Kids listings

My Queen Elizabeth Fri 25 Oct—Sun 19 Jan. National Portrait Gallery. 1 Queen Street. Edinburgh. 0131 624 6200. In assocmtion wrth BBC's Blue Peter. this €Xl|lbll|0|l highlights the :30 prize-Winning entries 11) their Golden Jubilee portrait competition by children aged 1:3 or under.


A World of Wonders Danish Children’s Book Exhibition Mon 28 Oct Sat 2 No\. l’at'tick l.ibrary. l)umbarton Road. 33*) 1303. llltistrationx. lilm and inter-actiyc technology from Denmark.


Big Family Show Tue 2‘) ()ct. 8pm. Free. but ticketed. (iallery ()1 Modern Art. Queen Street. 287 2838. Barnxley Football Club'\ poet in residence goex into extra time with wry poems about football. cloudx. bananas and people. Oor Toun in Words and Music Tue 2‘) ()ct. 7pm. Free. (‘axtlemilk Youth Complex. 3‘) Ardencraig Road. 287 2838. Mamie 1.ang frontx this children’s show featuring (ilaxgow \treet \ongx and S1;l|‘\ from 'lrtkt' I/H’ Hie/i Rum].

When the Darkling Fairies Come Creeping . . . Thu 31 ()ct. 7pm. £2. (iilmorehill(i12. 1) l'niyerxity Avenue. 3305522. Age\ 5 8. An ()therworld \tory teller take\ you into a world of fierce fairiex and bloodsttcking hogiex in lliix \torytelling \yot'kxhtip.

Activities And Fun

Edinburgh Castle Autumn Spectacular Sat l1) ck Sun 2() ()ct. noon 4.30pm. £8 (£2 £6). lidinburgh Caxtle. Royal Mile. 225 0841). ScottiSli liy ing hixtory and rc-enactmcnt pltlx muxic. crafts and lace-painting.

Book of Bears Mon 2| ()ct.

10am noon. 1 2.30pm ck 3 4pm. Free. Museum of Childhood. 42 High Street. 52‘) 4142. To celebrate Teddy \ l00th anniy'erxary. Deirdre Nelxon liL‘lpx you make a hook to fill with ‘Bear Thingx'. Spooky Masks and Spooky Stories Mon 21 .1.- 231)ct.

2.31) 3.30pm. £2. North lidinburgh .-\|'1\ Centre. 15a Penny well Court. 315 2151. Ages .5 8. Make a \cary mitka and listen to glitixl \toriex . . . if yoti dare. National Tell a Story Day Fri 25 ()ct. Free. l)i\co\ ery Centre. .\1uxeum of Scotland. Chambers Street. 247 4001). Ach 5 12. Scotland\ gory paxt ix brought to life with characters from the Vikings to the Victorians.

Tales of the Wee Folk Sat 26 ()ct. 2pm. £4 (£3). Netherhow Arts Centre. 43 45 High Street. 5560571). Agex 5 +. Duncan \Villiatnxon uncoyerx the people found in Tray ellcr \t()|‘lc\.

Theatre & Dance

The Birdcatcher Sat 1‘) ()c1. 1 lain & 2pm. £5. Tray erxe 'I‘heatre. Cambridge Street. 228 1404. Agex ()+. An imaginatiye \how for children perfortned by the Tabula Raxa Dance Company.

96 THE LIST fz‘. ’)’.'. .7 .111

Ahoy There! It’s the Happy Gang Mon 21 (k 22 ()ct. llatn ck 2.30pm. £11.50 (£5.50): family ticket £22. Brunton 'l‘heatre. 1.adyw ell \Vay Muxxelburgh. («)5 2241). The gang are back with another muxical spectacular.

Rapunzel Wed 23 ()ct. 2pm. U. St Bride'x Centre. 11) ()rw ell Terrace. 346 1405. Ages 5 1). Fdinburgh Puppet 1.ab bring this claxxic fairytale to life.

Chalk Marks Fri 25 & Sat 20 Oct. 7.30pm. £4: family ticket £15. Brunton 'l'heatre. 1.adyw ell \Vay Mtixselhurgh. (yo5 2241). A new play baxed on the w filings of Bertolt Brecht.

The Spookmaster - Scary Stories for Children Thu .‘~l ()ct. 4pm. £3; family ticket £11). North lidinburgh :\|'l\ Centre. 15a Penny well Court. 315 2151. Blue Boat 'l‘heatt'e prexentx a thrilling pop-tip adyenture.


My Queen Elizabeth Fri 25 Oct Sun 1‘) Jan. National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. (324 (1200. See photo caption.


Holiday Stories Mon 21 (k Tue 22 ()ct. 2pm. £3 (£2). Netherbow Artx Centre. 43 45 High Street. 55130571). Storiex to brighten up the holiday \. Storytelling with Linda Bandalier Fri 25 ()ct. 10.30 1 lam. 11 11.30am.

l 1.30am noon ck noon 12.30pm. Free but ticketd. .\1u\eum of Childhood. 42 High Street. 52‘) 4142. Age\ 4-plux. lnteractiye \toriex. muxic and \(ittgx with Linda Bandalier and teddy.

Weird and Wonderful Animal Stories for Wizards and Witches Fri 25 ()ct. 1.30pm (ach 4 (i) ty 3pm (ach 7+). Free (with tttll||1\\i()|i), lidinburgh Zoo. Corxtorphine Road. 334 ‘)I7 I. Talex of animal 1111\Clilltt'c‘x.

The Tall One, the Broad One and the Far-Seeing One Sat 26 ()c1.

1 lam. £2 (£1). National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. 624 (i201). Agex 5 +. Folktalex of llel'oex and heroincx.

Outside the Cities

Activities And Fun

Dance Workshops .\1on 2| Thu 24 ()ct. 10am 12.30pm. £2.51) per \L‘\\l()ll. Rothex Hallx. RtitliCS Square. (ilenrothex. 015‘): ()l 1 HH. .-\f2e\ 7 11). TilSlL‘t‘ \CSSTUHS in ceilidh. Highland dancing. \tepdance and

Wizards and Witches Sat 20 .k Sun 27 ()ct. llatn (rpm. £1». Bo'nexx & Kinneil Railway. Bo‘nexs Station l'nion Street. llo'nexx. 01501) 822298. Take a \pooky train ride before a lil'c'yyol'kx dixplay at 5pm. Hallowe’en Event Sun 27 ()c1.

noon 4pm. £4.51) (£2.51) £3.75). l)una\kin Heritage Centre. \Vaterxide

Patna. Ay r. ()l 292 531 144. lierie family fun in the grounds.

Children’s Hallowe’en Party Wed 31) Oct. (3 8pm. £4. The Tam ()‘Shanter lixperience. Murdoch Loan. Allow ay. 01202 443701). Fancy drexx party with a \ isit to a haunted gray ey ard. Hallowe’en Event Thu 31 ()ct. 5pm. Free. .\lu\eum of Scottish Country life. Wester Kittochside. liast Kilbride. 01355 224181. Apple dooking. gamex and Spooky \101'1L‘S.


North Ayrshire Children’s Festival 1'ntil Fri 18 ()ct. \arioux \t‘lillc‘x. North Ayrxhire. 0| 204 324482. A \ariety of ey'entx for all ages.

Theatre & Dance

The Hare and the Tortoise Thu 17 ()ct. 1.30pm. £4. Carnegie Hall. Fast Port. 1)unfermline. 01383 314001). Agex 3-7. See in 16W.

Bananas in Pyjamas Fri 18 ()ct. 1.30pm. £1» (£5.50). Rothex Hallx. Rothex Square. (ilenrothex. 01502 (11 l 11)]. Ages 27 Fun and frolicx in Cuddles Ayenue. Martha Fri 18 & Sat 26 ()ct. £3.

MacRobert. l'niyerxity of Stirling. Stirling.

01786 4611661). Agex 5-plux. Catherine \Vheelx prexentx the \tory of a lonely old lady and a wry funny gome.

The Ugly Duckling Fri 18 ()ct. 1.30pm. £1). Carnegie Hall. liaxt Port. 1)unfermline. 01383 3141)01).Age\ 3+. Applauxe Productionx prexent littlh (‘lirixtian Anderxen'x tale.

Little Red Riding Hood Sat 11) ()ct. lpm & 3pm. £4 (£2.50). Paixley :\l'1\ Centre. New Street. Paixlcy. 887 1011). Ian Turbitt Puppetx adapt the clasxic tale. The Nightwatch Sat 1‘) ()ct. 2pm. £3.51) (£2.50); family ticket £11). Adam

Smith 'l‘heatt'e. Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy.

01592 412021). Agex 7+. Michael l’lllllL‘l"\ play ix performed by Pop-1p

Tum Tum Tinker Sat 11) ()ct. 3pm. £4 (£2 ). littxt Kilbt‘itlc .-\|‘1\ Centre. ()ltl Coach Road. liaxt Kilbride. 01355 261000. Agex 3-7. Blue Boat 'l‘heatre'x acclaimed \how. The Spookmaster - Scary Stories for Children Sat 26 ()ct. 2pm. £4 (£2.50). llowden Park. How den. l.i\ing\|on.1)151)(i 4331134. See Fdinburgh.

A Family Cookbook Wed 30 .k Thu 3| ()ct. 10.20am & 1.30pm. £3. .\1acRobert. l'niyersity of Stirling. Stirling. 01786 413N301). Ach 8 12. A play with music about new tamiliex. The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet 'l'heatre. Broughton Road. 0189‘) 220631. £5 (£4): family tickets £23 & £31). Book in adyance ax timex are \ubiect to change. Show \ (H er the nc\t two w eck\ include: Pips and Panda Meet the Toothfairy Fri 18 K Sat 26 ()c1. 1 1am: Tue 22 Oct. 1 lam. Agex 3 7. Another adyenture from the famoux characterx. Lee-Ching and the Magic lsland Sat 1‘). Wed 23. Sat 21) ck Mon 28 ()ct. 2pm. :\ge\ 7+. An exciting (‘hinexe adyenture about a boy. a greedy panda. a beautiful princexx and the my \terioux Tiger limperor.

Nessie Meets Morag Thu 24 ()ct. 2pm. Agex 7-plux. A race to dixcoy er an ancient \L‘L‘I‘L‘l.


Send in a picture of what you do to have fun or what you dream of doing. There are two categories: 4—7 and 8-11 year olds. The first prize winner in each category will have their picture printed in The List and receive drawing and sketching pads worth over £50 from Newton and Windsor. Two runners up in each category will win sketching and drawings pads. I To enter. /ust send yet/r drawing to: The Big Draw, The List. 74 H/g/l Street. Edinburgh, EH7 1TE no later than 25 Oct 2002.

The Campaign for Drawing

ome on now, don’t be shy, it’s

time to sharpen your pencils

and start mixing those paints for a week of artistic activity with The Big Draw, a nationwide campaign until 23 Oct to draw out your creative talents. The List has picked out a selection of highlights from across central Scotland for you to sample.

Last week we launched a competition to tie in with events, with the chance of winning sketch pads and of having your pictures printed in The List. And we’d like to see what you get up to at The Big Draw. For full details see below.

The Hunterian Scribble Sat 1‘) ()ct. noon. Free. Hunterian Art (iallery. l'niyerxity of Glasgow 82 Hillhead Street. 331) 5431. Pen\ and crayons at the ready for the biggest \cribbling test in history. A Sailor’s Life for Me l'ntil Wed 23 ()c1. 1 4pm. £4.51) (£3.25: accompanied children free). The Tall Ship At (ilasgow Harbour. 101) Stobcrtm Road. 222 2513. All agex. Imagine and draw life on board a big \hip. fending off piratex and \itting in the crow ‘x IICSl. Sat and Sun you can design your own tattoo and lime it drawn on by a special henna Ltl'tlxl.

Imagination’s Chamber Fri I8 .‘yton 28 Oct. Mon Sat 10.30am & 1.30pm; Sun 12.15pm (K 2.45pm. Free. Royal .\1u\eum. 2 Chamberx Street. 247 421‘). Age\ 7+. .-\d\ance booking required. A workxhop deyeloping character\ for a story led by artixt and illuxlrator Jonny Boattield.

Dr Neil’s Garden t'niil Wed 23 Oct.

2 4.30pm. Free. Dr Nei1\(iarden. l)udding\ton Village. All age» linter the secret world of Dr Neil'\ garden and draw the treaxui‘ex to be found.

The Big Draw Sat l9 ()ct. 11am. Free. National (iallery of Scotland. the .\1ound. (124 (i201). Drop in and let your pencils flow artixtx are on hand to encourage all age\ to get \tuck in.

Mid-term Workshops Tue 22 Wed 23 ()ct. l0am noon; 1.31) 3.30pm. £5. National Portrait (iallery. 1 Queen Street. (i24 6201). \Vorkxhopx for 12 year old\ exploring Calum Coly in'x exhibition ().\\ftl/I.' l’rrrenmity n/I-lncicnl Poetry.

The Big Draw Sat 11) Sun 21) ()ct. £3.95 (£2.95). New 1.anark \‘ixitor Centre. New 1.anark .\1il|\. New 1.anark. 01555 ool345. Art actiy itiex throughout the day with \yttl'k\l|()p\ led by local artixtx. and actiyity ‘xlationx'.

Drawing and Animation Workshop Sat 1‘) ()ct. 10.30am noon. £2.51) (£1.50). The \‘ennel (iallery. l0 (ilaxgow \‘ennel. lry ine. 01294 275115‘). Make your picture\ come aliye in thix workxhop to create moy ing image\ in the form of a tlick book.

Drop-In Drawing Workshop Sat 11) ()c1. 1 lam 2pm. Free. Low Park‘x .\lu\eum. 12‘) .\1uir Street. Hatnilton. 1)l(i‘)8 328232. th family eyent to \et a new world record by haying ax many people ax ptmible draw ing at noon.