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Possession t ll-‘o O. ifx'eil l.iiBute. l'S. 2002i (i\\'_\lielll l’altrou. Aaron lickhart. Jerem} Northani. Jeiinilei' lilile. ltiZinin. Adapted lroin .-\S B}att'x Booker Prize- “inning noVel. I’nximiiun takex place in No time lramex. ln prexent-da) London. loul} lllll\el'.\ll_\' rexearcher Roland Michell tlickharti and brilliant leininixt don .\laud Bailey tl’altrowi are throu ii together b} the dixcover} ol a cache ol letterx that xuggext that two Victorian poetx Randolph llenr} .-\xh (Northaiiii and (‘hrixtabel l.a.\lotte tlihlei

\\ ere xecret |o\er,x. But ax the acadeinicx purxue a xeriex ol cluex. their on ii experiencex begin to echo the l‘)tli-centur) lmerx. \Vhile l.aBute can't hope to replicate the pleaxurex oi' the page. he doex bear out B}att'x xl} thexix that her Victorian couple are lexx hung-up abotit love and xex than their aiigxt-riddeii modern counterpaitx. See rei ieu. (ieneral releaxe.

The Powerpuff Girls tl’(ii it'raig .\lc('racken. l'S. 2002i \‘oicex ol (‘ath} ('madini. 'I'ara Strong. lili/abeth l)ail_\. "3min. Baxed on the animated American TV xeriex. but looking much like a .lapanexe aniiue. ‘I'lie l’mu'r/iiril(iir/i Mum pro\ idex iix \\ ith the origin of xupergirlx Bloxxoin. Bubblex and Buttercup. (‘reated b} l’rolexxor l'tonium alter he accidentth inixex the \\ roiig chemical compoundx. thexe cutiex courxe ha\oc in 'I'ou'nxi ille \\ hen the) pla} a game of xuper tag. (ieiieral releaxe.

The Punk Rock Movie t lSi «Don l.ellx. l'K. l‘)7b'i 84min. A chance to xee punk ax it happened ax l.ettx lilmx itx exploxioii into the inainxtreain back in 1077. Part ol .\'e\ er Mind the Jubilee. ('(‘.-\. (ilaxgou.

Read my Lips (Sur mes Ievres) l tSi 0.. tJacquex Audiard. l-‘rance. ltitil i liiiiiiianuelle l)e\ox. Vincent ('axxel. ()li\ ier (iourniet. l 15min. When a partiall} deal xecretar} ix partnered at \ktil‘k’ \iith an e\-con colleague. a xtrange relatioiixhip arixex. 'l'he tuo xet out on an elaborate crime ,xpree. aiming to extract re\enge on cruel co-uorkerx and lrieiidx. l'niixual cainera techniquex and a largel} unxentimental xcript enxurc )ou're iii conxtant colluxioii \\ ith the characterx. 'l'he rexult: a quietl) dixcerning gaiigxter thriller .xe\eral notchex aboie the xtandard lloll}\\ood lare. ('aineo. lidinburgh.

Red Dragon t lSi O. tBrett Ratner. l'S. 3002i Anthon} llopkinx. lid Norton. Ralph l’ieiiiiex. .\lin tbc. 'l‘hix c}nical attempt to caxh-in on the burgeoning Hannibal l,ecter cult dixtortx the xtor} line oi" 'l‘hoiiiax llarrix‘ lier noxel tpre\ iouxl} tiliiied ax .lluii/iunieri to place l.ecter illopkinx once agaiiii centre- xtage. FBI agent Will (iraham'x i.\'ortoni xearch lor the lainil} -xlaughtering "looth lair}. liax been reduced to a xide-xlitm. incidental to the x}mbiotic relatioiixhip between the incarcerated l.ecter and the agent \\ ho put him behind barx. 'l‘o enumerate the lilm'x iii}riad lailingx \xould require a book. Red “men/t ix. in xhort. a caniiibalixtic crime. (iencral releaxe.

Ring t lb'i O... illidco Nakato. Japan.

lWh‘i \anako .\latxuxhiina. .\liki .\'akataiii. lliro}ttki Sanada. 95min. A horror iiliii phenomenon in .xoutheaxt Axia. the xtor} turnx on an excalatiiig urban m}th \\ ith a bod}

When you

Ford and Leeson go head-to-hea in K19 The Widowmaker

count. it beginx “till a teenage girl telling her lrieiid about a in) xtei‘ioux \ ideotape that \ika like a \er} naxt) chain letter. l‘npleaxantl}. lll)lll turiix out to be lact, lhc original induxtrial-electroiiic xcore b} Keiiii Kauai deli\erx itx xhai‘e oi the chillx. uhile the xtidden llaxhbackx and momequ oi xpiritual connection betueen the murderx iii the modern da} and the paxt come at )ou hard and out the blue. :\ terril) my I”) to behold. l‘ilmliouxe. lidiiiburgh.

Ring 2 l l2! 0.. INakata llidco. .lapan. Zlitll i .\liki \akataiii. Kyiko l’ukada. Yuko 'lakeuchi. ()5miii. l’art t\\o oi the Rare hoi‘i'oi‘ lt'ilog} a phenomenon iii the [taxi that'x achie\ ed dexer\ ed ctlll xlaltix iii the \\ e\l

de\ elopx the original urban legend i'e‘xol\ iiig around a \ ideo tape containing a ci'}ptic image ol a haunting )ottiig \tonian \xhich

\ ixitx a terril} mg death upon amone uho \tatchex it. More ix re\ealed about the \xoinaii in \xhite on the tape. and it tailx to a xchoolgirl and a )oung bo} u llll telepathic ptmcrx to xtil\e the ill} \let'}. Ring 3.\ [iliillitig‘ Ix niexx}.but the llll\ oi modern and traditional m}thx ix uholl} original. and the xcarex are hair-raixiiig. l‘ilinhouxe. ladiiiburgh.

Road to Perdition I IS» 000 tSam .\lendex. l‘S. 2003i loin llaiikx. l’aul \euiiiaii. Jude l.;i\\. ll"min. .\ l)eprexxion era gaiigxter picture it ith xolid .'\llle!‘lc.tll laniil_\ \aluex. lt ma} alxo. like \lendcx‘ abxurdl} o\errated ()xcaivu inner .iiiit'rit an Ilerum. lool cineiiia-goerx into coniuxiiig itx mood} xell-iinportaiice tor pi'oiound iiixight. l-‘or here are Big Starx. Big 'l'heiiiex il‘atherx and Sonx. l.o_\alt} and Betrayrl. Sin and Sahatioiii and llea\_\ S}mbolixin i\\'ater l)eath i. Through (‘oni‘ad llall‘x darkl} glixteniiig ciiieiiiatogi'aph}. man) ol the indixidual tableau\ are iiiiprexxnel} xtaged and xtuiining to behold. ll onl) .\leiidex' einpt}. mer-drexxed xpectacle had done iuxticc to the line photograph} and pcrltii‘mancex. (ieneral releaxe.

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34 THE LIST ‘e/«Ii‘. Oct 2%?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1 1.x. 0... thin Sliaiinaii. l'lx'. l‘)”5i 'l‘ini ('uri'_\. Suxan Sarandon. Barr} Boxtuick. .\leat l.oal. ltitiiiiiii. I’lit cult iilm to end all otherx. thix rock xpooi on old horror mo\ iex hax created a breed ol Rock} llori‘oi‘ cra/icx. and packx them in at late xhou x e\ei'} \xhei'e. lhe iiliii hax itx iiioinentx. and (‘urri ix \[\lelltlltll_\ camp ax the bixe\ual l‘rank \. l'urter. \orth lzdiiiburgh :\l'l\ ( enti'e. ladinburgh.

The ROOkie ll.l i.ltillll llaiicock. l‘S. Ilillli l)eiiiiix ()uaid. Rachel (ii‘illithx. Brian ('o\. lISiiiiii. I’lit Kittiklr' ix xeeiiiingl) made xolel_\ lor Statexide audieiicex. a liliii \xhich hax a bluegraxx xotindtt'ack ttlid the idea Ul the .'\liiel'ietiii Dream at itx \er_\ core. l‘nlortuiiatel). it'x alxo a maxxi\e|_\ o\erlong iiliii about baxeball. Baxed on a true xtor}. it concernx thirt)xonietliing high xchool coach .lllll .\loi'i'ix thlttltll uhoxe ragged} baxeball team xa} that. il the} u in their clianipioiixlup. he iiiuxt gi\e proiexxional baxeball a xliot. 'l'hat (iriliithx and ('o\ are both \iaxted in inxubxtantial xupporting rolex ix iuxt one in a long lixt oi dixappointnieiitx. Selected releaxe.

Rude Boyt lSi l.l;tc‘l\ lla/aii ck I)a\ id \liiiga). l'K. I‘Nli Ra} (iange. .loe Sti'uniiiier. .\lick .loiiex. l’aul Siiiienon. 'l‘oppei lleadon. 'l‘err} .\lc(‘)uade. ('aroliiie (‘ooir 133mm. ‘lhe (‘laxh dixou iied thix drama/titiciiiiieiitar} portrait oi the punk era. though itx moxt interexting axpcct ix certainl} the e\celleiit lootage ol the band in concert. backxtage and at rehearxal. (‘entriiig on one particular dixallected and politicall} coniuxed }tilllll i(iangei. it gix ex xome kind oi reminder ol the national malaixe “illell allou ed the 'liit‘ie\ [it get elected iii the lit'xl place. l‘iliiihouxe. lidinburgh.

Samia t lZi il’hilippe liiticoii. l'rance. Ililllli l.)iida Beiiahouda. .\loliaiiied ('haouch. Kheira ()ualhaci. "5min. Sainia ix the xi\th oi eight children i'roiii an immigrant lainil}. She and her \i\let‘\ ltilltm the teachingon the Koran in the home. but outxide are like an} other teenagerx. 'l'hingx change \\ hen their lather lallx ill and the eldext brother takex charge. (ii-VI". (ilaxgou.

Scooby-Doo tl’( ii .0 iRaia (ioxnell. l'S. Zillili l‘reddie l’rin/e .lr. Sarah Michelle (iellai'. .\latthe\i l.illard. S"iiiin. St int/H the tiio\ie xtartx \xell. pitching itxelt xoineuhere betueen tribute and xei1d~up ol the llanna- Barbei‘a cartoon. The caxting ix axtute. bext ol all. .\latthe\\ l.illard ax xtoned xlacker Shagg}. lixen the computer-generated Scoob\ himxell ixn‘t lacking in charm. But St (min -I)oo xadl} tailx to li\e up to the proiiiixe ol itx opening reel. Admittedly the lilm‘x bold pla_\pen colourx are lun and there are xoine cle\ er gagx that \till xcore \\llll the xhou 'x pothcad lolloxiing. But the iokex xooii \\e;ll' thin. (ietiet'al releaxe.

Scratch l l5i .0. il)oug l’i‘a}. l'S. Ititil i Somin. In a \\ idei' appreciation oi hip hop. incorporating kc) moiiientx like the birth oi the break. the role oi .\l(‘x. the part pla)cd b} breakei‘x. gralliti ai'tixtx and tribal leaderx like .'\llllx;l Bambaataa. l’i‘a} locuxex on the art olturntablixiiiand the talenton the \ in) l-

xcratchiiig l)Jx. laudable in itx xcope. the tone ol thix cut ‘n' paxte oxerx ieu doex. llti“ ex er. alternate betueen traiiixpotler tedium and a patronixingl} pi'excriptn e breakdou n ol the component partx ol hip hop culture. l’ilinhouxe. lidiubui'gh

Secret Ballot i t 'i 000 tllabak l’a}ami. [ran/Ital}. letlli ("\riix :\l‘ltll. .\'axxiin .'\l\tll. lilimiii. lilectioii da_\ on the remote ixlaiid ol Kixh in the l’erxiaii (iull. .'\ xullen xoldier i.-\bidi i. xtationed to guard againxt xmugglei'x. ix gi\en the dut) oi excorting the idealixtic )ouiig lemale ollicial i;\bdii collecting the \tllC\. l'e\\ til the localx.

lioue\ er. xeem laiiiiliai‘ “till the pi'acticalitiex ol iillmg in a ballot iorin. liixpired b_\ .\lohxen .\lakhinalbal 'x xhort iiliii Iiwiiiig I)('Nlt’t mt \. Set-rel Hal/oi ix an amuxingl} abxurdixt table. uhich obxer\ ex xome oi the contradictioiix oi introducing tleiiioci';ic_\. l'illlllltitlSe. lidiiiburgh.

Signs i l:.'\i 0.. l.\l. Night Sh)anialan. l'S. ltlllli .\lel (iibxon. Joaquin l’hoeni\. Ror} (‘iilkiii lltlinin. Si\ monthx alter an e\eiit \\lllcll xhattered liix i'eligioux laitli. e\- miiiixter (irahani llexx i(iibxoiii auakex in the middle oi the night to find liix children iii the middle oi acorn iield xtaring at a giant crop circle. lx it the \\tll'lx ol local prankxterx or a na\ igational aid ior alieiix .’ 'l‘he xet-up ix xell conxciouxl} reiiiiiiixcentoil/1e llku' oi the limit/x. but Sh}anialaii excheu x xpectacle iii la\our ol nerxe-iangling xiixpeiixe created out oi the moxt mundane doiiicxtic xituatioiix. Sh}ania|an hax a llitchcockian graxp oi cinematic technique. keeping audieiicex iii a xtate oi near h_\ xterical anxiet} ior almoxt l\\o liourx. Sadl}. the laxt li\ e miiiutex are anti- climactic and the iilm'x denoniinationalI} unxpecilic religioux iiiexxage ix both dubioux and \iixh} -\\.ixh}. ('ieiieral releaxe.

S1 mOne il’(ii 0.. t.'\lltli'e\\ .\'iccol. l‘S. Ztitili Al Pacino. ('atheriiie Keener. Rachel Robertx. ll'inin. I)tmn-and-out director \iktoi 'lai'aiixk} tl’aciiioi ix making liix laxt bid at a comeback. but hix linal xliot at lame \xalkx oli the xet \xheii hix leading lad} claimx 'ci'catne dii'lereiicex'. Sal\ation arri\ ex. hoix e\ er. \\ hen a d} mg computer geiiiiix bequeathx to the director a computer generated x}iithetic goddexx, l'nxurprixingl). the lake becoiiiex an meriiight xiiccexx. but delight xooii tuinx to dixiiia) \\llell ’l'aranxk} dixcoxerx he can't kill Ull lli\ ct‘ealiiiii. \Vltlle Niccol‘x xcript ix “arm and \\lll) and l’aciiio'x perloriiiaiice a line return to the comic acting. the mine on lloll_\\\ood'x take realit} could do “llli being a lot xhai'pei'. See re\ ie\\. (ieneral releaxe.

Slap her She’s French u 13A» 00 I.\lelanie .\la_\ron. l‘S. liltili l’iper l’erabo. .laiie .\lc(iregor. \lichacl \chcan. ‘)lmiii. Homecoming tiueeii Starla (ii'ad) i,\lc( iregoi‘i thinkx xhe'x got it made, ‘l'he 'it girl‘ ot' Splendona lligh. head cheerleader and gii'llrieiid oi the quarterback iiia_\ ha\e met her match. ho“ c\ er. uhen l’rench ioreign e\chaiige xtudent (ieiie\ iex e l.el’loutt il’eraboi arrn ex to threaten the balance oi pou er. in all thix. elloitx are clearl} made to emulate in xt_\ le and xubxtaiice teen nio\ icx like .S/iflx .l/l Him’ and xocial xalit‘ex xuch ax Ht'tt!/lr'l'\. but dexpite it'x deliciouxl) l‘rancophobic title. syn-p [It'll Slick limit Ii ix a \er} .’\merican piece oi teen traxh. See

t'e\ te\\. Selected releaxe.

Soul Sweet icert tbci i.\like .\'e\\ ell. l'lx'. lUS‘S’i Hahn} .'\ll-Nlll§_‘. S} l\ ia ('hang. .lodi Long. .\lin tbc. .\'euell'x iilm. xci'ipted b) [an \lcliuan. dcalx \\ ith the e\perieiicex ol a pair ol ('hiiiexe iiniuigraiitx ax the} attempt to come to termx \\ ith me in .\largaret ’l'hatchei'K harxh Britain, (illltiiii'elllll(il:. (ilaxgtm.