ROYAL MUSEUM 2 ('hantberx Street. 247 421‘). .\lon Sat 10am 5pm (Tue 8pm): Sttti noon 5pm. Free. Millennium Clock .\ ehanee to View Russian meehanieal \eulptor liduard Bet'xtldxk} 'x millennium eloek. a kinetie xeulpture. measuring nine metres high. Ecurie Ecosse, Scotland’s Motor Racing Team t'ntit 'l‘hu 3| Get. An exhibition eelebrating tlte 50th annix'erxar} ot’ Seotland‘x tittixl .xueeesxt’ul motor raeing team. lieurie lieoxxe. l-‘ountled iii 1952. the} w ettt on to win the [ex .\lanx 24-hour and again in 1957. Top drix‘erx ineluded Ron Hoekhart. Innex Ireland. .\'inian Sanderxon and Jaekie Stewart. Roots - Unexpected Origins of Ordinary Things t'ntit Sun 3 .\‘m. .-\n exhibition demonstrating how ex'et'xda) thingx hax been intlueneed b} exotie and ancient eulturex trom arotmd the world. Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea t'ntil tit-i .tl Jan. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element ot‘ the Altaie eulture that eame to Korea in the 13th eentur) B(‘. The xhow t'eatttrex dioramax and ritttal obieetx ltSed b_\' shamans. many of w hieh hax e been donated to the National .\lllxetllltx of Scotland b_\' the Korean gox ernment. Illustrating Scotland’s Past l'ntil Stm 20 Jan. An exhibition highlighting the work of arehaeologieal illustrator. .\larion ()‘.\'eil. ineluding exaet representations of original obieelx xueh ax the (i()()()—_\ear-old bow trom Rotten Bottom in Dumt'riexxhire. Game On l’ri 13 ()et Sun 2 t-‘eh. £5 (£3): tami1_\ tieket £10: under £5\ and NXlS memberx tree. (it/HIV ()1) ix the tirxt major exhibition tlexoted to the \ideogame. t‘eatttring o\ er l2() \‘ideogamex to tr} ottt. l-"rom the tirxt ex er game Spare lliu'.’ ereated iii 1962 to the latest l.ara (‘rot't 'Iiim/i It’tu't/t'r (iume. the exhibition explot'ex the histor). eulture and future of eomputer games. See leitllli'e.


l.ad_\ Stair'x llUllSe. l.ad_\ Stair'x (‘lo\e. 529—191)]. .\lon Sat lllatn 5pm. Takkin Tent Tae the Leid t'ntil Sat 31) .\'o\. .\n inxight into the Seotx language \\ lioxe extenxix e \oeabulurx has been reeorded b} the [)1‘t'u'nnurt of I/It’ ()lt/t'r Seoul's/1 'limem' and the Seoul's/t .\‘tuinnu/ l)t't'lt'mtmj\'.


l'nix'erxit) of Dundee. 13 Perth Road. (11582 345330. Mon l‘ri ()tlttt S.3()pm; Sat 1()am 4.30pm

Band in Crisis t‘ntii l’ri t .\‘m. .\luralx. promo \ ideox and lirxt \ingle to promote the eareer and t‘exolxe the identit} of Skill 7 Stamina l2/'/.ebra Zebra.

Student of Life l'ntil l‘ri I .\‘m. Di\erxe narrati\ex adtlrexxing lit'e'x big questionx.

Break the Silence in IS ()et Sat lo .\'o\. Limited edition printx b_\ twer 3t) tti‘tixtx l'roni South .\l'riea. lndia. l'ganda. Seotland. lingland and man) other eountriex. brought together b_\ the :\t‘tixtx for Human Rights organixation in Durban. South .'\l'riea.


1.52 Nethergale. (11532 9119000.

Tue Wed. Sat ck Sttn 10.30am 530me 'l'hu & l‘ri 10.3(1am Spm.

Q Miroslaw Balka: tiedtothetoe t'ntil Sun 3() (M. The l)(':\ lioxtx the lit'xl major xolo l'lx' exhibition tor the renowned l’olixlt ttl'tixt. .\liroxlaw Balka. Working with content and material trom the immediate

enx'ironment ot' ltix \tudio at ()twoek. near Warsaw. Balka explores notionx ol mentor} and loxx in a selection ol- xeulpturex. inxtallalionx. draw ingx and \ ideo wot'kx. lJ\Sl Cl lANCl l0 8U; A Guide for the Perplexed: Little Poetry Magazines t‘ntil Sun 2() ()el ((‘entre 1ot‘:\rtixt liookxl. .-\n exhibition looking at poetr} and art maga/inex oi the 2(1theentttr}.

Loss and Longing: Poetry Prints l'ntil Sun 30 ()et. .-\ xeleetion ot‘ poetr) prints b) Don l’atet'xon in rexponxe to .\liroxlaw Balka'x exhibition.

Egill Saebjornsson t‘ntil Sal 3t) .\'o\. (.lttte ('at'e Bari. Video workx b} leelandie artixt and muxieian ligill Saebiot'nxxon.

Footery l'ntil Sttit 1 Dee. linking tip with the Shoe exhibition at .\le.\1anu\ (ialleriex. a \eleetion o1 itemx to pill on xtittt' l‘eet ineluding ('atherine 'l‘ottgh'x bedxoekx and tell xlipperx b} l.i/ Riee.


Albert Square. (11382 432(lS-1. .\lon Sat 1().3()am 5pm: Stm 12.3(1 4pmz'1hu 10.30am 7pm.

Shoe l'ntil Sttn 5 .lan. .\ lttllxl (or all xhoe letixliixtx ix tltix touring exhibition wliieh examines the role (it the Shoe in eontemporar} urban ettltttre through exhibits trom eontelnpot';tt'_\ dexignerx. makerx and \1xllttl ttl'llxlx. l’eaturetl workx inelude \ ideo inxlallationx b} .\latt llulxe and llolgar .\lohaupt. xeulpturex b} .lenn} Stol/enberg. paintingx b} Kimberlx (ittndle and hand-made xhoex b} Andrew 'l’imx. .\Iaiko Dawson and Stixan ('tittx.

The World at Your Feet t‘ntit Sun 5 Jan. lo eompliment Shoe. a dixplax o1 hixtorie xhoex t'rom the eit} 'x permanent eolleelion ranging trom an Indian paduka to .\larx ()uant bootx.


\Vext llenderxon \\'_\ nd. (11382 225282.

.\lon Sat 10am 4pm; Sun llam —1pm.

Wonderful Mechanical Genius

l'ntil Sun 3 .\'o\. £2. Popular exhibition l'oettxing on the textile heritage o1

la} \ide.

Outside the Cities

East Lothian


Stenton. (113(iS S5tl25o. l)ai|_\ noon 5pm (eloxed ililttl i.

Douglas Davies RSW: New Works l'nti1\\'ed25()et. New painting~..

Father and Daughter: James Harrigan and Claire Harrigan l'ntil Wed 23 ()et. .\‘ew paintingx b} lather and daughter. James and ('laire llarrigan.



('arlixle Road. (11698 -l2(i213. .\lon Sat 9.30am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm. Robert Koenig l’ntil Sttn 1!).lan. .-\ retroxpeetix e exhibition prexenting 5i) _\e;tt‘x work of xettlplor Robert Koenig.



lilmbank ;\\entte. (11503 55-1345.

.\lon 'l'tte tx 'Ihtt liri ltlam Spm: \Vetl tk Sat ltlam 5pm.

Slow Glass: Naoya Hatakeyama l’ntil Sat 2 .\'o\. .\'ew work b} award- winning photographer .\‘aoxa llatakexama made during her t'otitvnionllt Year of the .'\t‘li\l rexidene} itt .\lillon Ke} nex.

Lush Betty: Deirdre Nelson t'ntil Sat 25 .\'o\. .\'ew textile work b_\ Deirdre .\Jelxon whieh rexeal an interext in traditional textile teehniquex and textile liixtol'}.

tilt/\titl THE HARE AND THE TORTOISE Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, Thu 17 Oct 00..

Haste ye back

Wee Stories are simply great. With just two performers, Deborah Arnott and Virginia Radcliffe, they bring humour, energy, music and charm to Aesop’s timely fable of less haste, more speed (despite the maxim always

sounding a bit daft).

A bright red pair of kids’ tights on the head announces Hare and a plastic washing basket on the back, Tortoise. Their banter warms things up with chants of: ‘Hare will be there! Yeah ! Yeah! Yeah!’ and: ‘Go Tortoise go! Don’t be slow!’ getting the audience on side for the climactic show down.

The show is cleverly devised to draw kids of different ages in by mixing nursery rhymes, pantomime ‘He’s behind you!’ style gags music, song and wit together for a fast paced piece of theatre (although Tortoise is allowed to lollop around to some bluesy soul for a while). Arnott and Radcliffe turn at times into two wonderfully gossipy, posh ladies, spectating on the race for a spot of colour.

Playing to a packed house at Edinburgh’s new North Edinburgh Arts Centre, their zest for the characters and story is infectious and everyone leaves with a spring in their step. (Ruth Hedges)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Ruth Hedges.

Activities And Fun

Art Workshop thin I“ x Hi IS ()et. 'l‘hu 1.30 -tpm: liri 2.311 »l..i(lpm. liree. liurrell (‘olleetioir 211(illl’ollokxhawx Road. 285 255(1. .-\ge\ 5 S. (iet into the .\lediexal agex with thix xpeeiall) tlexignetl workxltop. Booking exxential. Glass Art '1 hit 15 tx Sat 1‘) ()et.

1 2pm ix 1 z.Rtlpm. l~ree. St .\lungo .\lttxeum o1 lx’eligioux l.i1'e.r\nd .\rt. 2 (‘axtle Street. 553 255". ('reate \ltlltlilng xtainetl glaxx (lexignx.

Clay Sculpture thin I" x Sat 1*) ()et. 1 2.3(1pm. tree. but tieketed. Seotland Street Selttitil .\ltlSL‘llltt. .\lttxeum ot' lidueation 225 Seotland Street. 2S7 ()5()(). (let real|_\ me“) in lltix workxhop with loxelx. \tiek} e|a_\. Print Making Sat (9 ()et. I 3.30pm. l’ree bttt tieketed. .\luxeum o1~ 'l‘ranxporl. KL‘l\lll Hall. 1 Burnhottxe Road. 287 2721). .-\gex ‘) 12. (iax iit Weir helpx _\ou uxe the 2()() xear old printing pt‘exx. Giant Hallowe’en Party ‘t‘hu 3t ()et. () 7pm. L1 The :\rehe\. 253 .v\rg} le Street. 3511 2()()(i. Drexx up arid join in thix llallowe'en part) with dookin' tor applex. mttxie. xmellx. sounds and taxtex. Sailors and Superstitions 'l’hu 3| ()t‘l .\lonl\ti\.L-l.5ll([5.351 aeeompanietl eltiltlren tree). The [all Ship .'\t (ilaxgow llarbotir. |(l(i Stoberoxx Road. 222 2.5 l .5. l)i\e(i\ er the old \\;t}\ o1 xailorx their xuperxtitionx. lratlitionx and l'olklore.


Monsters Inc (l’(il Sat 2(» ()et. 10.50pm. £2.25. (ilttxgti\\ l-‘ilm 'l'heatre. l: Roxe Street. .55: 3133. See l’ilm lndex.

Human Body (l’(i1; Everest (t‘i: Dolphins it‘i; Into The Deep tt‘i. Cyberworld. titnex \ar}. eheek l-‘ilm lixtingx t'or xhowing timex. £5 (£3.5(1i. l.\l.-\.\ 'l'heatre. (ilttxgtm Seienee ('entre. 5(1Paeilie()tia}.-l2()5()()().


The Princes Trust - Sounds Live Showcase Thu 31 ()et. 7.30pm. £1. The .\i-t-hcx. 25.: ..\r::.\ '0 SII'L‘CI- “‘1‘” “33 (1300. Show eaxe ot' Sottttdli\ e graduatex an initiatix e ot' the Prineex 'l‘rttxt to xupport dixadxantaged )tittttg people through ntuxie.

Theatre & Dance

Up the Stairs and in the Attic '1'hu 17 tx l‘ri 1S ()et. 'l'hu 2pm. 5.45pm tx 5.30pm; l‘ri I()am. 11.45am tx l.-l5pm. £1.50. Bixlioploeh Rexidentx llall. 15.>\uehingi1l Road. (18-15 350 35(11. .>\gex 5 ll. (iiant Produetionx prexent :t multi-xenxor) extraxagan/a ineorporating xeent. toueh and non-Verbal eommunieation.

Tigers in the Jungle Sat 1‘) ()et. 2pm. £4 (£3). Seottixh .\laxk a Puppet ’l’heatre ('entre. t' H) Balearrex .v\\enue lx'eh indale. 33‘) (3135. Puppet ma} hem with the .-\ma/ing .\Ir Bones. Broomsticks in the Sky Sat 26 ()et. 2pm. [-1 (£51. Seottixh .\lttxk & Puppet 'l'heatre (‘entre. S It) Balearrex .\xenue Kt‘l\ indale. 55‘) (i185. .\ t‘un \how t'rom lx'enxpeekle Puppetx.

Tam O’Shanter line 2‘) ()et. l().5()am tx lpm. £2. (iilmorehi|1(il2. 0 t'nixerxit} .r\\entte. 3311 5522. .r\gex o\ er 5. The Puppet lab bring littrnx' poem to lite.

'_‘ f.‘ THE LIST95