Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama 8. dance listings compiled by Anna Millar.


\VA 2 Wheelchair Access: “AA 2 Wheelchair Access with Assistance l’ = Parking facilities; \\'(' = Adabted Toilells).


Tickets for major venues in (ilasgow are available from the Ticket ('entre. ('andleriggs. .\lon Sat l0.30am (r..3()pri): Sun noon 5pm in person or until 0pm by phone on (ll-ll 237 5.5T l. .-\li_\' 'l'icketlink box office can sell tickets for other


TT indicates venues where 'l'heatre Tokens can be eschanged for tickets. Tokens cart be bought from the Ticket Centre. ('andleriggs. (ilasgow. 014] 287 5‘)l0; most branches of “I”. Smith. John Menzies and James Thin Booksellers: or by credit card from 'l'okenline. 0|7l 240 8800.

Glasgow Drama


25.3 Argyle Street. 0901 022 0300. I\\'(’. w..\| Splinter/Section/Broken/Arch l'ri l8 & Sat l‘) ()ct. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). A 40-minute interpretation of Stey e Reich's 1968 Pendulum .\lusic. performed by l-‘onnem. combining sound and visual sources. Last seen at the National Review of Live Art.

Joy of the Worm Wed 23 Oct Sun 3 Nov (not Sun 27). 7pm. £(r (£4). Andy Arnold directs the Arches 'l'heatre ('ompany in this dark and satirical

div ised exploration of the pursuit of happiness. Music from Twitch (()ptimo) with Janis Murray on live cello.

l Licked a Slag’s Deodorant Hi 25 Oct Sat 2 Nov (not Sun 27 Tue 29). 8.30pm. £0 (£4). Tan) Dean Burn and Julie Duncanson star in Jitn ('artwright’s story of a crack-zuldicted street walker and a vulnerable man. Andy Arnold first direcch the play with a different cast and collaborators in l‘)‘)7 when it cattle across as enjoy ably dark and disconcerting. Music from Twitch (()ptiino) with Janis Murray on cello.


Wallacew ell Quadrant. 552 0234.

The Derry Boat Wed 30 ()ct. 7.30pm. £2 (£l ) from 0845 330 3501. A funny and moving ‘serious coinedy'.

By William Shakespeare

with a set of cracking ballads. about four generations of migration between Ireland and Scotland. Performed by (iorbals- born Little John Nee. who is now a big name in l)onegal. it is on a conununity tour after a highly successful run at the (‘iti/ens'.

BISHOPLOCH RESIDENTS HALL l5 Auchingill Road. 0845 330 350].

Up the Stairs and in the Attic 'l‘hu l7 & Hi 18 ()ct. See Kids listings. The Derry Boat Thu RI Oct. 7.30pm. £2 (£l ). See (ilasgow. Barmulloch (‘ommunity ('entre.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. I\\'(‘. WA]

Jimmy l'ntil Thu l7 ()et. 8pm. £8 (£(r). Award-winning French ('anadian actor Marie Brassard. best known as a close collaborator with Quebecois director Robert Lepage (she was last seen here in The (ieomenjv of.ilime/e.v). presents a solo play about love. desire and the creative process. l’ur! ofSit Stages.

In on It Sat It) & Sun 20 ()ct. 8pm. £8

(£0). .A dying man tries to make plans for

the end while two lovers try to make it work. A spiralling narrative from the always interesting 'l‘oronto company da da kamera. performed by Daniel Maclvor and Jim Allodi. See preview in (lay section. l’url ofS/t Stages.

When Worlds Collide Mon 28 ()ct. 8pm. £5 (£4). lrma ()ptimist is a mathematician. l’hl). university lecturer and performance artist. She combines the certainties of a logical narrative with the creativity of audience intervention.


ll‘) (iot‘bals Street. 42‘) 0022. Il’. ll. Tl. we. WA)

The Trials of Oscar Wilde Tue 22 Oct Sat lb Nov (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £|2 (£4). (Stalls Studio). l’ay' what you can preview on Tue 22 ()ct. (‘ompiled from the original transcripts. The Trials rr/i().vem‘ IIT/(IU recreates the events which led to Wilde‘s imprisonment for gross indecency. Adapted directed and designed by Jon l’ope. A prelude to (ilasgay.

Britannicus Wed 23 Oct Sat to Nov (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £l2 (£4). l’ay' what you can night Wed 23 ()et. ((‘ircle Studio). Philip l’row se directs Jean Racine's l7th century tragedy about the rise of the limperor Nero and the fall of his powerful mother Agrippina in a translation by Robert David MacDonald. The Importance of Being Earnest Thu 24 Oct Sat to Nov (not Sun/Mon). 7.30pm. £12 (£4). l’ay what you can preview Thu 24 ()ct. (Main 'l’heatre). (iiles llavergal directs Oscar Wilde's sparkling comedy about two young men who have taken to bending the truth in order to add a dash of excitement to their lives. lillen Sheean plays l.ady Bracknell. having moved up the ranks from her portrayal of

25 October - 16 November at 7.45pm

Tickets £7 - £18

Student tickets always HALF PRICE Special Sunday Show: 2.30pm 10 November


64 THE LIST if 1&1 ()(2t 2’00?

Scottish Arts Corinrd

(iwendolen in llavergal's first production of the same play in l‘)70. See feature.


93 95 ilyndland Street. 357 3808. Ill. WC. WAI

The Old Neighbourhood Tue

22 Sat 26 ()ct. 8pm. £8 (£5) from 0l355 23665 I. Rapture presents the Scottish Premiere of David Mamet’s American- Jewish comedy. an tincharacteristically gentle affair. See preview.


Druinchapel. Tickets from 'l'ramway box till—ice 0845 53(l35lll.

Factory Girls Thu 24 ()ct. 7.30pm. £2 (£l ). 7:84 presents an entertaining Production of Frank .\lc(iuinness’ award-winning play set in a I)onegal shirt factory as five women face the threat of redundancy. See review.


297 Bath Street. 287 55l l. Ill. \\'('. WA]

The Rocky Horror Show l'ntil Sat l‘) ()ct. 7.30pm; l‘ri & Sat ()pttt & 8.45pm. £7.50 £24.50. (‘elebrating its 30th year. Richard ()‘Brien's cult musical still wows audiences. With Jonathan Wilkes as the sweet transvestite and Rhona (’ameron as the narrator. the stars are those who dig out their lacy costumes. blare out the songs and shake their timewarps tip their aisles. 'l was talking to a guy at the stage door last night] says Katie Rowley-Jones (who play s Janet. a girl w hose clothes don't stay on for long). ‘lle’s seen RUt'lx)‘ 18‘) times. and bought 47 tickets for this tour. There are already people iii the front row who 1 recognise by their voices. ()ne thing they love to shout is “slag‘ every time Janet is mentioned; I'm lucky I have broad minded parents?’

Fame Mon 2| Sat 20 ()ct. 7.30pm: l‘ri & Sat 5.30pm & 8.30pm. £7.50 £24.50. The smash hit musical set in New York's school for pet'fot'tttiltg arts.

West Side Story Tue 2‘) Oct Sat 2 Nov. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat tnat 2.30pm). £8 £ l 3. The l’antheon ('lub presents Romeo and Julie! revisited against a background of New York gangs.


New Street. 887 Will. Ill. \\'('. \VAI Do Try This at Home! Thu I7 ()ct. See Kids listings.

Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Sat l‘) ()cl. See Kids listings.

The Derry Boat liri 25 & Sat 20 ()ct. 7.30pm. £7 (£3.50). See (ilasgow. Barmulloch ('omtnunity (‘entre.


22 2o Yokernunill Road.

The Derry Boat Tue 2‘) ()ct. 7.30pm. £2 (£l ) from 0845 330 350i. See (ilasgow. Barmulloeh (‘ommunity ('entre.


The Duchess Of Malfi John Webster's violent Jacobean masterpiece is given a detailed and chilling production by Dominic Hill. Irene MacDougall shines as the Duchess in a play full of murder, deceit and psychological ambiguity. Dundee Rep. Dundee. L/nti/ Sat 26 Oct.

Homers Iain F MacLeod's bittersweet comedy contains elements of knockabout farce and verbal humour. Philip Howard's production sets a cracking pace in the story of two Glasgow orphans farmed out to the Western Isles in the 60s. and moves to a warmhearted. emotional climax. Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh. until Sat I 9 Oct. then touring.

The Vagina Monologues Miriam Margoyles. Una MacLean and Michelle Gomez lead in this professional Scottish debut of Eve Ensler's famous transcription of conversations with women about their vaginas. That's abOut it. really. but very moving and funny none the less. Festival Theatre. Edinburgh, Wed 30 Oct-Sat 2 Nov.

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