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Book events

Ulrika Jonsson i'extiyttl 'I‘Iieaire. l.‘~ 2t) .\'icol\on Street. 53‘) (Mill). lprii. £4. Jonyxon is in comersation yy ith BB(' presenter Janice liorxy th its site dixellsxex her new autobiography Hollt’yl. See (ilmgoyy Life prey ieyy.


Scottish International Storytelling Festival Netherboyy :\rt\ ('entre. 45 45 High Street. 550 057‘). Myths. legends and music from international \tor'ytellers to celebrate the \yorld‘x storytelling heritage. the l-‘extiyal ix baxed at the Netherbou btit eyentx are taking place ttet‘t)\\ the l.othian\. Fife and the Borders.


Freedoms and Human Development in the Context of the Arab Region Royal .\Iu\eum. 2 ('harnberx Street. 347 42 l‘). (i.3()pm. £4 it'3l. HRH Princess Htl\llltl bint ’l‘alal. chairperson of the Jordanian Haxhernite l‘und for Human l)e\elopnient giyex a talk. Tongue to Tongue the Dogs of the Rock 'l‘i‘ayerxe 'l'heatrc. ('ambridge Street. 22S 1404. 8.15pm. £4 it'll. :\ key \oiee in Quebec theatre. l)aniel l)ani\‘ dixlincl play \ are dl\ell\\etl tlx part of" tlie Iinrrrir/irrri'y 2 project.

Other events

Autumn Colour in Your Garden Royal Botanic (iarden. lmerleith Royy. 552 7l7l. ltlam 4pm. Free. lixpertx gi\e

ady ice on achiey ing those brilliant gold and red autumnal colours in your \\ inter garden.

The Redcoat Soldier lidinhurgli ('axlle. Royal Mile. 335 9840. l lam. noon. 2pm tk 3pm. £8 it'Z Uri. l-‘ind out what life “as like for a King (ieorge‘x Redcoat soldier in the lSth century.

The Variety Club North lidinburgh .-\rt\ (‘entre. l5a l’enny \y ell (’ourt. 3l5 2l5l. 3 4pm. liree. :\l't\ actixitiex including singing. dancing and mm icy. Holyrood’s Hallowe’en Holy i‘ood Park. 550 l7()l. () lllpm. l’ree. :\d\ance booking required. (‘elebrate the eerie pagan l'extiyal \\ ith the countryside rangers.

Hallowe’en Tours Parliament Square. ofl‘ lligli Street. 473 2000. 7.30pm. .S'pm. 8.30pm. 0pm. 9.30pm. lllpm. lt).3(lpm.

l lpiii & ll.3flprii. to tL'5l. Special Halloyye‘en ghost toltrx around the dark \lreetx ot old lidinburgh.

Samhuinn (‘axtle lixplanade. lidinburgh (‘axtle. Royal Mile. 228 5353. 0.30pm. l‘ree. The Beltane l’ire Society marks the end of summer and celebrates the coming of \\ inter \y ith thix spectacular procession of tire and drumming.

Hallowe’en Tales - Light in the Darkness Nethei'bow Ans (‘enire.

43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). 7.45pm. to l£4l. Banish away the bad spirits lhat'll be floating about tonight \yith some tales from Helen liast. Seoras Mact’herxon and Duncan Williamson. in a celebration of this l‘extiyal of dark and light.

Sons of Samhain 2 ('anon's (iait. 232 (‘anongalcn 556 44st. 8pm. £2 (it i. Writers Bloc. spoken word performance group. in\ itex you to join them if you dare for an evening of Halloween literary horror. With stories. \ ignettes. poetry and music. spirilx from other worlds could be lending an ear.

Book events

Scottish International Storytelling Festival Nether-butt Arts (‘entre. 4.5 45 High Street. 556 957‘). See 'l‘hu 3 I.


Edinburgh Rugby v Glasgow Rugby \leadoytbank Sports (’entre. I39 l.ondon Road. (ml 535 l. 7.30pm. The No cities clash in this lnterpro rugby match.


Access to Art North lidinburgh Arts ('entre. l5a l’enny \\ ell ('ourt. 3|5 2|5 l. l()ani noon. l’ree. .-\rt workshops in 3|) and 3]) art. design. painting. sculpture and et'tllitx.

Design and Decoration Royal .\lu\eum. 3 ('hamberx Street. 347 43“). lt).3t)arii 13.30pm. U: (W). Inspired by the museum's collections. haye a go at \tencilling in thlx three-neck course. Starts today.

A Practical Introduction to Sound Composition and Improvisation The Hub. (‘axilehill Royal .\tile. 473 3000. 7 0pm. £50 ([40). Weekend courxe led by composer Pippa Murphy. No speeialist knowledge necessary.

Other events

Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland Royal Highland ('entre. liiglixton. 335 (>200.

9am 5pm. l’r‘ee. A tyyo-day competition

\\ ith categories for pastoral breeds ll-‘ril and working breeds and best in \lltl“ tSat l. Autumn Colour in Your Garden Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Royy'. 553 7l7l. ltlarn 4pm. Free. See 'l‘hu 3t.

Book events

Scottish International Storytelling Festival Netherboyy Arts (’entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). See 'l'hu 3|.

Patricia Lawrence Wilson James thin. The (iy le Shopping ('enlre. 35 (iy le .-\\enue. South (iy le Broadyyay. 53‘) 7757. lpiii. The im ner ol' the Stockbridge Restaurant \igli\ copies other new book. Dinner It'll/l .lrr/rr'l.



5 Reasons to whet your literary appetite

Edinburgh life


Since hitting the mainstream back in 96, with his scurrilous satire, Quite Ugly One Morning, Brookmyre has been recognised as something of a literary hipster. The Daily Telegraph described him as ‘refined at the Rab C Nesbitt school of guerrilla warfare’, The Herald commented that he was ‘eye- wateringly, nose-bubblineg hilarious’ and The Times somewhat enthusiastically referred to him as ‘surreal, satirical, irreverent and immensely funny’. You can’t say fairer than that really.

He’s a man who defies categorization.

Self-confessed influences include

Bill Hicks, the incomparable Billy Connolly, popular Welsh songmeisters the Manic Street Preachers and fiber-God Terry Gilliam. And the impact of this eclectic mix is more than a little apparent in his literary offerings. In A Big Boy Did it and Ran Away he wrote about a hapless thirtysomething teacher, in Boiling a Frog he pontificated over the new Scottish parliament and in Not the End of the World he created the acerbic tale of a LAPD sergeant. If middle names were going a-beggin’, Brookmyre’s would be ‘Variety’.

He’s Glasgow born and bred. And we all love a homeboy. Although he’s hit heady journalistic heights in London, LA and Edinburgh, he’s always stayed faithful to the Glasgow patter in his work.

He’s an award-winner. But they’ll be no airs and graces from this fine chap. Although Quite Ugly One Morning won the inaugural Critic’s First Blood award for crime novel of the year - he’ll forever be remembered fondly as the guy who featured a huge jobbie, yes turd, in an opening chapter.

Quite Ugly One Morning and Country of the Blind have both been optioned for the silver screen. JK Rowling prepare to meet your match. (Anna Millar)

I Christopher Brookmyre discusses The Sacred Art of Stealing at North Edinburgh

Arts Centre on Wed (5 Nov. /.3()pn;. 5ft. For more information and tickets call 315



15 Minutes 'I’raxerse 'l‘lieaire. (‘arnbridge Street. 228 I404. .S’.l5prn. £4 tL'Z l. Reading of t-‘rancois Arcbainbault‘s play as part of the Boundaries 2 project.

Other events

Working and Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland Royal Highland (‘entre. lngliston. 335 6200. 9am 5pm. liree. See l-‘ri l.

A Practical Introduction to Sound Composition and Improvisation The Hub. ('asllehill.

Royal Mile. 473 2()()(). lflam 4pm. £50 (5.40). See liri l.

Autumn Colour in Your Garden Royal Botanic (iarden. lnyerleith Row. 552 7l7l. lllam 4pm. Free. See Thu 3|. 3D/ZD Craft 8: Design Fair Royal Highland Centre. Ingliston. 335 (i200. llain 5pm. L'lbt) i£l.3()l: under lly tree. (‘ontemporary cr‘al'tyy‘or'k sold direct by the makers.

Masterclass Neiherhtm Arts ('entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 957‘). L30 4pm. L") l£4 rm. t-‘ine tune your storytelling \kill\ with acclaimed professionals

Brass Rubbing Centre

()lialirei's ()lose. Royal Mile. use 3.30:1. Mon Sat lTraii‘ fiprii. tree. but then,- :s a charge for "Titi‘in'lfl a l'tlt)l)|ll(_). Situated in the apsc- of a Gothic church dating l/{t’LK to lr’ititr, the centre houses a sc-Ic-ctoii of Char/gt llrasses arid

Eltl’;ll:.'lt l’ir;'.is'li replicas

as ‘.'/ell as lots of crayons so you can get. rulihing. Camera Obscura (lastlehill. Royal Ml'(:. 1120 (fifth). Mon-til

{rittlarii (Spin. Sat 8. Sir". ‘.()aiii (Spii‘. $71.95) i5‘2.:’>() E‘Ii.‘.):">l; taii‘ily ticket S‘lzi. Pick up a pedestrian in your hand at this attraction. which gives ‘.'lf;lt{)r53 a real-time. itt‘r’,‘ wage of the city. the ll‘()f;t recent addition to the venue is the Magic (‘ralloi'y giViiig hands on experiences of the art of ‘.’|f;tl£ll trickery. Craigmillar Castle (;i‘aigii~illai (Iastle Road,

(361 «tit/15). Dally

9.30am (Spin. S‘l.B() 'S‘tgtt); children r'opr. tor a real taste of history. take a drive out to this rariishackle old castle. which although not quite as intact as t dinhuigh Castle. is far more atliiospheric and the scene of much plotting during the rergri of Mary. Queen of Scots. Dynamic Earth l-lolyiood Road, sso [800. Daily ltlitll‘. tipii‘. S‘ffib teaser. Willi volcanoes erupting lioneath ,our tool. a tropical rainstorrii pouring

down, earthquakes and

tidal waves at every turn,

the history of the earth has never been more interesting.

Edinburgh Castle Royal Mile. 21):") 98116. Daily E).I%()aiii»-(Spiii. 5‘8 i522 -S‘(Sl. Although much of the castle's riiedieval character was lost when it was converted into barracks; in the l€)th century, continuing excavations am: to redress this. Edinburgh Dungeon lit Market Street. ()Br't) sitar) see. pally

l()arit Upll‘. swiso

iS.¥’l.E)5—-Sf5.95l. Cruel methods of torture. r)estilence—ridden streets. grave-robbers. prostitutes and caiinihals ~ Edinburgh's latest gruesome Visitor attraction takes you on a spine chilling tour of the deepest darkest chapters of Scottish history. Edinburgh Zoo Corstorphine Road. 13341 91ft. Daily S)an‘.~(3pnx 5‘7 (Sit S‘in; faiiiily ticket S‘?()~S‘?d.f$(). Widely accepted as one of the finest /()i):; in Britain. there's plenty here to while ay'ray an afternoon.

lit ()ttt

or even a whole day if you take your time. The newly- built African plains afford a fantastic View of the city.

Museum Of Chfldhood

42 High Street. 523) 4142. Mon Sat lOaiii—Spiii. Free. Founded in 195:"). the museum has five puhlic galleries Wltll all manner of artefacts relating to childhood through the ages. Fr‘orii antique dolls to a 1980:; BMX bicycle. there's plenty here to send you off on a trip down nieiiioiy lane.

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