ROCK POP JAMES DEAN BRADFIELD Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow, Wed 9 Oct eeeee

Manic Street Preachers; the band that likes to say yes. Yes to cross-dressing bassists, yes to kohl- eyed riots and yes apparently, to corporate whoredom. As 250 competition winners pack into a converted car ferry, for this Royal Bank of Scotland-sponsored radio event, the atmosphere is gruesomer sterile, made worse by some cheesy DJ speak. Only a smattering of feather boa-ed fans dressed in true tiara style are


is i



King Tut’s, Glasgow, Sun. 6th Oct eee

Right, listen up. cos this is where it all gets meSSy. If raw, unleashed testosterone has a smell, it's surely something like the sweaty musk seething through the air at

this gig.

The B-Line Disaster are earning good notices for the debut album Horse of the Dog and. judging by this tempestuous showing, they're not entirely unfounded. Looking altogether more tanned and healthy than is really comfortable, they throw out some dirty. grizzled guitar lines in the punk style that‘s so fashionable with the young 'uns these days. The best new band you'll hear. apparently . . . unless you've heard the Parkinsons. Or lkara Colt. Or the Libertines. You get the


Belay this pussy-whipped nonsense, though, because ex-Atari Teenage Riot head-honcho Alec Empire is self-flagellating Teutonic sturm-und-drang in one handy package. With a one-note synth backing that sounds like America invading a country near you. the growling mentalist's either having a laugh or the best thing since Gary Numan got fat. Depends how you look at it. but it's bloody

cathartic. (David Pollock)

Quiet riot

present, the classes have made way for the masses, here for the hits.

As a noticeably trimmer Bradfield steps up, armed only with an acoustic guitar and vocal chords strong enough to sink this baby, unsuspecting Mondeo men nod contentedly to graceful opener, ‘You Stole the Sun from my Heart’. What they don’t expect, however, is the powerful resurrection of ‘Roses in the Hospital’, a spiteful account of heroine addiction, and hell for leather polemic, ‘Faster', with Wire and Edwards’ startling and often disturbing lyrics given full space to impact by this first ever acoustic


Following a short Q&A, in which Bradfield reveals himself to be a witty, self-deprecating fellow, and hints at a ‘more cold and judgemental’ new record, the old school setlist continues with ‘Motorcycle Emptiness’ as grand as ever and the much underrated, ‘Little Baby Nothing’, with the panda-eyed contingent filling in Traci Lords’ part. A triumphant ‘Design for Life’, ends the night, retaining its rhythmic majesty even in a stripped down state. Bradfield has turned a shameless marketing exercise into an

intimate, banker-subverting

I Hundred Reasons Barrowland. Glasgow. 1 Nov.

I Nitin Sawhney L'shcr Hall.

Edinburgh. 1 Nov.

I Papa Roach SECC. Glasgow. 2 Nov.

I ballboy, Degrassi and The Starlets King Tut's. Glasgow. 2 Nov.

* Morrissey Barrowland. Glasgow. 3 Nov.

I Chris de Burgh Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 4 Nov. I Sir Cliff Richard Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 5 Nov. I Eliza Carthy King Tut’s. Glasgow. 6 Nov.

I Sinead O’Connor L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 6 Nov.

I Gary Moore Barrowland. Glasgow. 6 Nov.

I Bright Eyes King Tut‘s. Glasgow, 7 Nov.

* Xzibit Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 Nov.

I Nina Simone Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 1 1 Nov. I Luther Vandross SECC. Glasgow. 12 Nov.

I Horse Barrowland. Glasgow.

12 Nov.

I John Mayall and Peter Green L'shcr Hall. Edinburgh. 12 Nov.

event. Sheer class. (Camilla Pia)


BROADCAST eeee Cottier Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 4 Oct

A quality bill and no mistake. with the Cottier providing the perfect environment for such an inoffensive but radiant pairing.

Broadcast are greeted with much approving chin-rubbery. as befits any act lucky enough to be signed to Warp. Despite the impressively psychedelic swirly light show and Trish Keenan's wistful, levitating vocals. their music is akin to Spiritualized or Radiohead at an obscure moment. All great, but surely more mainstream than The Noise Made by People was ever meant to sound upon its release two years ago.

Saint Etienne. on the other hand. walk the kitsch-but-cool tightrope with

Pop made easy

aplomb. While Sarah Cracknell radiates ironic cool centre-stage. their shon film/scundtrack album project F/n/sterre is the focus here as they recast themselves as romantic council estate poets. all plaintive but grimy. a bit like that scene with the plastic bag from Amer/can Beauty. (David Pollock)

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I Underworld Barrowland. Glasgow, 14 Nov.

I 3coloursred Cathouse. Glasgow. 14 Nov.

I Fishbone Garage. Glasgow. 15 Nov.

I The Stranglers QMU. Glasgow. 16 Nov.

I Hothouse Flowers L'sher Hail. Edinburgh. 16 Nov.

* Alison Moorer Queen‘s Hall. Edinburgh. 18 Nov.

I A and Goldfinger Barrowland. Glasgow. 18 Nov.

* J Mascis La Belle Angele. Edinburgh, 18 Nov.

I Doves Barrowland. Glasgow. 19 8; 20 Nov.

I Alice Cooper Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 22 Nov. I Roadrage, feat Kiiiswitch Engage, Five Pointe 0 and 36 Crazyflsts ('athousc. Glasgow. 22 Nov.

I Badly Drawn Boy Barrowland. Glasgow. 23 Nov. I Ryan Adams L'sher Hall. Edinburgh. 2-1 Nov. SOLD OL'T I Richard Ashcroft Barrowiand. Glasgow. 24 Nov; Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 25 Nov.

I Foo Fighters SECC.

Glasgow. 25 Nov.

I Sparkiehorse King Tut‘s.

Glasgow. 26 Nov.

I Dolly Parton Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 26—27


I Come: Barrowland.

Glasgow. 28 Nov.

I Alabama 3 QML'. Glasgow.

28 Nov.

* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Barrowland. Glasgow. 29


I Moby SECC. Glasgow. 30


I Ray Davis Usher Hail.

Glasgow. 30 Nov.

I The Streets Barrowland.

Glasgow, 1 Dec.

I Stereo MCs Barrowland.

Glasgow. 2 Dec.

I David Gray SECC. Glasgow. 2 SOLD OUT & 3


Glasgow. 3 Dec.

I Manic Street Preachers and ian Brown SECC.

Glasgow, 4 Dec.

" David Holmes and the Free Association QMU.

Glasgow. 4 Dec.

I The Cranberries Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 4 Dec. I Disturbed Barrow-land.

I Shed Seven Barrowland.

Glasgow, 4 Dec. I Blondle and INXS


" Lambchop Quartet Queen's Hall. Edinburgh. 5 Dec.

I Beverley Knight

Glasgow. 5 Dec.

6 Dec.

I Groove Armada OUT & 7 Dec.

OUT & 7 Dec.

I Elton John SECC. Glasgow. 7-8 Dec. Dec.


* Reef Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 10 Dec.

Edinburgh. 1 1 Dec.


Braehead Arena. Glasgow. 5

Barrowiand. Glasgow, 5 Dec. I Tom McRae King Tut‘s.

* Classlaw Garage. Glasgow. I Teenage Fanclub Liquid Room. Edinburgh. 6 Dec: Barrowland. Glasgow. 8 Dec.

Barrowland, Glasgow. 6 SOLD

I Joois Holland Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow. 6 SOLD

I Spunge QMU. Glasgow, 7

I Blue SECC. Glasgow, 10-11

I Magnum Liquid Room.

* The Hellacopters and the Datsuns QMU. Glasgow. 12

I Royksopp Barrowland. Glasgow. 13 Dec.

I Runrig Barrowland. Glasgow. 14 Dec.

I Madness SECC. Glasgow. 15 Dec.

I Saw Doctors Barrowland. Glasgow, 15 Dec.

I Primal Scream Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 16 Dec: Barrowland. Glasgow. 17 Dec. SOLD OUT (Barrowland only). I Idlewlld Barrowland. Glasgow. 16 Dec; Corn Exchange. Edinburgh. 17 Dec. I The Almighty Garage. Glasgow. 21 Dec.

I The Music Barrowland. Glasgow. 12 Jan.

" Counting Crows SECC. Glasgow, 15 Jan.

I Sophie Ellis Bextor Clyde Auditorium. Glasgow, 19 Jan.

" John Squire Barrowland. Glasgow. 28 Jan.

I Bowling for Soup Barrowland. Glasgow. 15 Feb. Stone Sour Barrowland. Glasgow. 15 Feb.

* Feeder Barrowiand. Glasgow. 22 Feb.

I Red Hot Chilli Peppers SECC. Glasgow. 5 8; 6 Mar SOLD OL'T.

17—31 Oct 2002 THE LIST 47