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We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Ruth Hedges.

Activities And Fun

Black History Month Time Trek Thu 3| ()et. £5.50 £14

(£4 £10). (ilasgow Science (wire. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000. Take a trek through history to leartt about the contribution of black scientists to the tnodern world. Part of (ilasgow‘s Black History Month.

Giant Hallowe’en Party Thu 31 Oct. 6 7pm. £l. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. ()‘)()1 ()22 0300. Dress up and join in this llallowe'en party with dookin' for apples. music. smells. sounds and tastes to get all little witches and wizards jumpin’. For tickets call (iiant Productions on 0l4l 334 2000.

Sailors and Superstitions Thu 3| Oct —Mon 4 Nov. £4.50 (£3.25: accompanied children free). The Tall Ship At (ilasgow Harbour. I00 Stobcross Road. 222 25l3. Discover the old ways of sailors their superstitions. traditions attd folklore. Design a life-size figure head attd make a scary monster mask. Children’s Pottery Classes Sat 2 & Sat ‘) Nov. l Iain lpm. £8. Fireworks Studio. 35a Dalhotisie Street. 332 4‘)6‘). Potting for nippers in this new weekly workshop. Trash/Junk Percussion Music Workshop Sun 3 Not. I lam. 1pm & 3pm. £1. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. ()‘)()l ()22 0300. Bang those dustbin lids together. play on an old tin cart and generally have some fun witlt

junk in this music workshop.

Hammy Horror Video Workshop Mon 4 Nov. l0am & lptn. £ 1. Tron Theatre. 63 'l‘rongate. 552 4267. Ages 8 l2. (iet the fake blood flowing in this workshop to devise a horror lilnt improvise a script. make props. choose costumes and lilm it all in two hours.

Art Workshop Sun 10 Nov.

noon 2pm & 2.30 4.30pm. l’ree. Burrell (‘ollection. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Ages 5 8. (iet into the medieval ages with this specially designed workshop. Booking essential. Back to School Sun 10 Nov.

2 3pm. £1.50. Scotland Street School Musettm. Museunt of liducation. 225 Scotland Street. 287 0500. .loitt teacher Miss Baxter fora liy ing history class set in Victorian times. Arrive l5 minutes early to dress tip itt period costume before seeing props. a genuine gas mask and the dreaded belt.


The Princes Trust - Sounds Live Showcase Thu 3) ()cl. 7.30pm. £ 1. The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. ()‘)()I 022 0300. Showcase of Soundlive graduates an initiatiye of the Princes Trust to support disadvantaged young people through music celebrating their achiey ements and talent.

TES Scotland Schools’ Gala Concert Thu 14 Nov. 7 ‘).30pm. £5 (£l £3). ('ily llall. ('andleriggs. 353 8000. A showcase of the bcsl ()l. Scottish schools' music celebrating the talent and diversity of Scotland‘s tnusical youth.


ET (PG) Sat ‘) Nov. l0.30am. £2.25. (ilasgow liilm 'l’heatre. l2 Rose Street. 332 XI2X. See l-‘ilm Index.

Human Body (l’( t ); Everest tt't: Dolphins (t'); Into The Deep

102 THE LIST .-:'. or! 2: Na, may

(l'). Cyberworld (PU). times vary. clteck l’ilm listings for showing times. £5 (£3.50). lMAX 'l‘lteatre. (ilasgow Science ('entrc. 50 Pacific Quay. 420 5000.

Theatre & Dance

The Kinetic System Part “Underground Culture Sat 2 Nov. 2.30pm & 5pm. U. The Arches. 25.3 Argyle Street. 0‘)0l 0220300. Spinal (‘hord Dance (‘ompany presents new work combining dance. aerial skills and martial arts in an exploration of underground culture.

Monsters in my Wardrobe Sat 2 Nov. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask & Puppet Theatre ('entre. S 10 Balcarres Avenue Kelvindale. 33‘) 6185. Ages

5 12. A young boy is terrified of things that go bump in the night. attd especially his looming wardrobe. To confront his fear. he enters the wardrobe and embarks on a magical

journey itt this acclaimed production

from Blueboat Puppet (‘ompanyz

The Birdcatcher Mon 4 Nov.

l lam 6’; lpm. £l. (iilmorehil|(il2. ‘) l'niversity Avenue. 330 5522. Ages 6+. Dance. puppetry attd music combine itt this imaginative show for children perfortned by the Tabula Rasa Dance (‘ompany (‘horeographed and directed by ('laire Pencak. the show is an adaptation of an original produced created by Sltona chpe and Pencak. Naga Mas Maori Magic Tue 5 Soy. llattt & lpttt. £l. (iilmorehill(}l2. ‘) l'niyersity Avenue. 330 5522. Ages 5 I2. Joko Susilo and Wayan Karctau present the tale of a little boy Maui who plays magic tricks on his brothers. ttsing Javanese puppetry and (iamelan music. Maori and Indonesian cultures mix in this magical piece of theatre.

The Spookmaster - Scary Stories for Children Tue 5 .\'m. 10am ck lpttt. £ l. Tron Theatre. 6.3 'l't'ongatc. 552 4207. Blttc Boat Theatre's Mark l’encak presents a thrilling. chilling. glow -in-the—dark. pop-up adventure.

Magic and Puppet Show Sat ‘) Noy. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Musk & Puppet Theatre ('entre. 8 l0 Balcarres Ay ettue Kclyittdale. 33‘) 6|S5. More puppet and magic ftm with magician and Punch attd Judy man Scott l.oyat.


A World of Wonders Danish Children’s Book Exhibition l'ntil Sat 2 .‘s‘oy. l’at'tick library. Dumbarton Road. 33‘) I303. Illustrations. film and inleractiyc technology from Denmark showing their innoyatiye approaches to encouraging children to read books.


When the Darkling Fairies Come Creeping . . . Thu 3| ()ct. 7pm. £2. (iilmorehill(il2. ‘) l'niversity' Ay enue. 330 5522. Ages 5 S. ()n the night of Halloween. an otherworld storyteller takes you ittto the twilight world of liercc fairies and bloodsucking bogies in an interactiye storytelling workshop.

Journey to Shadow World Wed 6 Hi S .\'o\. l0am noon & l 3pm.

£ 1. Trott Theatre. 63 'l'rongate. 552 4267. Luminous Mtisic Project with Rosina Bonsu and Amu l.agoste take you on a journey to the shadow world. With a mission to rett'iey e dances and songs. (ihanian musictan/storyte|ler Atttu l.ogoste taps ittto traditional African song and Luminous Mttsic‘s \ytit'ltl pet‘ctission llL‘lps it) keep lllC pace tiliy c.

Edinburgh Activities And Fun

Hallowe’en Sat 2 t& Stm 3 .\'oy.


The List offices have been overwhelmed with entries for The Big Draw competition and they’ve certainly brightened up our autumn days. After long and hard deliberation we’re pleased to announce that Scarlet Robertson, aged 6, and Lula Elena Erdman, aged 10, are the winners. We particularly liked Scarlet’s sense of movement and fun in showing herself playing football, and Lula’s dream of being served beer and chocolate by dragonflies reveals a girl truly after our own hearts. Runners up in the 4—75 category are Kyle Thomas, aged 5, jumping on the bed and Laura Toffolo, aged 5, flying in the sky. Runners up in the 8-11 age group are Jack Abbott, aged 9, directing an adventure film and Ewan Allen, aged 11, brewing up some potions as a mad scientist. All winners and runners up will receive sketch pads worth £50 from Windsor and Newton; Scarlet and Lula’s

entries are printed below.

hot—V2,“ $an.

Scarlet Robertson, 6

Free. Dynamic liarth. llolyrood Road. 550 7800. Spooky goings-on for all the family including some ghoulish arts and craft activities.

Creative Dance for 5—7s Mon 4 A; ll Nov. 4.15 5.l5pm. £2.50. Dance Base. l4 l6 (irassmarkct. 225 5525. Dance session to encourage expression through movement games. facial expressions. actions and storytelling.

Theatre & Dance

The Spookmaster - Scary Stories for Children Thu 3! ()ct. 4pm. £3: family ticket £l0. North lidinburgh Arts ('entre. 15a Pennyw ell ('ourt. 3l5 2l5l. See (ilasgow. Tron Theatre.

The Wee Winners Sat 2 Nov. 2pm. £4 (£3). Netherbow Arts (‘entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 ‘)57‘). Ages 6+. Auld Alliance Theatre of Shadows presents two ancient legends

Tailiesin and (‘uchulainn through a mixture of story. song and shadow puppetry.

Lula Elena Erdman, 10

Underwater World Mon ll Thu l4 Nov. North lidinburgh Arts ('entre. 15a Pcnnywell ('ourt. 3l5 2151. A visual theatre and dance piece dey ised and performed by North lidinburgh Arts and local primary school children. Class Act Wed 13 Thu 14 .\'ov. 7.30pm. £3 (£1.50). 'l‘t‘averse 'l‘heatt'e. ('ambridge Street. 228 1404. Ages l3+. Professional actors bring to life short plays written by lidinburgh's young talent who have developed ideas with the help ()l. ttcc‘lttitltctl SL‘Ullislt playwrights ittcluding Douglas Maxwell. ('hristopher Deans attd Linda McLean.


My Queen Elizabeth l'ntil Stm I‘) Jan. National Portrait (iallery. l Queen Street. 624 6200. [it association with BB("s Blue Peter. this exhibition highlights the 50 pri/e-winnittg entries in their (iolden Jubilee portrait competition by children aged l5 or under.