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Glasgow Museums continued

Reaching beneath the Surface l'ntil Sun 34 Nor. .-\n inxtallation of cerairiicx b} Scottixli artixt l’hiloritena

l’r'etxell inxpired b) her recent \ iin to Ital).

Wednesday Talk: Reaching beneath the Surface Wed 23 ()ct. l3..‘~()pm. l’liiloriiena l’retxell gix ex a talk on her ceramic exhibition.

The Big Flit: Merksworth 1973- 2001 Sat 36 ()ct Stiii l Dec. :\ celebration of the lllt‘ of Mei'kx\\ot‘lli High School through xtoi'iex. riientoriex and leeliiigx.

Emergent Concepts t'mil Sun 37 ()et. .-\n e\hibition of “Oi'k from the litre art xection of the art arid dexign department til Reid Kerr ('ollege. Patrick Goes to Hollywood t'riiil Sun 3 .\'o\. Draun from the permanent collection. an exhibition of uork b} John B}rrie and hix alter ego Patrick.

Wish you were Here? t'ntil Sun 3 .\'o\. A new e\hibition of \xorkx dr'atxn front the galler} 'x permanent collection. Wednesday Talk: Hallowe’en Tales \Ved 3t) ()ct. l3.3()pm. ('lri'ix Lee

of l’aixle} .\ltixetiinx lookx at the hixtor) of

llalloue‘eri taking too paintirigx b} Jamex lilder ('hrixtie ( IS47 l‘)l4) ax a xtarting point.


(ilaxgoit (ireen. 554 0333. Mon 'l‘hu tk Sat lilam 5pm: l‘i'i ck Srrrr llam 5pm. Old Ways and New Directions l'ntil Autumn. .-\n e\hibition of Irixtoric mental health itentx collected b) (ilaxgoii .\ltixetimx xirrce [905.

A Guid Nicht Oot! t'ntil Sun 30 ()ct. .»\n e\hibition de\oted to the .\luxic Hall. featuring the character'x u ho entertained the people of (ilaxgoii.


Mtrxeum ()f liducation. 335 Scotland Street. 3'7 ()5()(). Mon 'l‘hu & Sat

ltlam 5pm: l'i'i & Srrii llanr 5pm. Bairns and Backstreets l'ntil .\lon lb Jun. l’hotogr'apltx of (ilaxgim b} liric Wait. a irreniber of the Queen'x (‘amera (‘ltrb xince I‘)5S featuring o\'ei' 30 digital printx front the 50x to the 80x.


3 (‘axtle Street. 553 3557. .\lon Ilitl & Sat loam 5pm; Fri tk Sttrr l lam 5pm.

One Island, Many Faiths t'niil Strn 37 Apr. Photographer Rachel .\lorion toured the countr'} to dixco\ er the different e\periencex of faith in Britain loda). 'l‘he rexultx lx a xeriex of photographx accompanied b} a perxoiral xtatement front the people ilt\ol\ ed.


lllll Stober‘oxx Road. 55‘) “()3 l. l)ail_\ lllam 5pm. £4.50 (£3.35); accompanied children free.

Five Thousand Days at Sea :\n e\hibition on hoard the (till) ('l_\dehuilt xailing xhip xtill afloat in the l‘K. documenting her adienttirex on the hiin \L‘ttx bet“ eeri “8'97 and l‘ll‘).

Across the Water l'ntil Mon 30 Jun. £4.50 (£3.35i: accompanied children free. .-\ next e\hibition e\ploring the hixtor} of croxxing the (’l}de ax the met gre\\ in botlr xi/e arid irrrportance until the dernixe ol' the lt‘l'l‘} xL‘l‘\ ice in l‘)7(l.

The Story of Glenlee 'I‘Iiix llL‘\\ permanent e\hibition pl‘o\ idex an inxight into \Vllttl life \xax \\ hat like for xea tr‘a\eller'x in lS‘)(r through a combination of graphic parielx. audio trailx and reconxtr‘ucted ar'cax.

Story in the Stones (l’trmphouxe .\lain (iallei') i. :\n e\hibition looking at the impact of the induxlr'ial agex on (ilaxgou harbour.

Morse and More (l’urnphotixe l.ouer (iallci') i. .-\ liandx-ori e\hibition. aimed at children. looking at the \torld of ctirrririunicatiori.

92 THE LIST" ()':I L; " v

Edinburgh Galleries

APEX INTERNATIONAL HOTEL 3] (iraxxmarket. 3()() 3456.

Beyond Conflict 2002 Mail Sat 30 .\'m (.\letro Bi‘axxerie and Bari. ln axxociation with .v\id International. an exhibition of peace bannerx front the Venice Biennale 3(ltll accompanied by the work of l l Beloruxxian artixtx from Vitebxk.


(r5 (ieorge Street. 335 33(rb. .\lon l‘ri S..‘~(lant 5.30pm: Sat S.3()am noon. 19th and 20th Century Pictures 'l‘hu l7 ()ct. .-\n exhibition and xale of Wilt and 30th cerrttir} picttirex including Scottiin coiilernpoi‘ar} art.

Books, Manuscripts and Maps \Ved Rt) ()ct. An exhibition and .xale of bookx. irianuxci'iptx and mapx.


(r l)tiridax Street. 557 4050. .\lon l’ri l()am (rpm; Sat Ilarn 3pm. Scottish Paintings l'ntil Thu 31 ()ct. \Vatet‘eolotn‘x and oilx including uorks h} Horatio .\lc(‘u|loclr. William .\lc’l‘aggart. \Valler Htrgh l’atoii. l)\' ('ameron. .lainex \Vatterxon Herald. Anne Redpttlli illld \Villie \Vilxon.


ll) Royal 'l‘ei'race. 55(i l()l(). .\lon l’ri ltlain (rpm: Sat b_\ appointment. Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Thu 31 ()ct. l’aintirrgx front xtock including \Vot‘kx b) ('reoi'ge llotixtort. .lI) l"c'i'gtixxoii. .\laclatrchlan .\lilrie and l’\\' Adam.


.53 “time Street. 33S ~4l—l l.

Scott Seaton l'ntil Tue 33 ()ct. .'\n e\hibition of illuxti'ationx erirplo} ing cardcut and digital inediax to produce ligur‘ath e iniagex and poxter'x.

Ruth Beale “thin 34 Oct Sat 23 .\‘m. l)ra\\ ingx arid other \xorkx commenting on celehr'it}.


3 Market Street. 53‘) 3003. Mon Sat ltlarn 5pm.

Pasta: Italian Culture on a Plate l'ntil Sat 7 Dec. l’axta. paxta. \\ e can't get enough. .\nd here'x “here it all began. An exhibition looking at the hixtor} of ltalian'x national xtaplc and the rather cool packaging that \\ cut with it

Joan Eardley: Paintings and Drawings t'riril Sat 22 l‘eb. l’aintingx and tll'it\\ ingx b_\ .loan liardle). draw it from the (‘.'\(”x permanent collection. The xelection feattirex her familiar portraitx of (ilaxgtm children. land and xeaxcapex inxpired b} the fixhing \ illage of ('atterline \\ here xhe li\ ed in later life. Toil: Images of Rural and Urban Working Life t'ntit Sat 23 l‘eh. .'\n e\hibition of \\(il‘l\x reflecting axpectx of the rural on) of life and traditional urban induxtricx featuring Robert .\lc( iregor. Sir Jarnex \\'iirgate. Ken (‘tirrie. l’etei' Him xori and Kate l)o\xnie.

Recent Acquisitions t'nt'il Sat 23 l-‘eb. The ('.r\(' dixpla} x itx nioxt recent actiuixitionx including paintingx b} (‘allum lnnex. drauingx b_\ ('had .\lc('ail. photographx b) Nathan (‘ole} and a paper cut—out h} Jonathan ()u’en. Weaving Stories l'ntil Sat I I .lan. :\ touring exhibition of contemporar) \\o\ en forrrix b) tert irrno\ati\e makerx from the l'K. featttring e\ainplex of baxket-inaking. ieueller} and three~ dimenxiorial xtructurex.

To Bear the Bright Tradition Back Sat 30 ()ct Sat l5 l‘eh. :\lt e\hibition cornmeinor'ating the arrixal of [lie lit‘xl xlttdentx :tt llie Seolx ('ollege in Ronte in l(r()3. Nl \‘i’

Sl l( )W’.

Departure from the Land by William Crozier on show at the Scottish Gallery


33 3S (‘ockbtirn Street. 33o l3(r().

the Sun llam 5pm.

New Work Scotland Programme 2002/03 t'nt'ir Sun 37 ()ct. .\'o\\ in itx third )t‘;ii'. the ('ollecti\e (ialler) 'x annual progi'ainirie “hich xho\\c;txex nexx talent kickx off \\ itlt the “ink of Ruth liuari and Rex in Reid. l‘.\\an hax turned the galler‘} xpace into a lc‘liipol‘ut‘} L‘Umltltlliil} centre \\hile Reid xlio\\x :t \ idco piece xliou irrg the e\pei‘iencex of Hart") Butler. a inaxked xttint man. l ASl CHANCE H) St E

Matius Ring l’ritil Strri -7 ()ct. .\'e\\ “ink in the project room from .\latiux Ring.


4| l)tindax Street. 557 45(r‘). .\lon l'ri lllfillarn 5.5(lprii; Sat l()_.i()arn 5pm. Andrew Squire and Katrina Campbell l'ntil lhtr .‘xl ()ct. .\'e\\ paiirtirigx.


5S \eucraighall Road. (rm S433.

.\lon 'l‘lru ltlam 4pm: in

I350 4.30pm.

Sharing Will Save the World .\ioir 3| ()ct l‘ri S .\'o\. .-\ photographic exhibition of back co\er‘x from Slit/re Interim/tonal iriaga/ine.

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Home 'l'crrace. 335 ~71S“). .\lon \Ved tk l‘ri lilani 5prrt1'l‘hu lllani '.'prti. Sense l'ntil l‘ri l5 .\m. .\ iixo-pcrxon xho\\ featuring the \ior'k of Danixh ai'tixtx H'iordix llaack and l.otte 'l‘auher laxxen. llaack pi'odtrcex flo\\ er paintingx \xhile l.axxen xlioix x cloxe~trp photographon garrnerrtx and textilex.


at Marie ('urie llouxe. 3‘) :\lbalt_\ Street. 47S 7050. Mon Sat lllarn 5pm. Culcita l'ntil ‘l’ue 33 ()ct. .-\ir e\hibition of uor‘k b} rnernberx ol the lidinburgh ()uillerx.


Hell'ord Road. (r34 0300 (recorded information 333 3300i. .\lon Sat

Illarri 5pm: Sun itoon 5pm.

0 A Maverick Eye: The Photography of John Deakin \Ved 3t) ()cl Strrr l3 Jan. [3 (£3i. .lohn Deakin ix perhapx not a familiar name in the world of photograph}. hilt he ix a \er'_\ important one. lleakiri ( l‘)l3 l‘)"3i \iorked for llr'itixli liltllt’ in tltc late -l(lx and eai'l_\ 50x photographing celehr'iliex.

riiodelx and lrix artixt and poet lr'ierrtlx ll! l.ondon'x Soho. lrr lrix xtark por‘lt'atlx. he made no correexxionx to \anit} hut in Irrx \ll'L‘el xcenex (tl ordinar} people. he \\;i\ more x_\nipathetic. llilx e\hibition of portraitx. xtrcet xcenex and iinagex rexctied front the floor ot l-i'ancix Hacori'x xtutlio. hax heen xelected b} l'or‘rner lirerrr' picture editor. Robin .\luir'. \\ho hax alxo \iritten t\\o hookx on the \lll‘lt‘c‘l. See [\l‘cW It‘\\. \E TE" Marcel Duchamp t rial Sun to .\o\. A dixpla} highlighting one of the riroxt influential artixtx of the 3|xl centur}. Marcel Duchamp. featuring liix li’orrr' r‘i.‘ tit/ire. a leather caxe containing (t‘l repi‘otltrctionx ol lllx \torkx.


S .-\tl\(rc‘;itt"x (low. 335 “3” |. Hall} ll..5ll;tlll 5.5llprn (cloxetl \\ etlr.

The New Wave of Primitivism l)om ix an artx protect cxtahlixlied in NW» h} a group of international artixtx working in Scotland \\ rtlr a corixtarith changing e\hibition ol ;tl'l‘.\(\l’lx\. (Ire galler) liotixex xctrlptuie. xtarried glaxx arid pairitiiigx h_\ ai‘trxtx \xlro piactrxe primitixe art.


(ta l)tindax Street. 55S ‘l Vii. .\lori Sat ltlanr (rprn.

Charles Simpson l'riril l'l'l :5 ()el .\'c\\ paintirrgx.

Paintings of Iona .\lttn 1.\ ()ct I'Iiu l-l .\tH. :\ xc‘lt‘c‘llttli (tl i‘;t|lilllij.‘x (\l It‘ll.‘. h_\ \ar'ioux artixtx.


3lla l)undax Street. 55— 5WD \lori l'lI Illairi 5pm; Sat lilarrr lprn.

Joan Gillespie, Wilma Dunbar and Joe McIntyre l irirl Inc 5 \o\. l‘iguratn e and laridxcape parrrtrngx It} .loarr (irllexpie. \Vrlina lluriltar .rntl .loe .\lclril}r‘e.


33 l‘nion Street. 55" 34"”. lire Sat lllarn (rpm.

5 Incisori Torinesi 1 ant xx” in .\o\. (irapliic ar'tixtx h_\ li\ e .rrtrxtx \\ ho \ioik in the Starnper'ia ‘al l’o//o~ iii the crt_\ ol l)ogliarir in the region it] I’reriroiite. Ital}.


SS l.(tllll;tll lx’oatl. .33S 3(r.\.\ \lorr Sun lilarn lllpni.

Contemporary Landscapes t Illll Sat 30 ()ct. l’hotograplnc lantlxeapex town (no recent l'.tlllll‘lll}‘ll ('ollege ol \rt gi'atltiatex. .\erl (arirriroek .rrrtl \laleolrri lien/re.