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Soundhaus, Glasgow, Sat 19 Oct

Chris Liberator and Mad Dog go together like pork chops and apple sauce. Both have remained dedicated to the underground hard-techno scene since its inception, and both live to provide cutting edge entertainment for those captivated by music rather than superficial trends. When the field that you furrow is hard, squelchy acid techno, you’ve got to keep the faith, and that’s why the scene has always been for those with full love for the sound. As Liberator says: ‘Our music is

underrepresented in everything.’

‘Chris was responsible for a lot of the underground acid parties in London early on, the squat parties,’ reminisces Mad Dog’s Ian McLeod when thinking back about wild times he had, where he heard his guest spinning during the early 905. ‘Things aren’t like that any more they’re much more commercial, with the exception of places like Soundhaus.’

There's something very attractive about a scene based on purism. It’s like a picture of what things would be like if the love of music still dominated dance. The last word should go to Liberator, who sums up his feelings on the dilution of techno: ‘I can understand the argument that techno shouldn’t be soulful. The machines do the talking anyway. If you put soul into techno, sometimes that takes some of the techno out of it.’

(Johnny Regan)

I Chris Liberator has (I Ill/X (t/I)tll77 CLO I {Trust the DJ Rocordsr and has

another. CLO 2, on its way.

I Radar at Glasgow Scltool ol’Art. Next date the. I Red and Gold Room at :\t‘ta.

ltlpm 3am. l-‘ree hel‘ore l lpm: £7 alter.

Weekly. 1)] Keith I) pops up to \pin only the tinext salxa and l.atitt tune\ to a Very well lteeled Arta croyy d.

I Red Planet at (ilaxgoyy' Scltool of Art. lllpm 2.30am. L“) (LS). IS ()ct only. 'l'raxx and Ruh-a-l)tth lloxl lili\ hig otte with Red Planet ol l'nderground Resistance of Detroit and tlte y'ery tasty Martin McKay oi ('luh (t‘). Sltould he a total hliitder.

I Seventh Heaven at Seyenth lleay'en. lllpm 3am. £7. Weekly. Sottl. funk attd R&B. supplied hy Boh Jelleries at this lleW har attd cluh itt tlte ('haring (‘rosx area of tlte city. ('heck ll.

I Super Scientists at (‘Iuh ()9. Next date the.

I Tantra at 'l'raxh. lllpm 3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. Wall-to-yy all drunk people: yy'aheyl l.i\a l.ittle\\ood attd lain Thomson play upl'ront house to a packed dattce floor. yy itlt l)J Rohert playittg l‘unky hou\e. dixett and ittdie itt t‘oottt tyyo.

I Tronicsole at the :\t‘elte\.

llpttt 3am. LIZ (£8). I Noy; Monthly. Musicyy'orks party at 'l‘ronicxole HQ. [)1 Buck and Aqua thxsilltt join (‘hrix Harris. Paul ('ayyley and (iot‘don Logan for a ttight ol' the fittest \ottllttl attd ja/Iy' house tttoney catt huy'. You'd he a fool to pass thix one tip.

I Urban Groove at (‘luh Budda.

l lpttt 3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Featuring the talents ol‘ Domenic Martin. yyho seamlessly merges l'S house and garage. deep houxe. disco. \tllll. funk

and jail. While adding the odd daxh ol l.atin and aim gt'ooy'ex.

Glasgow Saturdays


I Aerodynamico at Bar 0 1.

0pm tttidttigltt. l‘ree. Weekly. The \lllpelltlttll\l) cool .-\erodynatttico kick oil yy ltat yy ill he one ol' the eoole\i pre- cluh \exxiottx iii lttyy n at llti\. otte til. tlte eoolexl harx in the Merchant (‘ity. Broken hcatx altoyl

I Billy Woods at Reptthlic Bier llalle. ()pm midnight. lit'ee. Weekly. 'l‘t'axx dttdc \Voodx \lttke\ all you had hoy'x tip for a night on tlte slippery tilex.

I DJ Chico at Bloc. ()pm midnight. liree. \Veekly. l).l (‘hico plUyN eclectic yyorld heatx attd anything \y ith a \\y ittg. I Bubblin’ Under at the ('ale Bar. ‘)pm midnight. l‘ree. l‘) ()ct. l-‘ortnightly. (io \tthterratteatt in one ol the city '\ moxt attt'actiye hat'x/cal'ex l).l |)a\e Moore ix just tltc man to take care ol the gt'ooy ex.

I Buttox at Bar .lcdi. 0pm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. New prc—cltth night ol hooty haxx and electro l'rom the Motto\ liltlx. .-\ttd gtle\\ yy'hat’.’ lt'x called Buttox. l’ttrc claxx.

I Chillin’ at llayana. Spm midnight. l’rce. l‘) ()ct. l‘ortttightly. l’t'entier :\\iilll llltlxle l).l Rli getx doyytt attd dirty \y itlt a selection ol' Rtkli. hhattgt‘a and hip hop. (‘htmky l‘unky.

I The Corinthian at the (‘orittthian ()pttt late. I-‘t'ee. Weekly. l.aid-hack tunes to complement the stunning surrounding\ of the ('orinthian’s tttaitt har.






78 THE LIST ()a'. 1/ .01

I Cul de Sac at the (‘ul de Sac.

0pm midnight. l-ree. 2o ()ct. l-ot‘tttightly. .\ l).l ol \ome calihre. Michael l’ecl. etll\ attd \cratcltex hix yyay through tlte delectable record hag yy itlt eyerything l'rottt hip hop to tank. lront hoth to tlte hexl til. tlte l‘e\l.

I Dirty Wriggles at tltc Variety Bar. ‘lpm midnight. l’t'ee. Weekly. .\ techno‘tt'electro pt‘e-cltth \et lt‘ottt l)irty \Vt'igglex Hi My \tec lieall.

I Electric Cafe at Wed l3.

Sillpttt midnight. l‘ree. l).l\ Rohotttik attd (ihettohead taka Steyen attd .lolttt l'rottt liixt \ltoyycaxe the hext itt \y ntltetic pup.

I Elliots at lilliotx. Spnt midnight. l‘t'ee. Weekly. Keith l’yper itt charge ax he \pitt\ \oullttl houxc attd garage lot' the lilliotx maxxiye. l)l'llll\\ protttm are alxo (Hill.

I Fake at Bar ll). 0pm midnight. l't'cc. Weekly. l‘ake I).l\ .lllll llutchtxott attd Brian Mttt‘nin take to the deck\ to deliyet' a killer pt'e—chth \et itt thix ltealllillll. cool attd cla\\y city centre ptth.

I Fourward Thinking at l-‘our (ale Bar t(’(‘.'\t. ()pm midnight. l‘t'ee. \Veekly. licatx attd ht'cak\ cltat‘aclet‘ixe thiy pt‘e—cltth xexxion at the ('(’.\. .lll\l the ticket.

I Freakmoves at the School or .'\t‘t tl'ront gallery t. lllpm 3am. to Hell L5H L35“ (iS:\ \llltlt‘lll\. Weekly. (law). diyet‘xe \et ll’tllll llle collectiye lte\l

knoyy it Mr their ltip hoppitt' \killx. .\ chance to \amplc the lilayottr itt more intimate \lll'l'ttlllltlillg\. along yy itlt l)iy itte attd My .\l;tellille\ ll]t\l;lil‘\.

I Groucho St Judes at (iroucho St Judes. 9pm midnight. Free. Weekly. lli- l’i Sean \pinx old and contemporary hip hop. dixco. l'ttnk attd electt‘o to the heatttil'ttl people ol llli\ ttptttat'kct dl‘illket‘ie.

I Mapuchi at Moloco. 7 l lpttt. lit'ec. Weekly. l)l Marcello dig\ deep ill tlte

\ ittyl yaultx to unearth the hext itt lttttk. \ottl. tax/ attd l.atin.

I Paddy Power at the Variety Bat. 0pm midnight. l‘t'ee. Weekly. It\ a caxe ol' the littl\ie rel'lectittg the \etttte. 'l'he adtttit‘ahly eclectic l).l l’addy lil'e\ on eyet'ything lt'ottt Brian lino to l'ttdet'gt'ottttd lx’exntattce. More poyy er to lti\ \ly ltl\.

I Paul Rea at \ico'x. ‘lpm midtttght. lit‘ee. Weekly. ('lult ltll\ and chart layottt‘itex lot the loy ed up \ico‘x cttxtottterx.

I House Frenzy al lx’cyolttliott.

Spm midnight. l't'ee. Weekly. l’et'lect pt'e-cltth ttttteage yy itlt the lx’eyoltttion littllxe l‘e\itlelll\. (ietx you itt a wry l'ttnky mood.

I Slick at Moda. ‘lpttt .iattt. l‘t'ee. Weekly. Harry ('tettttttcl and ('tordon

Miller eaxe their \yay through the night yy itlt the yet‘y hext lll litttlxe. garage attd Rtyll till 3am. llit ol' claw.

I Surfer’s Paradise at \Valkahottt. (tpttt .iatn. £5 (£3). Weekly. \eyy pre~ cluhhet' \y itlt l).l l.tttli\e proy idittg the party action at the hottottt ol' the l'( i(‘. llopel'ttlly. Kangaroo httrgerx yy ill ttot he lll ey idettce.


I All Fired Up at Sloatt'y. Spnt lattt. L31 (L3). l‘) ()ct. Monthly. (iet you glad ragx on attd get rocked at thix night oi glam rock attd Stlx metal. l).l\ Spandey l)l'e;tlll\ i. I‘m" lather and \‘oly ic are tttyolyed.

I Bailamos at llayana. ‘lpnt 3am. l't'ee. Weekly. |).l Keith l) hringx you a maid xelection: \alxa. lx’kli. l.atitt chart action attd \yhateyet' el\e moyex you.

I Bennet’s at liettnet‘x. 3am. L5. Weekly. liecl the goddamn lttttk ax Shaun attd ;\llllle giye the lienttet'x party pthxe e\actly yyhat they yyattt: commercial dance min

\y itlt a \electiott ol ."tlx. Stlx attd ‘)()\ llll\.

I Breakdown at .\d Ith.

ll)..i(lpttt lam. L5. It) ()ct. Monthly. ('arhott recordx duo Matthcyy l’rall attd ('hrtx Marr do the l'unky thing yyith their httt‘gconittg ho\ ol recot'dx that they tticked out ol~ the \hop.

I Caledonia SOUl ;tl \thtltlSltlk‘ Social. \e\t date thc.

I Call a Meeting at (‘t‘.\. .x‘ Aopm late. [5 (Ht. 1‘) ()ct. Monthly. l’iano Magic attd special glle\l\ play their oyyn ht‘and ol' littgltxh l'olk \y itlt a contemporary liut‘opean \ettxihility. .\ rare appearance. and iii a mum name. I Club Cuba! at ('uha \ttt'te.

‘lpttt 2am. l‘t'ee. Weekly. (iet ttt tottclt yyttlt your l.atitt \pit‘it at this claxxy night of dance. The lille\l l.atitto heats are \ttpplicd hy Duncan. liarah attd Sltattttott attd tttake \lll‘e you aim e early to guarantee entry.

0 Club 69 at Rockxy '\ liaxetttcnt. lllpnt 2.30am. L8. 1‘) ()ct. Monthly. Venetian Sitat‘e\ ix the e\pct'intetttal genius adopted [or the \iyty ttinet patty thix month. .\l\\.l_\\ [ttl\llill_‘_‘ tltc ettyelope. thexe gtty\ kilo“ llt‘“ 1“ l‘lll on a \ltoyy.

I COIOUTS Lil lltc .\l't'lle\. \e\l dale ‘) \m.

I Cube Class at ('tthe. llpttt 3am. I" tL'St. Weekly. l’t'oy ing that thix \enue didn't die \\ itlt tlte Stth (‘lttlx ('tthe i\ ttoyy hugely \lley‘e\\ltll itt itx oyytt right. ()Id \chool houxe claxxicx and up to date :llllllellh are the order ol’ the day at llll\ packed Sat tttglttct. thatth to main room tttatt Matt |.e l'ttttk. ltt the hack I).\l( i \ct‘y ex up Rik ll.