NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM Newhaven Harbour. SSI 4lb5. Mon Sun noon 4.45pm.

They’re Handed Doon t'ntil Tue 31 Dec. An exhibition lookittg at the history of the Paisley sltawl and their adoption by Newbaven lishwives.


2 ('hambers Street. 247 42 l‘). .\Ion Sat Illam 5pm tTue 8pm): Sun noon 5pm. Free.

Ecurie Ecosse, Scotland’s Motor Racing Team t'ntil Thu RI Oct. An exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Scotland's most successful motor racing teatn. Iicurie Iieosse. Founded in 1952. they went on to win the Les Mans 24-hour and again in I957.

Roots - Unexpected Origins of Ordinary Things l'ntil Sun 3 Nov. An exhibition demonstrating how everyday things Itas been influenced by exotic and ancient cultures frotn around the world. Mediating with Spirits, Shamans in Korea l'ntil I-‘ri 3t Jatt. An exhibition exploring shamanism. an important element of the Altaic culture that came to Korea in the ch century Ii(‘. The show features dioramas and ritual objects used by shamans. many of which Itave been donated to the National Museums of Scotland by the Korean government. Illustrating Scotland’s Past t'ntil Sun 26 Jan. An exhibition highlighting the work of archaeological illustrator. Marion ()‘Neil. including exact representations of original objects such as the (i()()()-year-old bow from Rotten Bottom itt Dumfriessbire.

Game On I'ntil Sun 2 I-'eb. £5 tUi: fantin ticket L‘lt); under £5s and .\'.\IS members free. (iumi' ()n is the first major exhibition devoted to the v ideogatne. featuring over 120 v ideogames to try ottt. From the first ever game Sput't’ ll'ur.’ created in I‘)b2 to the latest Lara (‘rt‘ft 'Iiim/i Rtlitlt’l’ game. the exhibition explores the history. culture and fttture of computer games. See review.


Lady Stan’s House. Lady Stan’s ('lose. 52‘)4t)()|. Mon Sat Illam 5pm.

Takkin Tent Tae the Leid t'ntil Sat 30 .\'o\. An insight into the Scots language whose extensive vocabulary has been t'ecorded by the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue and the Scottish National Dictionary.


l'niversity of Dundee. l3 Perth Road. (ll382 345330. .\Ion I-‘ri 9am 8.30pm; Sat I(lam 4.30pm

Band in Crisis t'ntil Hi 1 Nov. Murals. promo videos and first single to promote the career attd resolve the identity of Skill 7 Stamina I2//.ebra Zebra. Student of Life t'ntil I‘ri I .\'ov. Diverse narratives addressing life‘s big questions.

Break the Silence t‘ntil Sat to .\'m. Limited edition prints by over it) artists front South Aft'ica. India. l'ganda. Scotland. Iingland attd many other countries. brought together by the Artists for Human Rights organisation in Durban South :\It'ic‘tt.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS l52 Nethergate. 01382 9099M). Tue Wed. Sat & Stttt 10.30am 5.30pm: Thu & I-‘ri III.3()am 8pm.

0 Eija-Liisa Ahtila: Real Characters, Invented Worlds Sat 0 .\'ov Sun l2 Jan. following on from a tttajor survey oI her work at Tate Modern earlier iii the year. the D(‘.-\ presents a soIo show of \ itIco and photographic works by I-‘innish artist Iiija—I.iisa Ahtila. Iixploring human relationships. her work adopts familiar techniques from music videos. television commercials and dticutnentaries. blending reality with fantasy. NI W SI l(‘)‘.".’. I

Eija-Liisa Ahtila Sat 9 .\'ov. 2pm. The Finnish artist talks about her exhibition and her approach to art and narrative.

Egill Saebjornsson t'ntil Sat 30 .\'ov tJute ('afe Bar). V'ideo works by Icelandic artist and musician Iigill Saebjornsson. Footery l7ntil Stttt 1 Dec. Linking tip with the Show exhibition at McManus (ialleries. a selection of itetns to pill on your feet including ('atherine Tough's bedsocks and felt slippers by Lil. Rice.

Ice Iiri l --Sun 24 .\'ov tD('A I’rint Studio).

Anya (iallacio‘s commissioned prints ll'ltilt' Ice/Black Ice go on show along with screenpt'ints ny Sophy Rickett. David Tremlett and Matt I-‘arenholl. NEW SHOW. Serial Context Sat 9 Nov-Sun I2 Jan ((‘entre for Artists Books). Art exhibition which looks at serial publications produced by Iiuropean artists frotn the late l960s to present day.

The DCA/School of TV Lecture Series Tue l2 .\'ov. l().3()am. A series of talks featuring innovative artists and professionals in the field of television and itnaging.

GENERATOR PROJECTS 25 26 Mid \Vynd. .\Iid Wynd Industrial

Iistate. ()l382 225982. Tue ~Sun noon -5ptn.

Genies and Other Bottled Creatures t'ntil l-‘ri IS .\'ov. A group show of work made specifically for the show frotn l-‘orest Arts iti Iidinburgh including Aaron .\Ic(‘loskey. Ailie Rutherford. Alttn Thomas. Mary Trodden.

Mikel Krumins. Tessa Smith. Erica Stanga and Fiona Scroggi.

I for an Eye Until Fri IS Nov. Aaron McCloskey of Forest Arts in Edinburgh. cttrates this exhibition of new work by Natasha Pestich and Mikel Krumins. (‘reating toddler-sized military uniforms. the work explores the relationship between power and the personal.

MCMANUS GALLERIES Albert Square. ()1382 432084. Mon- Sat l().3()am—5pm; Sun l2.3()—4ptn; Thu l().3()atn— 7pm.

Shoe [7ntil Sun 5 Jan. A tnust for all shoe fetishists is this touring exhibition which exatnines the role of the shoe in contemporary urban culture through exhibits from contemporary designers. makers and visual artists. Featured works include video installations by Matt Hulse and Holgar Mohaupt. sculptures by Jenny Stolzenberg. paintings by Kimberly Gundle and band-made shoes by Andrew Titns. Maiko Dawson and Susan Cutts.

The World at Your Feet Until Sun 5 Jan. To compliment Shoe. a display of historic shoes from the city's permanent collection ranging frotn an Indian paduka to Mary Quant boots.

Outside the Cities

Falkirk CALLENDAR HOUSE (‘allendar Park. (II 324 503770. Mon Sat

listings Art

l()atn~5pm. £3 (fl I.

Images 26 t'ntil Sat 0 Nov. A touring exhibition from the Association of Illustrators. showcasing the best of contemporary British illustration.

St Andrews


93 North Street. ()l334 4746M). Mon—Sat It)am--5pm: Sttn 2--5ptn.

Paired - Craft for Christmas Iiri 1 Nov- Fri 2() Dec. An exciting array of applied art with (‘hristmas gift opportunities galore.

re:work Hi I .\'ov Hi 2() Dec. Students of Duncan of Jordanstone College. Dundee. exhibit their design proposals for a 'revamped' Crawford Arts Centre. Recent work by their tutors will also be on show.



Dumbarton Road. ()1 786 47 l9l7. Tue—Sat 10.30am—5pm: Sun 2--Spm.

A Journey in Space and Time L'ntil Sun It) Nov. From ftill size Daleks to the Tardis. this exhibition of memorabilia celebrates the popular TV series Dr Who.

Drawn Together L'ntil Sun 24 Nov. An exhibition of drawings attd etchings from the Smith collections. presented as part of The Big Draw. a nationwide celebration of drawing.

Works by Fiona Mathison forms part of Weaving Stories at the City Art Centre

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