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In the space of a month, three new nights have opened up on the scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh, catering for everyone, with club nights for men only, women only and mixed.

Heavenly is the weekly gay night at the recently opened Seventh Heaven club next to the Baby Grand at Glasgow’s Charing Cross. With a changing theme for every Wednesday, the month kicks off at ’mo Town with retro soul, funk and jazz and live acts.

The second night, Malarky, has cabaret and the third, Danceteria, is chart, pop and 8&8. The fourth Wednesday is for the ladies, offering a much needed women’s night although, surprisingly, it welcomes male guests. The venue and nights have plenty of untapped potential, but the big question is whether people will be willing to make the trip away from the Merchant City.

Burly has gone one step further in encouraging its clubbers away from Glasgow’s gay village: it has hired a bus. This all-new, all-male monthly event is for those who prefer things a little more cruisey and dressy, namely rubber, leather and anything else you fancy. Located in a warehouse in South Street it has been described by one Burly clubber as ‘an oasis' in the middle of an industrial estate.

With over 130 people turning up for the launch night, this is a club worth making that little bit of extra effort for. A chill-out room, theme room (men at work was the launch theme) and dance area cater to all

Every Wednesday is a gay night at Glasgow’s heavenly




In on It, CCA, Glasgow Sat 19 & Sun 20 Oct, 8pm

As part of the Six Stages festival. Daniel Mclvor and his theatre company Da Da Kamera are visiting Scotland for the fourth time. I phoned Daniel in Toronto. just when he had accidentally squeezed mint relaxing body-gel into his eye.

Have you done the show, In on It, before? We tried out a version a few years ago at the Fringe. but it was in early development. We've performed it in Toronto. Amsterdam and last year in New York when we were fortunate enough to win an Obie award. It is a post-modern exploration of two guys making a play. then dissecting a play. but as it continues y0u realise the two men are lovers.

Is it difficult directing yourself? No. I have people who I‘ve been working with for years. I trust them and their opinions. It's easier to direct an actor when I'm acting with them.

Why were you first drawn to the theatre? Originally, to find a boyfriend. It didn't work. I should have gone into something else. The fact that I'm gay is definitely very much part of the things I want to talk about. The issues I have with relationships are the same issues that straight peOpIe have. I think my politics are personal politics. though I know there's incredible value to peeple being out and political.

underground tastes - be it the exhibitionists in their edge with a more “hands-up than heads-down’ vibe. For

jock straps or the leather clad bears. With inhibitions something a bit more 8&8, hip hop, chart, and indie,

left at the door, Burly is offering a new style of clubbing you should head downstairs with DJs Sally F and

experience for the boys. Michelle. The plan is to bring excitement, glamour and Over in the capital, Maggie and Alan of Joy fame have intrigue back in to the scene. Bring it on.

started a rather cheeky new monthly night at Ego called (Jane Hamilton)

Wiggle. The next night is Saturday 9 November when I Out of Heaven, Seventh Heaven, 75 E/mbank Gardens.

they’ll be offering a ‘unique gay party event’ aided and Glasgow, 227 27 72; BURLY, the Big Joint, SOL/th Street.

abetted by the fabulous DJs Trendy Wendy and Jon Glasgow, www.dv8scots.co.uk; Wiggle, Ego. Picardy Place.

Pleased who will be playing a mix of camp and cutting Edinburgh, 0 I37 478 7434.

Have things changed since growing up gay in the 705 and 805? I remember I used to just wait all dry mouthed for Dynasty because there was a gay character in it. Now there's Will and Grace syndicated five days a week. Twelve and thirteen-year-old gay kids are getting their dose of that. Did you have gay role models growing up? There were no Out actors. Eventually the peOpIe I connected with in my late teens were Morrissey and Michael Stipe. Do you still balance theatre with film work? I turned 40 this

HALLOWEEN hall, Topsy Turvy night on Wednesday cheesy chart and promos. while CC We know you don't need an excuse to 30 October. Bloom's is raising money for Gay rip off your work clothes. vamp Edinburgh's Laughing Duck is having Men's Health with its traditional yourself up and party like it's 1999. but a Dead Pop Stars night in association Hallowe'en night. including raffles. you do need a darn good excuse to with Smirnoff Black, with games, games and prizes. dunk your head in a bowl of saliva- Cafe Habana's charity night on filled water. It's called Hallowe‘en. And Friday 25 will have drag acts and scary here's what's on. sponsorship sacrifices such as pubic Glasgow's Revolver is having a hair shaving, while monthly club Angel Buffy v Dracula night on Thursday Delight's next date. at the Venue. will 31, with traditional games and be Fright Night. Don't forget the Gay prizes. and Bennet's is offering and Lesbian Switchboard Ball at the three top cash prizes along with a Assembly Rooms on Saturday 2 crate of WKD Blue for best November. the theme this year

Hallowe‘en costume. There's a quiz going on in Delmonica's with drink promos and a $3100 reward for the best outfit, while new Club night Heavenly at Seventh Heaven is tipping the velvet with a drag. llltlSlC-

being black and white. But Planet Out wins the pumpkin for best name with Let Planet Out Put the Willies Lip You on Thursday 31 , with equally imaginativer named games. drag acts. drink promos and bar staff in silly costumes. (Mererid Williams)

year, and I feel I maybe can do films with a grey beard. l have my first feature film premiering at the Toronto Film Festival.

You wrote it? And acted in, and directed it. Its abOuI the idea that in order to move forward in a relatiOnship you have to get past the notion of being perfect.

(John Binniei

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