) of her late lo\ei"x unpuhlixhed no\el \xhich offerx her an unexpected xolution. Tripp}. daring and unforgettahle. (il’T. (ilaxgou; llighland Theatre. ()han.

Moulin Rouge 1 lb .0000 Max l.uhrmann. [S 300] l liiian \lc(iregor. Nicole Kidman. Jim liroadhent. ltth‘min. l.uhrmann'x follou -up to Romeo A? Julie! ix a \xildl) unrextrained. glot‘iotixl} camp. leu d ax hell intixical lo\e xtor} that re-inxentx the form. from the (iolden :\ge lloll} \mod xong and dance xpectacularx tip. l.uhrmann hax tranxformed the epon) inotix l‘)th centur} l’arixian dancehall-cum-hrothel into the raxc capital of liiirope. \xea\ing 20th centur) pop muxic hitx into the \er} dialogue of the lilm xo that it hecomex alinoxt opera. :\nd xpiralling around a fairytale romance hetuecn .\le(iregor'x idealixtic poet and Kidinan’x dance girl ix a barrage of riotoux imager} and dexign. There'x no middle-ground \\ ith l.uhrmann'x film; if )ou ahandon _\ourxelf to it it‘ll lea\’e _\ou intoxicated \iith pleaxuie. l-‘ilinhouxe. lidinhurgh; MacRohert. Stirling. My Big Fat Greek Wedding «Put

0.. (Joel [\xick. l’S. lilttlt \ia Yardalox. John (‘orhet. (ii (Kiridex. 00min. (ieelx') (ireek-.-\Itterican Totila tVardalmr ix nex er going to get a man. :\ hem} girl u. ith huge glaxxex. xhe ix dexlined to \xork MM!) her xpinxter life in the farm!) 'x rextaurant. ‘Dancing '/.orha‘x'. ller fainil} are read} to dexpair all the} \\ ant ix for her to find a nice

(ireek' ho} xo xhe can cook lotx of food and pop otit more little [orhax Then xhe findx a guy. laii t(‘orhett. But he‘x not (ireekll Oh no.

32 THE LIST 1 f

I")? 02177)?

\\ hat are the} going to duff The film‘x iokex and itx e\p|oration of croxx-culture ix \aguel} lit the xanie \ein ax lam! f\ lain! or [fr/til I! like link/rum. hut \xithout an} of the hard edge. S} rup) x\\eL‘l in partx. moinentx are ax hard to xuallou ax a xhot of ( )tl/o, (icneral releaxe. My Kingdom I IS) 0... il)on li(\}tl. l'lx'. ZHUZI Richard llarrix. l.}nii Redgraxe. l.ouixe l.oinhard. llhimn. lio}d'x looxe l‘eltdltltift (ll Sltttkexpettf'e\ Kilt? I.('tll'. W! In modern da} l.i\erpool \\ ith llarrix pla_\ing the ct!) 'x ftloxl feared ct'lltle lUf'd. xee\ the \ctcran actor gi\e a carer hext perfornuince. l.ikc liar. .l/\ KIIIL't/HHI tellx of the dentixe of a once great figure and the conxequencex on hix three daughterx. l‘urthermore. e\cr} gangxter in hunt ix alxo after llarrix' xhare of the pic. \ihich pro\ idex a harroii mg inxight into the Scouxe underuorld and the pitfallx of malice. -\nd the film o\ercoinex tuo recent hefc-noirx of cinema. had updatex of Shakexpeare and. e\ en \\Ul‘\e. Britixh gangxter filinx, ()deon ('it} (‘entre. (ilaxgoxi; Ster ('cntur). lidinhurgh,

0 My Little Eye t 1.x» COO. i.\tarc li\anx. l'K/l'S. Ififtlr Sean (M Johnxon. Krix l.emcche. l.aura Regan. 05mm. The xiinple premixe. \xhich riffx on TV \ltt\\\x xuch ax 1er Brother. xeex fixe tuent}xoinethingx attempting to xta} for xi\ monthx in an ixolated houxc ax part of a \\ eh-haxed realil} xhoxx. the caxh pri/e for \xhich ix SI million, The unxeen ll()\l\ d0 lltelf‘ liexl l0 xc‘tlt'e the contextantx out of the houxe and the pri/e moire}. hut thingx going hump in the night failx to fa/e the ohno\ioux kidx until. that ix. the} find otit uh} the} Te reall) there. The action ix prexented \ ia xp} camx dotted all m er the houxe. ax though \xe \\ ere the \xeh xhou 'x audience. and the huilding xenxe of ixolation. malign ohxerxation and paranoia makex for chilling \ ieuing. (ieneral releaxe.


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High Crimes, low drama

One Hour Photo I IS. 000 i.\lark Romanek. l'S. 3WD! Rohin \Villiamx. ('onnic \ic'lxeti. l'.l'lt| La Salle. 95min. S} l’arrixh. a lonel} photo technician \\lit) findx pi} in the precioux moinentx of other people'x to ex. inoxt notahl} a picture-perfect lamil} \iho'\e \ixited the Sa\ mart mini lah “here S} \iorkx mice the hirth of their lllllt"_\L‘;tf'-Ultl xon. llix oun lite de\oid ot colour and humanit}. ax reprexented h} hix \xorking em ironment the great \\ltllt‘ church of conxunierixni S} ti‘iex to take hix place in the frame of the ideal fainil}. \Vhen he findx the picture to he Iexx than perfect. S} takex matterx into hix oun conxiderahl} px}chotic handx. The caxting of Rohin \Villiainx ix inxpired likeahle hecauxe he'x good old .\lrx l)otihtfire and teriif} ing for the xame reaxon. ('oncernx that pop promo director Romanek hax made a film that ix xt_\ le o\cr xuhxtancc ix not xo clear ctit. ho\\e\ei. (icneral releaxe.

Panic Room I Hi 0... «HM id fincher. [-5. Jun! Jodie l'Jleel'. l'iol'exl \\ ltlltlkef'. Jared l.eto. 1 13min. l’unit’ Ronni ma} \\ ell he more xt}|e than xuhxtance htit ll ne\erthelexx xoon littx the \ le\\ er g'f'lpped. Jodie l'ttxlet"\ t'lelt. emotionall) hruixed di\orcee and her teenage daughter ha\ e harel} taken poxxexxion of then he“ Manhattan home u hen the} lime need ot itx tortified. hidden chamher aka the panic room. On their firxt night in the place. the} are forced to take refuge there when three intruderx hreak in and “hat TUllU\\ x ix a tenxe. cunning game of cat and mouxe. l’oxter gi\ ex xhadex to her character that the xciipt doexn't dexer\e. and of the had gu_\x, \Vhitakei ix doleful and honourahle and l.eto ix cartoon like ax the loud-mouthed Junior. \ot‘th ludinhurgh .'\rtx (‘entie lidmhurgh.

Peony Pavilion f fit I You l'an. (Tuna. Iltfili Joe} \Vang. Rie .\li_\a/a\\a\\. Daniel Wu. llfhiun. .\ look at the ancient art of lx'unqu opera ax dramatixed through the xtor} of the friendxhip of No “omen. one of \\ltottl ix an opera xinger. (Liiiieo. Izdinhurgh.

The Philadelphia Story il’tii .0... i(ieorge ('ukoi. l‘S. I‘HHI Katharine llephurn. (‘ari (iranl. Jamex Steuart. lllmin, Splendidl} xophixticated lloll)\\ood coined} \\llll Stexxait ax a xcaiulalxheet reporter coxering the xocict) “edding of recent!) di\oiced llephurn. exhuhh} (irant lurking iii the \xiiigx. and romance iecuidhng dexpzte itxelf. Sparkling dialogue and chaiixiiiatic peiformancex all round make thix one ot the hext of itx kind. Reniade .ix the nuixical. Hie/i Sm I('[\. l‘ilnihouxe. lidmluirgh.

Portrait of Teresa (Retrato De Teresa) it’th it’axim \ega. ('uha. WW» ltitiiim. \ hig hit hack home in (‘uha. the film tellx the \litt} of a houxeiiife \\l1t\ atteniptx to toggle \toik \\llll raiding .l fainil} and taking an actixc role in the coiiinninit} The film xuggextx that ieiolution doexn't necexxaiil} mean a xocial remlutron and hettei conditionx foi “omen. (ilaxgoxt l'llllt l‘heatie. (ilaxgou.