I Elliots at lilliots. Spin iiiidtiigltt. Free. Weekly. Keith Pyper plays sotilftil house and garage in this stnart central boo/er. Drinks prottios and happiness are also part of the experience.

I Friday Street at Blackfriars.

8pm~ lam. £4 (£2). (‘Iassic mod. Tamla Motown and northern sotil at this stompfest in Blackfriars. Residents are Mikey. Pattl atid Davy Quinn.

I Kenny H at Moloco (West lind). ()pnt-midnight. Free. Weekly. Funky grooves froin around the globe. with a healthy smattering of soul thrown iii for good measure.

I Modalicious at Moda. 9pm lam. Free. Weekly. Mark Duff and Ally Sandler pull out sortie funky vocal house grooves mixed with appetising garage anthems. but if they don't fulfil then just marvel at what must be the coolest fireplace iii town.

I Mod Night at Mc(‘huill's. 8pm—midnight. Free. I Nov. Monthly. Friday Street regplars spin northern soul and ntod funk at this class boozer.

I Moloco at Moloco. 8pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Rotational l)J.s from the Btiff club work the pre-club crowd in this fine West lind boo/er.

I Moskito at Moskito. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. The Sole don Stevie Middleton warms a ftmky crowd under Bath Street. Like all good l)Js. he‘s ltot afraid to throw in something old. borrowed or even blue.

I Nico’s at Nico’s. ()pm «midnight. Free. Weekly. Nico‘s warms the Sauchiehall revellers tip with happy. popular music and a selection of alcoholic beverages. A novel idea if ever there was one.

I October at the October ('afe. Omit-midnight. Weekly. (iol'tltm Miller ptits his decks to very good tise with the best in vocal house and LS garage.

I Phonic at 54 Below. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Phonic DJs Steven Reilly and (iordon Logan serve tip sotiie quality house grooves.

I Russell’s at Russell’s. (min-midnight. Free. Weekly. DJ Yaw kicks ottt the best R&B. hip hop and swingbeat.

I Shift at Blackfriars Basement.

8pm -lam. £3. l Nov. Monthly. Funky pre-club warmth from these Shift bad boys. who occupy what tiiust be one of the coolest basements in town.

I Soulsa Presents: Vinyl at Strata. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. Another beautiful (ilasgow bar with a lilting mUsic policy. Underground house. Latin vibes arid choicest disco froin Andy linger. Shae-l) and special guest DJs.

I Sound Museum at (‘(‘A bar.

9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. ('hris 'Beans' (ieddes (Belle and Sebastian) and llushpuppy (Divine. (iSA) uncover a forgotten world of sound. delving deeper and more carefully than many into lost realms of soul. Latin. funk. disco arid exotica.

I Stateside Sounds at the State Bar. 4 7pm. Free. Weekly. Patil Shields selects alt.country favourites. rock classics and blues cuts. A night that should be commended for doing something different and for doing it well. I Straight Ahead at Spy Bar.

9pm late. Free. Weekly. Dance floor jau. northern soul and ftiiik spun by the superb Straight Ahead crew.

I Surfer’s Paradise at Walkabout. (flint-31H". £5 (£3). Weekly. Party time at this new pre-club proposition. Those who drink Australian. think Australian. so expect widespread lairitiess and crocodile-baiting. Not that we’re iitto stereotypes or anything.

I Therapy at the Medicine Room. 8pm lam. Free. Weekly. The highly traitied Divine DJs deploy a soothing yet potent treatment iii this unique new bar run by the owners of Ad Lib and Brel. It‘s eerily yet handily positioned opposite the ('athedral. Royal Infirmary atid Necropolis. arid each clittic offers a variety of placebos.


I Abnormals Anonymous at the Tron Theatre. l()pm laiii. £5. l Nov. (ilasgay launch night with this great club celebrating all that is good about the gay scene in our fair city.

I Aerodynamico at Ad Lib.

l lpnt 4am. £5. l Nov. Monthly. Nu-ja/I. soul. ftitik aitd broken beats with PM 5.5. I Afterglow at Ad Lib. Next date 3 Nov.

I Basement Party at Blackfriars Basement. Next date 8 Nov.

I Bebado at Riverside ('Itib.

Midnight 3am. £8 (£6). 25 ()ct. Monthly. Pltat beats and Bra/than flavours at this class samba datice night. Residents (’hief lrian De Jaya and Mestre Rodriguez are iii charge. For this date only '.»t--l.i.v!'eurrl Ito/(let's get [I (Milk/(NW prit‘t' (Ill night.

I Bogota! at (‘uba Norte. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. Barrio aitd Radio Magnetic iiiaiti man Mr Peaches entertains the troops.

I Burnin’ at (‘aledonian Union. l()pm--2am. £4. l8 ()ct. Fortnightly. New house night at the ttnion with live percussion frotii the Glasgow llouse Theory boys.

I Concrete at Sotindhaus. Next date the.

I The Cathouse at the ('athouse. lt).3()pm 3am. £l before I lpm; £4 (£3) after. Weekly. Riding high on the nu metal wave. this is one of the busiest nights in town. Rock. grunge. indie and a dash of breakbeat across three floors at (ilasgow's top venue for rockers arid alternatecns.

I Coded at \‘atilt. l lpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. They 'l'e from at record store. so the tunes are going to be fresh and highly funky. aren’t they ‘.’ A rotating roster of DJs affiliated to 23rd Precinct supply house-led grooves at the new club. Steven Mc('reery is the main man. bttt the pool of talent includes Billy Kiltie. Billy Woods and Amanda Price.

I Crash at the Shed. lt).3(lpm 2am. £3 (£2). Weekly. (‘i‘ash itito the weekends with this htlgely popular night with the Sotithside set. (iarage DJ (iei'i'y Lyons hosts the main hall with the ultimate eclectic party soundtrack and DJ Dave Mtilhollaiid ((‘tibel takes the helm iii the Loft upstairs with a night of classic R&B. I Foresight at (‘lub ()9. Next date tbc. I Fresh at the Polo Lounge.

l lpnt 3am. £5. Weekly. Michelle and Andy take charge of the musical duties iii this delicious Merchant (’ity mixed club. Whether you're iii the Trophy Rootii or

on the dancelloor. the tunes will fuel your


I Five 20 East Records Launch Party at Ad Lib. l lpiit 5am. £5. lb’ ()ct. Monthly. ('raig Smith and llarri. two of the lilicst Scottish l)J.s. combine to celebrate the launch of this funky new label.

I Fuel at Fuel (Bishopbriggs). lt).3()pm 2am. £4. Weekly. New club venture from the (it group. who are attempting to expand the average (ilaswegian's idea of what weeketiding means. Pattl Rea plays cltib classics. R&B. funk and aiiythang with a groove. Southside arid Northside it's starting to get like London in here. A wee bit.

0 Funk Room at the Arches.

llpiii 3am. £9 (£7). IS ()ct. Monthly. Breakdancing. Latin grooves and heavy Latin hip hop with the ntighty La (one. It's a rare appearance. and it‘s gonna be the bomb. so get on it. For this (lute only 'xl-ljsl'r'urrl Ito/(let‘s gel 50‘} Ullrlrmr prir‘e (Ill night.

I Gigantic at Barlly (formerly the 13th Note ('lub). 9pm 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Take on the persona of your chosen indie heroes. From the fey Morrissey'. the baggy llappy Monday s and the too cool for skool Strokes. (iigantic plays all of the songs you need to hear without itistiltitig the intelligence of the schmindie connoisseur. or being too clever.

I Glasgow House Theory at the

Renfrew' l-‘erry. Nest date the.

I Archaos at Ai'chaos. l lpm 3am. £5 (£2.50). Weekly. Mainstream chart dance. sotil and cheese at one of the busiest Friday tiighters in town.

I Goodtoot at the Riverside Social. Midnight 3am. £5. l Nov. Monthly. (ioodfoot attract a rabid. vociferous modern northern sotil crowd. The venue is perfect for such a funky celebration.

I Low Level at \‘ault. Next date 1 Nov. I Hustle and Bustle at Baba/a.

opm 3am (DJs from I lpm ). Free before

I lpm: £5 after. Weekly. Paul Tray rtor and Stewart Mc('al|um rip it tip with some highly charged R&B arid hip hop mived with funky arid ftinkiet' tracks.

I In at the Deep End at Ad Lib.

l lptti 3am. £5. Weekly. Ad Lib clear the tables away once again as Richard and lndica take control. Jackin‘ beats and solid grooves dominate while Bigfoot Monkey provides the finest quality live percussion. I Life at Life. ltlpm— 3am. Free before midnight: £7 after. Weekly. Kevin McFarlane (Beat 106) and Gordon Miller take on the two rooms with a solid funk. soul. garage and old-school classics selection.

I Latin Fever at llavana. 9pm 2am. Free. Weekly. DJ Keith l) spins ttp some ('olttmbiaii. ('tiban. New York and African salsa. adding a twist of Latin chart. RNB and global beats to the rhythtiiical stew. Tasty.

I Keeping it Sound at the Medicine Rooiit Bar. Spin latii. Free. Weekly. Tom ('hui'chill and Matthew K present an evening of non dancefloor music. covering all styles iii their DJ set. lispect to hear ambient. downteinpo and electronica along with sotil. ja/l and reggae atid any thing else they icel like.

0 Metro Area at (‘('A. lll.3llpm 3am. £l I. 18 ()ct only. This very short tour from Morgan (ieist et al is apparently absolutely i‘ockin'. so get up to the (i('.'\ for this if you like it classy funky. See [)l't'l'lt'H'.

I Midi l'li-Fi at the (ilasgow School of All. Next date 1 Nov. plus (irandmaster Flash special. Sat 2o ()ct.

I Jackin’ at MAS. 9pm 3am. lnv itation only. Weekly. Marcello Della ('i'oce. Billy Woods. Danny Sharkey are the hosts at this class Friday house session.

I at the Sotitidhaus. llpiii 5am. £St £(v). IS ()ct. One of the finest techno and electro nights iii town plays host to a plethora of local talent. This time it's the turn DJ Mike Singleton. who started off playing hip hop before moving on to techno atid electro.

0 National Pop League Birthday Special at Woodside Social (‘ltth 8.45pm 2am. £3 (£2). 25 ()ct. Monthly. Second birthday celebrations are in order for this charming club showcasing the best iii indie aiid power pop. Wee doiie lads. and long may your beautiful L'ltll‘ continue. For this tltllr’ only 'xl-l.r.vl'r‘rrnl lltll(l( I'\ gel [2 (Ill-(lnm' [ll‘lt't' (Ill Ill'c'lll.

I The N00 Groove at Ad Lil». ll.3()pm 3am. £5. 25 ()ct. Monthly. Brian's away doing the family thing. so Fenetik king l’aul ('avvley joins Nick Peacock fora night of the best iii |.t//. soul Latin and liotise.

I Nurture at (lab (it). Next date the.

I Offset at ('ubc. lllpllt‘xllll. £7 (£5). Weekly. This part} is with residents (ieoff M atid Stevie Sole. Martin llesketh and John Lyons. and attracts a good crowd ready for the finest in soulful house.

I Pressure at the Arches. lllpni 3am. £17. 25 ()ct. Monthly. A techno room arid a house room. What more do you w aiit'.’ lit the former we have Luke Slater. Percy .\ and Jttstiii Robertson. lit the latter we find the inimitable Halo atid llipp-e arid DJ Q. Jtist to make sure things don't get too sensible. there's also Rottcr‘s (loll-(dill) ill the play room. with Andy Weatherall and Raditnictive Matt. Not so bad. eh'.’

I Public Spirit at Btidda. l lptii 3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Joti Da Silva is one of those l)Js who will. for tltc rest of his days. find the words ‘the legcndary‘ tacked oil to the start of his tiatiic. lie and the Adorphiliacs are having their weekly party at this mighty venue. so he in effect.


listings Clubs

La Corte at The Funk Room Funky Latin modernism, progressive style. with a band that knows where it's from. It's hardcore Venezuelan hip hop. and you know how exciting that is. Arches. Fri '18 Oct.

Metro Area A band that comes with its own whirlwind Of hype and excitement. Morgan Geist and collaboratOr Darshan Jesrani's creation has left a mess of happy punters wherever they have played. and now it's our turn to taste the electro-tinged funky house. CCA, Fri

78 Oct.

Club 69 You wouldn't believe the number of peeple that love it in the sixty-niner position. That is. doing it with loads of weird electronic music in the background. This time they've got the inimitable Venetian Blinds. who have just been signed to u-Ziq's letttield label. Club 69. Sat 79 Oct.

Heads Jengaheads and Traxx get together at this totally new night ‘0" those fixated by beautiful. splendid house music. It's always the simplest ideas that w0rk the nest. Riverside Social, Sat 79 Oct.

Mad Dog Chris Liberator joms forces with o .i' own techno masters. lvlao' Deg. for a celebration at what machines are saying to one another. It's quite a dialogue. Sonnet/tails. Sat 19 Oct.

National Pop League Second Birthday For services to real indie. C86 and punk pop. we salute yeti. The club‘s been doing it f'lgl‘l at the Woodside tOr two years


and it's high time that we

recognise that clubbing is as much a guitar thing as a decks thing. i"/OO(‘ls.-'de SOC/(ll. Fri 25 Oct. Haptic Trevor Rockclitfe pictured) is the great guest at this fine house/techno night under Queen Street. He's been around the world. but as all good jocks recognise at some point. they've


to come back to Glasgow for

the real party. Vault. Sat 26 Oct.

I Pure at the Velvet Rooms.

lltpiii 3am. £3 beforemidnight; £6 (£4) after. Weekly. Mitsic for adults. Rotational residents play R&B and hip hop iii the It stairs arena while the

dovv iistail's

rnge gets the funky soul

treattiictii to»; Billy Milligati. Note: don't coin tllis with the legendary

lidinbttrgii . . iiamc. Th.

tio night of the same u stupid.

it! .’.‘ )2 THE LIST 77

l l l l l j? i . -I 'i i