I Disco X at the Soundhaus. Next date 9 Nov.

I Elektrik Sweat at Blackfriars. Next date 9 Nov.

I Freeform at Barfly (formerly the 13th Note Club). 9pm—3am. Free before 10.30pm; £5 (£4) after. Weekly. ()ne of the longest running clubs in town. and it‘s all thanks to the Watt brothers and their selection of 60s soul. 70s funk and the odd curveball to keep things interesting.

I Fusion at the Riverside Social. Midnight—late. Next date 9 Nov.

I Gordon Miller at Fuel (Bishopbriggs). 10.30pm—2am. £5. Weekly. Funky house at the new Northside club venture‘s resident.

Haptic at the Vault. l lpm—3am. £8.

26 ()ct. Big. big. big. tnassive night for Haptic as the very delectable Trevor Rockcliffe plays out his funky selections. Nights of this quality are rare on Queen Street since the departure of the Sub. so savour the flavour. For this date only. A-I.is! (‘unl holders get [2 nfl door all night long.

I Havana Esperito at Canvas (Arta). 8pm—midnight. £7. Weekly. A night of sophisticated Latino class. DJ Jazz brings his box of tricks to the Merchant City‘s newest venue. Canvas. where there‘s no dedicated dancefloor. but there is classy service and an elegant. laid-back vibe for those who've had enough of sweat with their salsa.

I Higher Ground at (‘(‘A. Next date 9 Nov.

I Hi-Karate at Riverside Club. Next date tbc.

Heads at the Riverside Social. Midnight—3am. £10 (£8). 19 ()ct. Monthly. New night for Homebass dudes Jengaheads and the help of the Traxx mob. Pure house goodness is on the menu. and it‘s an all you can eat buffet.

I Homecookin’ at Babaza. 10pm—3am. Free before 1 1pm; £5 after. Weekly. DJs Stewart McCallum and Joe Higgins keep the music jammin‘ and the dance floorjumpin‘ all night long. R&B tracks mixed with the odd classic and old-skool favourites. Just watch out for football players.

I Inside Out at the Arches. 10.30pm—3am. £16. 26 ()ct. Monthly. Another big one for inside ()ut as Du Monde. DJ Scott Project and the much vaunted Eddie Halliwell lock horns behind those famous decks.

I Inspire at the Velvet Rooms. 10pm—3am. £3 before midnight; £6 (£4) after. Weekly. Keith Pyper breaks out the funky house and garage in the tnain room while Raymond Woods cools things down with hip hop and R&B in room two.

I Jamboree at Reds. 1 lpm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. John Lyons and Martin Hesketh of Velvet Rooms fame mix up a blend of commercial R&B and soul.

I Kube at Blackfriars. Next date tbc. I Life at Life (Corinthian). 10pm—3am. £5. Weekly. A formidable night of funk for those who like their entertainment mature. but still jammin‘. DJ Skud. Paul Rea and Ian Thomson present a selection of soul. funk and disco augmented with original samples and loops to guarantee a new take on familiar sounds.

I Lush at the Polo Lounge. 10.30pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Featuring Andy in the Trophy Room with hits from the 60s to the 80s. while Totn provides an up-front dance selection in the main room at the city’s prettiest gay club.

I Mamassan at Ad Lib. Next date 2 Nov.

listings Clubs

Mad Dog at Soundhaus. 11pm—5am. £9 (£7). 19 Oct. Monthly. Massive night for Mad Dog as one of the main progenitors of the acid techno scene pays a visit Chris Liberator is

gonna be in full effect. See preview.

I Melting Pot at the Riverside Club.

Midnight—3am. £10. 26 Oct. Monthly.

Simon Cordiner and Billy Woods continue to blow up the Riverside with a mix of funky disco and hard ass house. A simple idea. and all the better for that. {00.

I Midi I'Ii-Fi at Queen Margaret Union. 9pm—late. £12.50. 26 Oct. Grandmaster Flash. Noj and other special guests are taking up residence in the QM for this night of funk excellence. Midi Hi-Fi do it again. eh?

i I Mlsh Monster Mash at the

Arches. 10.30pm—3am. £12. 19 Oct. Monthly. Oscar. B.ding. and the Subculture lads provide the very. very nice music to a crowd that’s simply beautiful. In fact. this nigh is entirely lovely in every way.

I Missing Link at Ad Lib. Next date 9 Nov.

I My Machines at Glasgow School of An. 1 1pm—3am. £6 (Bl—£5). Weekly. They‘ve had some of the greatest names in techno come and bless their decks. so they know how to mash it up.

I Papacool at Ad Lib.

1 1.30pm—4am. £5. 26 Oct. Fortnightly.


See page 83 for details

Popping up on the second and the last Sat of the month the Papacool boys bring you rare grooves and bitchin' cutting-edge urban tunes. Jazz. soul and funk are the chosen genres.

I Pussypovver at the Soundhaus. Next date tbc.

I Red and Gold Room at Arta. 10pm—3am. Free before 1 1pm: £8 after. Weekly. DJ Jorito mans the decks for a fine night of Latin house. This will seriously spice up your life. if that's what is required.

I Remedy at Ad Lib. l lpm—«iam. £5. Weekly. Davey Thomson. Colin Davey and someone without Davey in his name Owen Caldwell - get into the tech- house groove with the Ad Lib massive. I Seismic at Ad-Lib. Next date tbc. I Seventh Heaven at Seventh Heaven. 10pm—3am. £10. Weekly. Beat 106 and Tunnel man Scott Mackay rocks a house and R&B set at this new Charing Cross venue. Should be a good Saturday.

I The Shed at the Shed. 10.30pm—2am. £6. Weekly. Demand is high for this one. so get there early. Tuneage deployed by DJ Raymond Davren in the main hall. R&B aficionado Chris Hesketh in the Loft. I Soulsa at MAS. 11pm—3am. £8. Weekly. Andy and Shae D take over where Subculture leave off. with their lovely blend of house. funk. disco and Latino. Good recuperation.

I Syntax at Soundhaus. Next date tbc. I Traxx at Soundhaus. Next date 2 Nov.

I “votun at Budda. 1 1pm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Budda squeezes Geoff Montford and Chris Harris to carpet bomb (and yes. there are carpets involved) the central city venue with the kind of house tracks that would start a riot on either side of the Atlantic.

Now available in bars.


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17-31 Oct 2002 THE LIST 79